Tokyo Demon King

Full English Title: ~Tokyo Demon King~ When a dungeon appeared in the modern world, I awakened the ability Monster Master which allowed me to catch monsters and raise them to create the worlds strongest army by evolution, I was eventually called the Demon King and the enemy of mankind.

Japanese Title: 〜東京魔王〜現代世界にダンジョンが出現し目醒めた能力【モンスターマスター】でモンスターを捕まえてガチ育成&極限進化で世界最強のモンスター軍団を作ったら魔王と呼ばれ人類の敵にされたんだが


All around the world, there appeared [Dungeons]. Destroying world landmarks, historical buildings and nature, they easily collapsed human civilization.

Within these dungeons, monsters emerged–flooding out from within, overrunning humanity, scattering many lives. The human population was reduced by a large amount almost instantly. However, when it seemed like the entire race was going to be eaten–humans awakened with special abilities known as [Skills].

Mankind, who had acquired this supernatural power, could now fight equally against the monster’s desperately violent attacks.

One young man–Kurauchi Satoshi, awakened the ability to tame the enemies of the world, monsters, as well as train and evolve them so that they could become the strongest.

Satoshi, who decides to build the strongest monster army by taming, training and evolving monsters to save the world. However, is there no way for people to accept these tamed monsters that are the enemy of mankind….?

The is a heartful comedy, low fantasy novel about a monster tamer becoming the strongest.


Chapter 1 – Japan lost to the dungeon