Lonely Otaku – Chapter 16

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Arc 1 – Changing Everyday

Chapter 16 – Happy girl I don’t get it

What was I doing? I…..

The day after helping Momoi, I was lying on my desk at lunch break.

There was a tremendous amount of regret.

The reason was of course, what happened yesterday.

Yesterday’s scenes are reflected in my mind.

—why….did I have such an attitude?

Was I out of my mind?

Only the old me would act that way!

But–why was I stroking Momoi’s head!?

Scary….I’ve been tense all night, it’s scary…

Because of that, it was difficult to face Momoi at the moment, so I left home early and didn’t eat breakfast, I also didn’t receive a bento.

I mean Momoi had to get up early for student council anyway, so I should have stayed in late…

It’s no use, my head has been spinning since yesterday.

I look at the message I just received from Sakura-chan.

It read『Because you’re in the second grade classrooms, I asked onee-chan to deliver your bento』

It’s like I’m being chased by the flow…

Is it, from the roots of what started yesterday…?

Yesterday after I woke up from my sleep, Momoi who passed by me in the house didn’t even greet me.

She’s probably angry that I stroked her head….

Well if I was a women, I guess I would be angry if someone I consider disgusting or gross touches my hair… 

But let me make one excuse.

On the way back, Momoi started acting like Sakura-chan…

That’s why I treated her as if I was treating Sakura-chan.

…..I don’t think I’ve ever stroked Sakura-chan’s head….

「—hey, do you have a minute?」(???)

Hearing the words from above, I raise my head.

Is it pashiri again…?


Seeing the speaker’s face, I was immediately on alert.

Looking around, I could see the other students staring.

They’re shocked that this person is talking to me.

「What is it, Saijo?」(Kaito)

I suppress my voice so that the other students can’t hear me, then ask Saijo.

「I need to talk with you, come with me」(Saijo)


「That’s right…probably, you’re in trouble now, so come with me」(Saijo)

I was a little confused about what to do, but thinking about yesterday, I decided to follow Saijo.

—Saijo took me behind the gymnasium.

……I know….this decision was stupid….

People rarely approach this place unless it’s time for physical education class.

Right now it’s lunch break.

In other words, no-one will come…

I look at Saijo standing in front of me, twiddling her hair between her fingertips.

No way, settling the score….?

Isn’t she overestimating me…?

To be honest, I’m really scared right now.

In fact, I am good at exercising, I just didn’t stand out in physical education.

But if a few guys come out here, I’ll be dead in no time.

….what is this, a yankee manga…?

It’s not normal, Saijo is not acting normal.

If my reading is off, wouldn’t this be a dangerous situation…?

Yet Saijo isn’t showing a frightened expression at all.

If I appear to be “below” her here, she might try to do something again.

That’s why, I have to act like a bully with this girl.

「What are you going to do….?」(Kaito)

When I stared at Saijo, her face grew red for some reason.

「You don’t have to be so vigilant, I just want to talk」(Saijo)

Saijo said with a smile.

I didn’t expect her to show that expression to me…

I thought she would resent me…?

But it’s best to still be on high alert.

It’s possible that she’s taking this current attitude to put me off guard.

「What did you want to talk about?」(Kaito)

「Well before that, let’s eat lunch together ok? I made two bentos」(Saijo)

Saying that, Saijo really takes out 2 bento boxes.

「Eh, home cooking? You can cook even though you’re an ojou-sama?」(Kaito)

「Don’t be an idiot. In case of emergencies I’ve been cooking from an early age, or rather, I do a lot of the household chores」(Saijo)

I see…if the business ever falls into danger, your daughter still has to be of marriageable quality…


I stopped before saying that I had my own bento.

Currently Momoi has my bento box.

If Saijo sees me receiving it, it might make her realize that we’re a family.

If that happens, Momoi will kill me….

It can’t be helped, I’ll eat Sakura-chan’s bento later.

「But why give me a bento?」(Kaito)

I can’t figure out why she bothered to make me one.

「N, no particular reason!」(Saijo)

Somehow Saijo seemed restless as she replied.

No way–!

「Is it poisoned….?」(Kaito)


Saijo quickly responded to my question.

