The darkness was comfortable to me – Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – White room and skill design


How long did I sleep for?

Despite my weak consciousness, I opened my eyes.

A white room.

A pure white room with no dirt or stains.

I’m currently lying on the floor dressed in white clothes like a hospital patient.

「Am I alive..? Hospital….?」(Hikaru)

There was no bed in this hospital room.

There is a desk and a chair, and something that looks like a computer on the desk.

「My wounds….」(Hikaru)

I reflexively move my hand to my back, but there was no wound there. Or maybe I was hit with a blunt weapon, so there were no wounds in the first place?

Either way—I’m alive.

「… way, could this be the world after death…?」(Hikaru)

It was natural for me to think so.

「…dead, no I was killed….just like Nanami….Nanami…..」(Hikaru)

My memories come back to me in a flashback.

The fact that Nanami was killed was an even heavier blow than my own death.

Rather than the pure-white room I now found myself in, I was more concerned with the grief from losing my childhood friend.

「It was all a dream…..wasn’t it…..?」(Hikaru)

Though there’s no mistaking the fact that this pure-white room is likely reality.

The smell of blood that overwhelmed the natural smell of Nanami’s room.

Nanami, who had become unresponsive and expressionless, like a doll.


My tears overflowed.

Was I upset that Nanami was killed, upset that I was killed, or both?

I couldn’t get up for a while, the intense feeling of loss dominated me.

Why did we have to be killed?

Nanami was someone who wouldn’t even hurt a fly.


Nanami cried because she didn’t want to go to the other world.

The criminal and cause of all this, I don’t even know his name.

Now for some reason, I’m in this kind of place.

The mind was messed up.

Sadness, doubt and resentment swirled in my mind. For a while I stay crouched and couldn’t move.

I don’t know how long I stayed like that, because I had lost all sense of time.

No-one had entered this room.

I shed so many tears, that when I finally stopped it felt like I was withering. I stood up and steadily approached the computer.

The words displayed there were more than enough to cool my raging thoughts.

「…you can’t be serious…」(Hikaru)

The words were—

『You have been selected as a transferee to be taken to another world. Complete the allocation of bonus points to set out for the new world』

—it seems that my life will continue.


「Why…why was I chosen…?」(Hikaru)

Does that mean that Nanami’s rights have been transferred to me because of how close I was to her?

No….that theory can’t be right.

When a transferee is killed in a certain country, somebody completely random from another country would be chosen to replace him. In other words, if the transferee dies, the lottery will be held again. (TLN: I previously translated that the lottery won’t be held again, apologies for this)

Of course, as a result of Nanami’s death and the re-lottery, the possibility that I was selected by chance is not zero, but the probability in that case is about 1/7 billion. It’s a number that can be said to be zero, besides I must have died long before the lottery was held again.

When I was stabbed in my back and lost consciousness, it was a full hour before the scheduled transfer time. It’s hard to imagine that I had survived for an hour since then.

There is a possibility that someone else who has nothing to do with Nanami died somewhere and the lottery was redrawn because of that…

「….maybe Nanami is in another room at the same time as me」(Hikaru)

It’s a possibility because I was originally supposed to be dead.

Because God has the ability to transfer us to other worlds, he must be a real God.

Nanami who was dead at the time, left behind her body and has likely been reincarnated in the other world right now…

It’s also possible that Nanami is still alive.

I didn’t measure her pulse, she might have just looked dead.

I remember reading somewhere that humans are actually difficult to kill.

Besides, I prayed to God before falling unconscious.

Maybe God listened and rescued me and Nanami from our unfair deaths.

I knew it was a long shot, but I still wanted to believe.

Neither I nor Nanami were dead, we can have adventures with each other in the other world—

Wouldn’t that be fun?

I pat both my cheeks and grab the mouse.

I’ll do it, I’ll go to the other world and meet up with Nanami.

The moment I made up my mind, I looked at the screen.

A pon~ sound echoed as a notification appeared on screen.

『3 minutes left until transfer』


Looking closely, there seems to be a timer in the upper right hand corner of the screen. The value is slowly decreasing.

Probably–no, the timer surely started when I arrived in this room.

「Only 3 minutes–」(Hikaru)

Anyway I don’t have the time to slowly choose.

I’ll choose first and then adjust it if I have enough time remaining—it seems that’s my only option.

I need to avoid stalling or I’ll run out of time.

『Allocate skill points. Your total bonus points are: 73』

「73 points?」(Hikaru)

I’m not too sure, but it seems like a lot.

There was no information about this released by God.

What we do know is that if your age is 24 or over, your points are decided by a v-shaped graph.

In other words, it could be said that God values “experience” and “physical maturity” over the “potential of youth”

According to God, the better the ability, the more points required.

Either way, I don’t have enough time to allocate points carefully.


・Name: Kurose Hikaru

・Age: 15 Years Old ▼

・Gender: Male

・Special Ability ▼

・Physical Ability ▼

・Resistances ▼

・Spirit Arts ▼

・Items ▼

・Transition Point ▼

・Debuffs ▼

 Remaining bonus points: 73p


It’s surprisingly simple.

In this case, maybe I can make a good choice even with only 3 minutes.

