Lonely Otaku – Chapter 8

TLN: I saw that a lot of you guys don’t like Momoi, but I guarantee she will be your favourite character in a little over 10 chapters time.

Arc 1 – Changing Everyday

Chapter 8 – I don’t understand how my stepsister feels

(TLN: Momoi’s POV)

I am known as an honour student.

That’s not a lie, but it’s not entirely true either.

I’m not the kind of honour student every thinks I am.

I had a hobby that I hid from everyone, other than my imouto.

That was–

「Hey onii-chan, are you in a good mood today?」(Sakura)

During dinner—Sakura spoke to the boy sitting in front of her.

That boy had long bangs, you couldn’t see his eyes at all.

His atmosphere was gloomy, he didn’t have any friends at school.

He was a so-called “loner”

I will never accept such a boy as my stepbrother….

Even though his atmosphere is gloomy, that’s only when he’s at school.

He quarrels with me and happily talks with my imouto.

I was a little worried he would act that way in school.

But I don’t think I need to worry about that now.

Besides, surprisingly Sakura immediately grew fond of him.

That kid may seem friendly at first glance, but she’s actually quite cautious.

It’s like she can see the essence of people, and stays away from untrustworthy people.

As such this kid was the same as me and didn’t have many friends.

Well I think it’s still better than being a loner without any friends at all.

However because of that, Sakura easily gets attached to people she accepts.

In other words, he might sink his poisonous fangs into her if I’m not careful.

He brought Sakura to his room when I wasn’t there yesterday.

Well maybe it was Sakura’s fault, but I made him sit in seiza and lectured him for about two hours.

Sakura is cute so I have to be cautious.

It seems that Sakura made a promise to cook with him, but I forced her to cook alone. She’s sulking, but I hope you’ll forgive me.

After all, that boy is evil–

But he did manage to get the approval of the vigilant Sakura, so maybe he is kind.

….I don’t see that part of him at all….

I wonder why?

Is he a so-called tsundere? (TLN: Someone who isn’t honest with their feelings)

Well, no matter how much he likes me, I don’t want to get involved with him much.

I hate him.

Because it’s physiologically impossible—

「—well actually the latest issue of my favourite light novel『Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor』was release today and I bought it. After dinner I’m going to read it in my room」(Kaito)

His words made me stop in my tracks.

『Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor』—was also my favourite light novel series.

That’s right, my hobbies are the exact same as his, reading light novels and watching anime.

Is that surprising?

Isn’t it strange that I, a perfect girl, have otaku-like hobbies?

Why is the world like this?

Who decided that it’s bad for an honour student to watch anime and read light novels?

Light novels are better than normal novels right?

So when I heard from Sakura that he had lots of light novels in his room, I became very jealous of Sakura.

It’s not like I want to talk to him or anything.

I just want to read his light novel collection.

If Sakura who is on good terms with him asks for a light novel, I’m sure he will lend her one.

But even if I ask, I have a feeling I’d be turned down.

Because he’s a tsundere.

…..that’s good.

「What’s wrong, onee-chan?」(Sakura)

Whilst I was watching the interaction between the two, they noticed and both looked towards me.

「….you made this dish right? No wonder it’s so gross」(Momoi)

To disguise what I was thinking, I complain about the “sweet and sour pork” he made.

…actually it was surprisingly delicious, rather than gross.

This…how did he make it? the meat is very tender to chew.

The pineapple that comes with the meat is probably used to soften it, but the onions and peppers are also sweet and delicious. (TLN: Pineapple’s contain a protein called bromelain which can break down other proteins into acids)

I heard from Sakura that he made the seasoning sauce himself, rather than purchasing a pre-made one.

Why is he so good at cooking?

This type of skill is more suitable for me rather than him….

I’m not good at cooking.

….actually I’m bad at most housework, let alone cooking…

The only thing I can do is clean….

If I try and cook, it will end up as either a charred lump, or a purple poisonous looking gloop. 

It’s strange, I put a lot of seasonings in it to make it delicious….

If I try and wash clothes, the moment the washing machine starts, bubbles will overflow and it will break.

….I’m sure I followed the procedure properly.