「No, I said too much when I mentioned poisoning…it contains laxatives right?」(Kaito)

「Who do you think I am!?」(Saijo)


「The person who tried to break Momoi」(Kaito)


When I said that, Saijo was lost for words.

I look at Saijo.

She shifted her gaze away from me and slowly opened her mouth to speak.

「T, there’s a reason for that….」(Saijo)


「W, well, I’ll explain it properly, so for the time being let’s eat! right?」(Saijo)

I nod to Saijo’s words and sit beside her.

There was no bench, so we sat on the staircase to the entrance to the gymnasium.

When I opened the bento Saijo had given me, it was filled with colorful side dishes. (TLN: Just quick explanation on side-dishes. In Japan, the main dish is usually rice and things like steak, burgers, fish etc.. are side dishes. Completely opposite to how we have it in the west)

「It’s amazing…did you really make this?」(Kaito)

「What’s up with you…I can at least do this much…」(Saijo)

Maybe she was dissatisfied with my words, he cheeks puffed up.

It was weird for a blonde gal to take such an attitude.

However….is this really okay?

It looks good, but I don’t know if it contains laxatives…

But I’m also anxious to not eat considering Saijo is watching closely next to me.

I try to eat the omelette.


But it tasted really good.

I’ve only ever eaten omelettes made with soy sauce, this is the first time I’ve ever had one made with sugar.

「H, how is it?」(Saijo)

Saijo was looking sideways at me, with an expression of both anticipation and anxiousness.

「Ah, it’s really delicious, honestly I’m surprised」(Kaito)

When I responded like that, Saijo said『Yosh–!』and did a small guts pose.

Since Saijo is next to me, I decide to get to the main subject.

「So what are you talking about? Something about Momoi?」(Kaito)

When I asked, Saijo nodded and looked into my eyes.

She slowly opens her mouth.

「Hey, this is your true character now right?」(Saijo)

「True character…?」(Kaito)

I don’t get what she’s trying to say, so I tilt my head in confusion.

「Don’t lie, yesterday and just now, you were completely different than the person you usually are at school. No matter how much an otaku is hurt, I don’t think they’d change that much. So you use a false persona at school and the person I’m talking to right now is different right?」(Saijo)

Saijo’s eyes told me that she was convinced.

….is this girl reading too much manga?

What does she mean false persona…?

Is she sick with chuunibyou? (TLN: 中二病 or chuunibyou is a condition where someone has delusions of grandeur, usually affecting middle schoolers)

My current personality is of someone with a communication disorder.

There’s nothing wrong with that…

「I don’t know, maybe your misunderstanding something–」(Kaito)

「Kotori Haruka」(Saijo)

My eyes widen at the name Saijo just said.

「Sorry, I investigated you. You didn’t seem to be in the center of your classmates until the middle of your second year of middle school. You caused an incident in which you pushed your classmates out a window. That time was right after the transfer of Kotori Haruka, whom you were familiar with. Shortly after that, you were absent from school. So that’s what made you look like how you are now, right? However, normal students don’t do that for no reason. Well unless they are unstable. In other words, it was due to the transfer of Kotori Haruka, right? I can tell she was important to you」(Saijo)

To Saijo’s words I lifted my bangs and looked at the sky.

Just how much did she investigate in only half a day…?

Not everything was right, but most of it was.

As expected of the ojou-san of the Saijo group.


「It’s not completely wrong, I hurt a girl, then we argued and my classmate fell from the 2nd floor of the school building, that’s all. I’m not making excuses about whether or not I pushed him. But if you pry into my past anymore…I’ll crush you, got it?」(Kaito)

I glare at Saijo with a sideways glance.


She replied to my words with a quiet voice.

But—for some reason, Saijo had a red face.

E, eh…?

Is this the face you usually make when scared…?

Why does she look so happy…?

Dangerous…after all this guy is dangerous in many ways…

「Ma, maa, the real me is the one in class, please don’t get any strange ideas」(Kaito)

「Maa, let’s say that then. By the way, why don’t you cut your hair?」(Saijo)

「A, ah…I don’t think I’ll cut it for the time being…」(Kaito)

…haven’t I been asked that recently?

