The darkness was comfortable for me

English Title:
The darkness was comfortable for me

Japanese Title: 俺にはこの暗がりが心地よかった

Description:「I will be selecting 1000 people to go to a different world」
The unrest began with the words of God which were displayed around the world.
Kurose Hikaru, whose childhood friend was chosen, was killed on the day of transfer along with her. However, for some reason Hikaru didn’t die and was instead chosen to 『Transfer to another world where all actions are broadcast live to Earth』.
Thrust into this ominous place without any preparation, and despite facing the danger of death many times, he managed to survive using his gift the dark spirit technique.
「I can’t die. Everyone is supporting us on Earth–」
This is the tale of a boy loved by spirits who walks forward despite being thrown around in front of the viewers.


Chapter 1 – Day of descent, and the 1000 transferees

Chapter 2 – The noise of the world and the childhood friend

Chapter 3 – Different world bulletin board 【Country・JPN-C】3679th

Chapter 4 – Nanami, the end of one

Chapter 5 – White room and skill design