I put a lot of detergent in so that my clothes would be clean…

Why are there so many defective washing machines nowadays?

I want the manufacturers to get better.

…when I told Sakura about that, her face looked like she was about to cry….

「Is that not okay?」(Momoi)

To my surprise, she didn’t sympathize with my hardship, but looked disappointed instead.

….if you look at me like that, it makes it seem like I’ve done something wrong.

….no maybe I am bad no matter what I think….

People who eat delicious food and say that it’s not delicious have strange taste no matter what.

They should immediately go to hospital.

….I’m that type of person now.

Sakura looked at me in embarrassment.

I realize I shouldn’t have said that, but it was too late.

「Thanks for the food」(Momoi)

I said so and stood up to run away.

「Ah, un….」(Sakura)

Feeling their eyes on my back—I took the dishes to the kitchen to wash them.


I sighed as I walked up the stairs.

I’ve done it again….

I dislike him, but I don’t want to fight with him.

However it seems like thinking that has led me to being cursed.

Also since he’s a tsundere, he naturally tries to find ways to get involved with me.

As a result, it always leads to a quarrel.

Because I dislike him, I’ve maybe said one or two bad things.

But that’s only because I want him to be a better person….

When I returned to my room, my smartphone was glowing.

I’m not going to let it get to me right now.

That’s because I just received a message from “him”

『I bought the latest issue today! Did you manage to buy it, Hanahime-chan?』(Umi (Kaito))

『Of course (*´▽`*) I’m about to read it nowヾ(≧▽≦)ノ』(Hanahime (Momoi))

I reply and send the message to umi-kun.

I bet everyone at school couldn’t even imagine that I would use emoticons like this….

I’m a girl too.

I want to use emoticons normally, I want to laugh with everyone as we make a detour to have fun on our way home from school.

But I can’t do that.

There’s a reason why I act like an honor student, when reality is different.

I’m wearing a mask right now…..

The mask of a cold-woman.

If I use cute emoticons or laugh and talk with everyone, the mask will quickly come off.

So I treat everyone coldly and don’t interact with them normally.

The real reason why I wear this mask—is due to my trauma from middle school.

When I was in middle school, I had a personality like Sakura.

……I’m sorry I lied, my personality wasn’t as cute as hers…..

But, I had the same personality as the girls around me.

At that time, many boys approached me.

It was scary.

Even now, I’m still scared of boys.

Regardless of the amount of boys, that fact doesn’t change.

The only difference—is that I’m able to ignore them easily due to my mask.

So I can’t take my mask off, nor can I break the image of an honour student.

However only in front of umi-kun will I remove my mask.

I can talk to him as my real self.

That’s why I liked interacting with him.

He’s not scary like the other boys.

He’s very kind, and I enjoy talking to him because we have the same hobbies.

We met two years ago—when I commented on a blog he wrote as a hobby.

He explained his favourite light novel works on his blog.

I was just beginning to get into light novels at the time, so I took the plunge and sent him a message saying that we like the same works.

He replied immediately, and after many exchanges since then, he became a close friend to me before I knew it.

Most of the light novels I currently own were the ones he recommended on his blog.

So, our collections match.

He doesn’t know that though.

He probably thinks it’s a coincidence because we like the same novels.

I know it’s a little sly, but I really want to read his favourite books, so please forgive me.

Besides, I really like light novels myself.

Well….it’s about time to read『Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor』—-

(TLN: Kaito’s POV)

Haa, that was fun.

As soon as I finished reading『Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor』I opened my blog.

Updating my blog had become a daily routine.

I have no one I can introduce my favourite novels to, so I express myself this way.

As soon as I finished writing my update–

『I finished reading~ヾ(≧▽≦)ノ This time too, the combination of the teacher and shironeko-chan was good~ (*´▽`*)』(TLN: Shironeko means white cat and is the nickname of Sistine Fibel whose white hair is held back by a headband with cat ears on, hence “White Cat”)

There was a comment.

I can tell even without looking at the name who wrote it.


She always immediately comments on my blog updates.

Although she probably has notifications on, I think it’s amazing that she’s first every time.

I’m happy that she commented first.