「–because the other kids can’t handle it」(Saijo)

「Eh…? your voice was too quiet, I couldn’t hear it」(Kaito)

Saijo was saying something, but I missed it because I was thinking about something.

「N, nothing!」(Saijo)

Having said that, Saijo turned away.

I wonder what it was…?

「Hey, can I hear something from you?」(Kaito)


「As you said earlier, explain why you hurt Momoi」(Kaito)

To my words, Saijo closes her eyes.

Then slowly opens her mouth.

「Why….do you think I’m in this school?」(Saijo)


No, it’s not that I’m not curious, but why was my question ignored…?

「I don’t know」(Kaito)

When I answered like that, Saijo seemed a little sad.

Maybe she wanted me to think about it properly.

With a sigh, Saijo begins to speak.

「At the time of graduation, I have to be ranked first in the rankings for the number one school in the prefecture-that’s the quota I got out from my house…that’s the only reason I came to this school」(Saijo)

The second half of the sentence I could barely hear as Saijo’s voice got quieter.

But I don’t really want to tell her that.

Then for the time being, let’s just ask her about it.


「If I don’t meet the quota, I’ll be kicked out of the house」(Saijo)

Saijo lowered her gaze as she said that.

「I understand….so you aimed to crush Momoi because she’s the current number one?」(Kaito)

She nodded to my question.

Is that so…

I don’t need to ask anything else.

It must be her parent’s aim to make her compete amongst the peasants to remind them of who they obey, rather than send her to a school for the rich.

In that sense, this school, which contains a large amount of students of high specs, must be perfect for her.

But, it’s awful to think about…

「Isn’t it funny? Isn’t it something to laugh at?」(Saijo)

Saijo forced a laugh and urged me to do the same.

Ah…I can tell by looking at her expression.

Her heart is exhausted already.

I start to wonder about myself, if I’ve ever tried to work to improve my status in school….

「I won’t laugh」(Kaito)


Saijo was surprised at my reply.

「It’s your parent’s desire to give you some power to survive in the harsh competitive society. I can’t laugh at someone who’s trying to do that」(Kaito)

「…hee…..Kanzaki has changed after all…」(Saijo)

「Haa? why did you call me by my name?」(Kaito)

「It’s fine isn’t it!」(Saijo)

Saijo’s face was smiling.

But I complain to Saijo.

「But still, that’s just an aspiration….I won’t support anyone who uses a reason like that to hurt someone」(Kaito)

When I said that, Saijo looked into my eyes.

「I know that. I’m not going to do that type of think anymore, I won’t touch Momoi」(Saijo)

Her eyes told me that she wasn’t lying.

About Momoi–

Doesn’t that mean that she won’t look down on Momoi anymore…?

「Do you believe me?」(Saijo)

「Of course」(Kaito)

「I see, then….I don’t care anymore」(Saijo)

It’s true that judging someone that had cornered Momoi so much would feel sweet.

But I thought it would be strange to reject someone who genuinely wants to change because of that.

If their motivation to change is destroyed, they may not change anymore.

Changing themselves will bring about a great influence on the people around them.

I felt that Saijo was on of those people now.


Saijo smiled happily to my words.

That smile was different that her previous scary image, it suited her more.



Whilst I was thinking, Saijo was fiddling with her hair in front of me.

Her face was a little red.

She suddenly started speaking–

「Is Kaito dating Momoi?」(Saijo)




I was so surprised I inadvertently screamed.

But really, do we look like we’re dating!?

「No I’m not dating her, why do you think that?」(Kaito)

「That’s because…you said『my precious girlfriend』so is that not the case?」(Saijo) 

Ah, that’s what she meant…

Did she understand my precious “family” to mean something else.

Well, I suppose it would be weird if I treated a normal classmate as my family…

But even after investigating my past, she doesn’t know that Momoi is part of my family?

—-ah…maybe she focused on my middle school years, she only had half a day after all and my change occurred at middle school.

By the time I entered high school, I was the person I am now.

Maa, it’s better to resolve the situation that let it go.

