Lonely Otaku – Chapter 15

TLN: I’m probably going to be dropping my other novels for now (except this one) and find another novel to cover. Simply put, this novel is my most popular one and the difference between my other novels is insane to the point where there’s little point in continuing with those considering the time investment.

Someone has posted a novel link in the comments previously which has an LN, so I’ll be looking at that because I like to add images to my chapters, but I’ll still accept suggestions.

Arc 1 – Changing Everyday

Chapter 15 – Wavering Emotions

–when I returned to my room, my body was light.

A mysterious feeling, as if I was floating above the ground.

It’s like being in a dream…

There was a reason for that.

Because Kanzaki had helped me, who had given up thinking there was no way out anymore.

Ano–I never thought that Kanzaki-kun, who couldn’t talk to anyone except Sakura, would help me.

He also had such a dignified appearance–

I remember what had happened in the gymnasium.

One after another, he unraveled the plans of Saijo-san and the other girls.

Then, when he tidied his bangs using my hair clip, I saw his face.

「—I mean, why is he so cool!?」(Momoi)

I flutter onto my bed.

Because he was really handsome!

He was staring at me from such a close distance!?

What’s more, when I was threatened by Saijo-san, he pet my head and smiled at me!

That’s so cool!


「I can’t do it anymore…」(Momoi)

Just remembering what happened in the gymnasium makes my body hot.

I’m no longer afraid now.

More than that, about him– 

Ah….but…he did kabedon and agokui to Saijo-san….

Does he not know that those acts are something all girls dream of….?

I’m sure it wasn’t his intention…

But when I saw that scene, my chest tightened……

I mean, what is he….?

I thought he was a loner otaku, but now I’m not sure. He’s familiar with programming and can understand how other people think.

My head is spinning.

Looking at him, I realized I couldn’t measure intelligence with academic ability.

I don’t know his specific scores, but I’ve never seen him in the top 100 results overall.

So I knew he was bad at studying.

However he clearly has a lot of knowledge and his thinking speed is fast.

–even so, is he used to being around women…?

He’s supposed to be a loner otaku, how can he do that to a girl….?

Kanzaki-kun….I wonder if she’s been with him before…

—-why am I thinking such a thing!?

I have umi-kun!

….we’re not dating….

On the contrary, we’ve never met, I don’t even know his face. 

Besides, he’s probably angry that I haven’t replied in such a long time.

…haa….I guess I’ll go get a drink…

When I went to the living room, he was sitting down.

What should I do….voice…should I call out to him?

I approach him whilst thinking that.


「Are you asleep….?」(Momoi)

When I walk next to him, I find him asleep.

If you sleep in a chair like this, you’ll hurt your back…

When I try and wake him up–

「Ah, onee-chan」(Sakura)

–Sakura called out from behind me.

Sakura was holding her favourite blanket.

Maybe she took it out of her room for him.

「Sakura, isn’t it better to wake him up and let him sleep in his room?」(Momoi) 

When I say that, Sakura smiles bitterly.

「Sakura also thought so, but when I tried to wake him up several times, he didn’t wake up….it can’t be helped, he’s been working all night these past few days….」(Sakura)

「All night…?」(Momoi)

No way…he didn’t say anything about that…

Sakura didn’t reply to my words.

Instead she was looking up at me.

「Hey onee-chan, if you have problems don’t hide them anymore okay…? consult Sakura or onii-chan」(Sakura)

With that said, she was looking at me with a determined look.

—ah….I see.

This kid can see the essence of people. (TLN: I had comments saying “this kid” sounds weird, but it’s literally what is written この子. However I’m open to suggestions)

Such a kid would be aware that I was hiding something.

「Sorry, I’ll do that next time」(Momoi)

Sakura smiled happily at my words.

….but…I see…

I look towards Kanzaki.

I figured out why he came to help me.

He was asked by Sakura, so he came to help…

Even I know that…I’m not an idiot…

I thought he was finally becoming dere…. (TLN: Dere means they are honest with their feelings. For instance, Tsundere is 2 parts, tsun and dere. Tsun is the part where they aren’t honest with their feelings and dere is where they are honest with their feelings)

I’m sure he was just kind to me today out of sympathy…


When I was feeling down, Sakura looked at me anxiously.

This kid is really sharp…

「It’s nothing」(Momoi) 

I say so and smile at Sakura.

「I see」(Sakura)

After replying to me, Sakura placed her blanket over Kanzaki.

….Sakura is extremely cute.

She’s cute, short, and has a very girly personality.

Above all her chest is very big.

In comparison, my chest is small…

God is so unfair…

Sakura is very fond of Kanzaki.

Maybe she likes him as a member of the opposite sex…?

Anyway he also likes Sakura….


It’s fine….I have umi-kun…

….umi-kun, will he forgive me…?

I take out my smartphone and start typing.

『Sorry for the late reply (>_<) I was busy with various errands ( ;∀;) but it’s okay (´▽`) I’m really sorry :;(∩´﹏`∩);:』(Momoi)

I force a smile when I look at the letters I wrote.

It was pathetic of me to try to escape with such a lie.

But I can’t speak honestly…

I send the message whilst thinking that.


Immediately after I sent the message, a notification sounded nearby.

When I reflexively looked at the direction it sounded from, it seems to be from a smartphone that had fallen at Kanzaki’s feet.

Perhaps it had fallen from his hands when he fell asleep.

If he steps on it without noticing, his smartphone might break.

I picked up his smartphone.



When I picked up the phone, I was able to see the screen.

Usually I wouldn’t worry about what I saw.

No matter who he contacts, it doesn’t concern me.

But when i saw the characters on the screen, I froze.

What was projected on the screen was a notification from the SNS site that I use to talk to umi-kun.

The contents of the notification were『You have received a notification from Hanahime』

Then I remembered.

His name was “umi” too–

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  1. I hate to be that guy again lmao. It’s really not a big deal however you want to translate it all. BUT, what I meant before was that the MC was clearly thinking about Sakura in a way that wouldn’t be exactly appropriate to think about “children,” if we take it literally. Like if you say “this kid is so fucking hot,” instead of “this girl is so fucking hot,” obviously the implications are very different. That’s what I meant with it being weird.

    You’re right, though. 子 literally means kid or child, and while I naturally knew that, it seems that it’s a lot more of a unisex term than I thought. I should’ve informed myself better. This is what I got when I looked it up https://www.quora.com/Why-does-%E3%81%82%E3%81%AE%E5%AD%90-mean-that-girl-instead-of-that-child-in-Japanese So, it’s more like “boy/girl” rather than just “kid.”


  2. Ah, probably for konokodomo your best off going with “this child”. I think in this instance it works better, as I think the idea is showing off Sakura’s innocence.

    But thats only my opinion, so 🤷‍♂️


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