Refuse Reverse Harem – Chapter 1

TLN: Took the advice of a kind commenter and changed Tenba to Tenma. I read 天馬 as Tenba, but it can be read as Tenma and it sounds way more natural this way.

The first part of the chapters are read as diary entries so the chapter titles could be considered the page titles for the diary. I’m still testing this novel out to see how it’s received and I have a few more novels to release teasers for.

Chapter 1 – Dear Tenma, this is hell

Tenma, how are you doing? 

It has been a few years since I remembered that I was the reincarnation of Nakamura Yuu, so I started writing a diary in the form of a letter addressed to you.

I have been worried many times since the memories of my previous life returned, such as whether you were able to survive and safely return to Japan.

However, I’m confident that Tenma, who has outstanding motor skills, has the god like luck to win multiple lottery tickets at the same time and is handsome enough to make anyone angry, is living happily.

Eh, looks don’t matter?

If you are born good-looking, it means that you have luck on your side.

By the way, I was reincarnated as Baroness Sophie Linier and spent my days as a lady.

You’ll be surprised to know that I was reborn as a girl and am currently living in a world completely different to my previous world. Even now I’m still shocked.

From the day I remembered my previous life as Nakamura Yuu, I decided to take root as Baroness Sophie Linier.

Of course, I can’t completely forget my previous life, I have a lot of precious memories.

A few years after that, I would occasionally get emotional every once in a while. Yu don’t kid with me! it’s possible you would say something like that, but it’s cute isn’t it?

Well, that aside, Tenma.

I’m in hell right now.

This is—hell.

She tried to escape from reality by thinking of the contents of today’s diary, which was written in the form of a letter to her best friend in her previous life, but reality was too strong to escape and Sophie was beginning to get dizzy.

In front of Sophie, 8 men were lined up from left to right.

In particular, the facial score values for the 2 people in the front row, both left and right, were abnormal and their family status was very high.

「Allow me to introduce myself first. My name is Lorenzo Forsell. I’ve been looking forward to meeting you Sophie-sama」(Lorenzo)

He was the 2nd son of the Marquis and was still in his early 20’s. Due to his excellence, he was made the director of the institute of medical sciences in the Orlando Kingdom.

Through his silver-rimmed glasses, Sophie felt herself suffocating under the gaze of those grey eyes. He was tall, and his indigo rust-colored hair fell down to his waist, his standing figure with a smile on his face looked more beautiful than a painting.

「My name is Gerald Forsius, I will be acting as your escort Sophie-sama」(Gerald)

In contrast to Lorenzo, Gerald as the 1st son of the Count family speaks formally.

He has a good face, but he doesn’t smile and his emotions are hard to read.

However looking only at appearance, he is a blond haired, blue-eyed prince who seems as if he would appear in a fairy tale somewhere.

At the age of 16, he was already a holy knight, a position only obtained by a select few knights. As such he was often ordered to escort the Baron’s daughter. Despite being a command from someone he can’t refuse, he seems awfully indignant about it.

Every time they introduce themselves, Sophie lifts the hem of her skirt and curtsies with a smile on her face.

Usually it was a smile that would affect the viewer’s emotions, but it didn’t seem to work on him. It can’t be helped as he was part of an all-boys school called the “King’s Sword”.

Sophie, the daughter of the baron, will be forced to live in this school until a “certain business” is completed.

Even if they are good-looking, a man is a man. Both left and right, there were all men. Men were everywhere.

(Tenma, I’ll say it again—this is hell)

In his previous life, it was a view she was used to seeing because she went to an all-boys high school and her workplace was also predominately male. However she didn’t want to see this in another world. No matter how beautiful the man is, she wasn’t interested.

(Why!? Why did this happen!? Even though I’m the daughter of the baron!?)

It seems like the guys were still introducing themselves, but she couldn’t hear them.

Rather than listening to such things, she was desperately suppressing the desire to grab her head and scream.

Until a week ago, Sophie was in heaven.

Surrounded by beautiful flowers, she was enjoying spring in this world.

That being the case, what happened within that week?

(Why am I in such a place with these bastards!? return my Eden!)

It was a terrible thought for a lady to have, but she was careful in her daily life. It was only in her head so she asks for forgiveness.

Until a week ago, Sophie studied in an academy for noble ladies.

It is not a place that any noble lady can attend however. It was a school for specially selected noble daughters. There, she made a name for herself as the talented daughter of the baron.

She didn’t expect this to happen.

It was certainly the result of a choice she made, but despite being in heaven a week ago, she was now in man hell.

Allow me to tell you the story of how Sophie fell into hell.

Yes, it goes back to the day that Sophie started to remember her previous life–

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