「It just means that she’s a good friend. I’m on good terms with her imouto, so I often have contact with Momoi and consider her a friend」(Kaito)

I explained the truth to Saijo.

It’s easier to make a lie believable if you mix in some truth.

Besides, I often have lunch with Sakura-chan, so I felt that it was better to clear it up here than let the misunderstanding continue.

….Momoi is my friend, no matter who hears that, they would think that it’s a lie…

Did I fail to convince her…..

「F~un….then are you going out with Momoi’s imouto?」(Saijo)

However Saijo seemed to be concerned about something else.

Sakura-chan as my girlfriend….what are you thinking?

Do you think a guy like me would match up with an angel like her?

I think about how I always walk side by side with Sakura-chan.

…yeah, no matter how much you look at it, it would be unbalanced…

I mean Sakura-chan is a cute and lovable imouto, if I make her my girlfriend, it would feel like a crime.

….but thinking about the changes after one year…

Oops–I had forgotten about Saijo.

She was looking at me strangely since I didn’t reply. 

「No, she’s kind of like an imouto to me」(Kaito)

「Hm, hmm–」(Saijo)

To my response, Saijo made an uninterested sound.

However, she didn’t stop twirling her hair with her fingers. 

Why is this girl asking me this?

Is she looking for my weakness….?

I’m still wary of Saijo.

Then Saijo–

「Then, I’ll ask you straightforwardly, is there someone else? Is there someone you like?」(Saijo)

She asked me.

This girl…is still looking for my weakness?

「Do I need to answer you?」(Kaito)

「Eh—you have one!?」(Saijo)

Saijo leaned forward to listen to my words.

「N, no, I don’t」(Kaito)

I was struck by Saijo’s eagerness and answered honestly.

「What’s with that! Don’t surprise me like that! Mou~!」(Saijo)

Saijo said that and smiled in relief.


For this girl, should I have said that I have one?

Why is she so relieved?

Well it can’t be helped, I’ve answered honestly already.

「There’s no way someone like me would have one right? I don’t interact with many girls anyway」(Kaito) 

「Fumu fumu, then there is some good news for a poor person like you! 」(Saijo)

For some reason Saijo was speaking as if part of a play.

I imagine this kid has chuunibyou, she’s unexpectedly funny.

「What’s the good news…?」(Kaito)


Waa…I’m actually excited to hear it…

I never thought Saijo was such a person…

「I, Saijo Kirara, will be your girlfriend!」(Saijo)

With that said, Saijo put her hand on her chest.


What did this girl just say?

….isn’t this crazy?

「What are you talking about…?」(Kaito)

—of course my reaction was like this.

Saijo had a shocked look at my words.

「Wh, why!? isn’t this something that would usually make you happy!? a beautiful and rich woman like me is saying that she will be the girlfriend of a loner otaku like you!?」(Saijo)

This girl…not just calling herself rich, but beautiful too?

….well, she’s definitely a beautiful woman…

「I don’t understand, I can’t keep up. Why do you want to be my girlfriend?」(Kaito)

「Th, that is…」(Saijo)

Saijo turned her red face away from me in embarrassment.

Even though there was only a little bit of lunch break left, I couldn’t get a clear answer.

So I’ll just state the conclusion.

「I don’t know you very well, so I can’t」(Kaito)

I’m a healthy high school boy.

I’m interested in her too.

However no matter how beautiful they are, I won’t go out with someone I don’t like.

Besides I can’t go out with her considering what happened in the past.

At my response, Saijo collapsed to the ground.

But she stands up immediately.

「Then, let’s start by being friends!」(Saijo)


I was struck by those words, but….Saijo…..?

Could I be friends with someone who cornered Momoi like that…?

Well I don’t care anymore…

「Got it, then it’s fine」(Kaito)

My words make Saijo’s eyes shine.

「Really!? You won’t take that back right!?」(Saijo)

「A, ah….」(Kaito)

Under pressure from Saijo, I nodded which caused her to burst into a smile of joy.

What the hell is she thinking about, this girl…?

I can’t understand her at all.

Or rather, I don’t want to understand…

But one thing I do understand…is that I’ve been spotted by an annoying person…

After that, Saijo didn’t release me until lunch was over–

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