But the spotlight should have been on the teacher this volume….it seems that Hanahime-chan still loves shironeko-chan as always.

However, I still go along with her.

『I also thought that was good! But I like hime-chan better than shironeko-chan~』(TLN: “Hime” is Rumia Tingel from the akashic records LN, NOT hanahime-chan)

『Muu~ (>_<) shironeko-chan is a better match for the teacher ( `―´)ノ』

My favourite character was a princess who was exiled from her country, but her favourite character was girl with the nickname “shironeko”.

However, even though our favourite characters are different, we don’t fight with each other.

Rather we continue talking about our favourite characters.

That was—-our promise to each other.

Time passed as we exchanged such a conversation–

『Sorry it’s time to go to bed, so I have to go and sleep now (>_<)』

『Un, I’m going to sleep too, good night!』

『Good night~(´-`).。oO』

That’s how we ended today’s exchange.

Well then, let’s go to the bathroom and then go to sleep.

Momoi told me that my food wasn’t delicious and it made me feel depressed, but thanks to hanahime-chan, I feel like I could sleep well tonight.

When I open the door to go to the bathroom–


Momoi was there…

The scene from before flashed in my mind.

It’s awful.

It felt like I was going to get a good nights sleep, but now I’ve met someone I never wanted to meet….


I look at Momoi’s appearance.

This is my first time seeing Momoi in pajamas and to be honest, I think it’s cute.

I get it now….I can understand why this person is so popular.

Momoi is a beautiful girl, provided she stays silent.

I wish she was silent…


Mori asked as she noticed that I had been staring at her.

「Ah..my bad…」(Kaito)

I turn away from her.

She’ll fire abuse at me again…..

I prepare myself for Momoi’s rant.

But—no matter how long I waited, Momoi didn’t say anything.

Out of curiosity, I looked at Momoi only to find her staring at me.

It seems like she’s worried about something, but what’s wrong?

Just as I start wondering that–

「Hey, the book you bought today, was it interesting….?」(Momoi)

I suddenly heard such a thing.


「I asked if the book you bought today was interesting, can you not even understand that?」(Momoi)

「No, that’s no the case! I was just surprised that you suddenly asked about my impressions on the book!」(Kaito)

Momoi squints her eyes at my words.

She seems to be telling me “give me your thoughts quickly!” with her eyes.

「Haa……ah, it was interesting」(Kaito)

「Which part?」(Momoi)


Even though I don’t understand why you’re asking me…

It would cause more problems not to answer here.

「Etto……this time the main story focused on the main character, a magic teacher. In the second half of the story, one of the heroines goes to the aid of the teacher and both of them get involved in an accident that almost kills them, but because of the tenseness of the situation, it causes their relationship to grow stronger instead. Besides there was a cute scene of my favourite character hime-chan who was worried about the main character being stolen and I thought that it was extremely cute!」(Kaito)

—dammit, I’ve done it now.

Why am I talking about such things with Momoi!?

Moreover the longer I talked, the higher my tension rose and the louder my voice got!


I look at Momoi’s face.


「I see, you really like the book. Then, with this」(Momoi)

With that said, Momoi started walking away.

She went in the direction of the bathroom.

More than that….was she listening to me and laughing?

Even if it was a laugh, it was a strange way of laughing.

It was a type of laughing that could be misunderstood as “smiling”


I’ve never seen her laugh like that before.

For some reason…I suddenly thought she was cute…

I wonder why she listened to my thoughts on the book….

Was she in a good mood?

I thought she was angry about my food, but to think she could smile like that…

What’s up with this guy…

After that, I was so worried about Momoi’s attitude that I couldn’t sleep–

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  4. “But that’s only because I want him to be a better person” Wow wtf? I really want to know on what basis she is making that claim? And she has a trauma,I get it, you can avoid boys and be cold to them if they try to flirt with you but upto all this chapters, Kaito has never done anything to warrant her dislike. She is just seeing what she wants such as “Kaito sinking his fangs onto Sakura”. While I seriously dislike such type of characters, I also find it nice that our boy is here being a programmer and earning quite a hefty sum while she is still a student.


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