I, a lonely otaku was surrounded by some of the most beautiful girls on campus and was called riajuu before I knew it.

English Title: I, a lonely otaku was surrounded by some of the most beautiful girls on campus and was called riajuu before I knew it.

Japanese Title: ボッチのオタクである俺が、学内屈指の美少女たちに囲まれていつの間にかリア充呼ばわりされていた

TLN: Otaku is essentially a nerd. You can dump a word in front of it to categorize what type of nerd. For instance, Gun Otaku, Net Otaku, Game Otaku. A Riajuu is a “normie” someone with a fulfilling life. Generally Otaku and Riajuu are opposites, but not always.

Cover Art:


Our main character suffers from a communication disorder due to an event that occurred in his past.
He—was a boy name Kaito, and his only friend was a girl that he knew online.
I don’t know the identity of this person at all…..maybe it isn’t even a girl….
However to Kaito, no matter what type of person she was, she was still an important friend.

Everyday the people around him would say 「Otaku, gross, you have no presence」nobody would even come near him except for administrative reasons.

On yet another day of his lonely life, his father remarried—fortunately or unfortunately, it changed his life completely.
Kaito became a family with a beautiful sister.
It would usually be something to be happy about.

However, he despaired about it and made an oath in his heart
(This girl, will definitely cry someday!)

Gradually, Kaito makes contact with other beautiful girls in the school.

Because of them, his peaceful lonely life began to change completely and was thrown into disarray.

Will he end up in heaven or hell—

※Although it is set in modern times, please understand that the character, rules, values and environment etc.. are a little different than reality.

※If a character in the novel is doing something illegal, please don’t imitate it!

※Two volumes now on sale!


Arc 1 – Changing Everyday


Chapter 1 – Do loli bishoujo’s have the lost child attribute?

Chapter 2 – 「I’m being stalked by the most popular girl in school…」

Chapter 3 – Cold stepsister, gentle stepsister

Chapter 4 – Open your mouth, sibling fight

Chapter 5 – The past I want to forget

Chapter 6 -Loli stepsister is too clingy!

Chapter 7 – Beloved girl

Chapter 8 – I don’t understand how my stepsister feels

Chapter 9 – When I tried to lend a light novel to my stepsister, it exceeded my expectations….

Chapter 10 – Two people, like magnets

Chapter 11 – Moving Shadows

Chapter 12 – The fallen stepsister

Chapter 13 – Otakus suddenly change if their important things are hurt….

Chapter 14 – Behind the scenes…

Chapter 15 – Wavering emotions

Chapter 16 – Happy girl I don’t understand

Chapter 17 – Just as I thought, this is crazy

Chapter 18 – Whatever, I’m sorry I broke my promise…

Chapter 19 – Shocking Facts

Chapter 20 – Stepsister, like a naughty kitten

Chapter 21 – I don’t know where the landmines are, so many landmines…

Chapter 22 – Careless remarks are fatal

Chapter 23 – The limit of patience

Chapter 24 – Mysterious Girl