Lonely Otaku – Chapter 19

TLN: Apologies for the delay, I felt awful on Sunday with a throbbing headache and couldn’t focus properly.

I’ve seen some reviews saying the cruel scene a few chapters ago was handled badly after the fact. I 100% agree, they kind of forced Saijo into the heroine position using a weird excuse like “sorry I almost got your stepsister gangraped, but my dad might stop giving me money and things, wanna date me?”

So I won’t say anything to those who stopped at that point, because it’s completely understandable. Those who stayed have the best heroine to look forward to, Alice. Do you like kuuderes? (lacking in emotion, but show their “dere” side to people they have opened there hearts to), if so then you have a lot to look forward to. The LN only has 2 images of Alice, so I hope you enjoy them.

Arc 1 – Changing Everyday

Chapter 19 – Shocking Facts


I returned to my room after pressuring Kanzaki with Sakura and remembered the scene I saw at lunch break.

During lunch break, I went to Kanzaki’s classroom to deliver his bento, but for some reason he left the classroom together with Saijo-san.

I thought he might be trying to do something, so I decided to follow them.

Then for some reason Saijo-san handed a bento box to Kanzaki-kun and they began to eat them side by side.

Judging from his expression, they weren’t on good terms. However Saijo-san was smiling from beginning to end…..

Could it be that Saijo-san….likes Kanzaki-kun….?

Didn’t he stop her plan….?

But from the way she was looking at him, I could only think that I was right.

Or rather, she outright admitted that she wanted to be Kanzaki’s girlfriend so it was definitely the case…

But he said he wanted to start out as friends….

Is this a defensive measure he’s doing to protect me..?

Or does he really think it’s okay to go out with Saijo-san…?

Besides that, the key to Kanzaki-kun’s change was….Kotori Haruka?

Waa~ mou, there are so many things I don’t know~…

For some reason I’ve gotten moody.

I know what this is, jealousy.

I was jealous of Saijo-san for being able to talk with him freely, but most of all I was jealous of–Kotori Haruka, for occupying an important position in his heart.

I’m not sure if this is because he’s Umi-kun, or because I’ve started to like Kanzaki-kun.

No, even if you say『they’re the same』the fact is that Umi-kun has been the target of my unrequited love without even knowing his face, and now I’ve suddenly found out that he is someone close to me who I hated until a while ago.

Yet it was Kanzaki-kun who helped me out of a desperate situation.

The two seem to mix together, but at the same time they don’t.

There was also another shocking fact I discovered after finding out that Kanzaki-kun was Umi-kun.

That was—that Kanzaki-kun wasn’t a tsundere!

What does this mean!?

Wasn’t he happy to get close to me!?

He wasn’t saying those things to hide his embarrassment!?

I’m still not convinced on that part.

But it’s an undeniable truth that he hated me.

Because….that’s what he said to me as Hanahime!! (TLN: Remember he complained about his stepsister to Hanahime)

I’ve done it….

I’ve really done it this time….

Until now, I didn’t mind if he hated me and I didn’t feel the need to change my attitude because I thought he was ok with it, but if Umi-kun hates me now, then the story is different!

So am I going to change my attitude now!?

That’s impossible!

I might have been able to right after he helped me–but instead I said『disgusting』–!


Am I an idiot!?

Am I really stupid!?

I could see that he was smiling and answering that way out of shyness.

I could have chosen different words!

So, it’s impossible to change my attitude now.

Do I continue to argue with him as is!?

Wait! I still have a hand to play!

I could just admit that I’m Hanahime and that I know he’s Umi-kun and I could start treating him kindly!

…..it’s impossibleeeeee!

Because if I tell him who Hanahime is, what if he starts hating Hanahime as well!?

If that happens, then I can’t talk to Umi-kun anymore right!?

I won’t be able to recover from that!

But but, what should I do…

At this rate Saijo-san might steal Kanzaki-kun…

That’s because, when I left school today I saw Saijo-san and Kanzaki-kun walking whilst linking arms!

I couldn’t hear the conversation, but they seemed to be having fun!

Uuu….that’s not it….

But what should I do…

At that time, a book fell into my sight.

It was the books I had borrowed from him, the base of the story was essentially an eroge involving the heroines.

For the record, Umi-kun didn’t announce his age, but still wrote eroge reviews on his blog…

I thought he might not be a high school student, but if Kanzaki-kun is Umi-kun, then just what are healthy high school boys doing nowadays?….is what I want to say.

Really….eroge is….lewd….

A, ah, that’s it–!

At this time, a good idea suddenly came to mind–!

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16 thoughts on “Lonely Otaku – Chapter 19

  1. “Him saving me from being gang-raped isn’t enough of an excuse to stop acting like a bitch to him. And shockingly it turns out me being a bitch to him made him actually not like me!” This is a special kind of stupid. The only cure comes in calibers rather then milliliters.

    Also, did I miss something? How’d she find out he’s her internet friend?


  2. Thanks for the chapter. Damn I love Kuuderes and now you just hooked me up even more now.
    BTW will Alice be introduced in this volume?


  3. Thanks for the chapter! Yea I agree, the way Saijo being handled is so odd to me. If you want to make her a legit heroine, you got to show that she is not a sociopath. Like have it be revealed that she was never gonna have the threat happen or something.


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