A short explanation appeared whenever I hovered over an option.

For instance when I hovered over special abilities, it said『special power beyond human knowledge』

Roughly speaking, this may be God’s intention.

I’ll take a quick look at each one.

First of all, it’s strange that even age can be changed.

I click the ▼ mark to expand the window. It seems that you can gain points by increasing your age, subsequently, it costs points to reduce. it.

I’m 15 years old now.

Depending on the situation, it may be best to increase my age to earn some extra points.

Next, I open the special abilities window.

「Uu…..! The points cost is so high?」(Hikaru)


●Special Abilities

・Courage – 20p

Gain the power to face your fears and move forward.

・Super Concentration – 30p

You can forget about eating and drinking and just concentrate.

・Presence Detection – 15p

You will be able to notice the signs of living beings.

・Night Vision – 15p

Even places with little light, become visible

・Intuition – 20p

You will be able to choose the most advantageous option.

・Apnea Activity – 10p

You will be able to hold your breath for 2 minutes.

Through training, this can be increased to 15 minutes.

・Widen Field of View – 10p

Gain a wide field of view, unlike a human. 

・Communication – 30p

Become able to communicate with animals.

・Loved by spirits – 30p

All spirits will love you.

・Charm – 50p

Gain a constitution that attracts others.

・Different world language 0p▼

You will be able to read and write letters and common words based on your transfer location


All of them seem useful, but their descriptions are ambiguous or unclear.

For example, how good are courage and presence detection? If the level of courage is too high and it becomes recklessness, that’s no joke. If the presence detection ability can’t even detect an enemy coming close, what use is it?

By the way, when I clicked the arrow icon under different world language▼「Currently Selected: plus 20p if you deselect」it’s basically a landmine!

A quick glance at the time shows that 1 minute has already passed.

There’s no time to complain.

After thinking for a while, I choose「Night Vision」and「Loved by spirits」

The two together cost 45 points and so only 28 points remain, but the two clearly can’t be gained through effort.

Above all, I find them extremely useful.

Originally I would choose more carefully, but now there’s no time.

My younger sister once said『in this type of game, it’s safe to spend a lot of points. Usually those expensive abilities are pretty useful, so don’t forget that』

I don’t know where she based that off of, but my sister is a real genius.

I can trust her.

Next, I open the physical abilities menu.


●Physical Ability

Increase in physical ability due to spiritual power.

・Physical strength up. Level 1~5. 5/7/10/15/20

・Vitality up. Level 1~5. 5/7/10/15/20

・Spiritual power up. Level 1~5. 5/7/10/15/20

・Eyesight up. Level 1~3. 3/7/10

・Hearing up. Level 1~3. 3/7/10

・Smell up. Level 1~3. 1/3/5

・Taste up. Level 1~3. 1/3/5


The number on the right seems to be the cost for each level of the ability.

In other words, if you choose level 3 of physical strength up, you will spend 10p.

I read the description for physical strength up.

『Level 1 gains a 2x increase, level 3 a 5x increase, level 5 gains 10x. This skill is recommended if you plan to take part in life or death battles. Even if you don’t, it’s one of the best improvements even at level 1, along with vitality』

I wonder what the description is for vitality up?

『Vitality is hard to express numerically, but essentially it represents sturdiness in the face of injury or death. It also increases mental strength. In terms of games, it’s the equivalent of HP. If you don’t want to die, then raise it』

It seems to provide a considerable advantage in the other world, particularly in regards to mental strength.

There’s also spiritual power up, which is currently unknown to me.

『Spiritual power is the power consumed when using a spirit art. Increasing this stat increases the amount of spiritual power stored in the body. Originally the amount of spiritual power you can store in your body differs from person to person and can’t be easily quantified. If you plan on using spirit arts, definitely get this spiritual power up』

It’s difficult to understand, but if spiritual power differs from individual to individual. Then it may be useful even if your MP is originally low…

Although I really want to use spiritual power, it’s probably best to increase physical strength and vitality.

It takes a surprising amount of time to read the explanations.

There’s one and a half minutes left.

In any case, physical ability can probably be「strengthened later」since it has levels which is different than my previous world. So I should consider whether to choose it first.

I decided to look at resistances before choosing.

After all, resistances sound difficult to acquire or maybe even impossible.



・Poison resistance. Level 1~3. Level 3 grants poison immunity. 3/7/10

・Disease resistance. Level 1~3. Level 3 grants disease immunity. 1/3/5

・Age resistance. Level 1~5

Immortality is granted at level 5. Aging rate halves at level 3. 3/5/7/10/15

・Natural resistance up (wounds). Level 1~5. 3/5/7/10/15

・Natural resistance up (spiritual). Level 1-5. 3/5/7/10/15


「The cost of immortality is too low!」(Hikaru)

That must be what my sister meant when she said『There will be certain abilities that cost little points, but are extremely useful』

The required points are so low, everything else is overshadowed.

Even with my remaining points, I can easily get level 5.

I wonder why disease resistance is so cheap? Maybe the other world has few illnesses?

I think that improving natural resilience, especially wounds, will be useful, but it depends on the degree. For example, if level 5 is taken and even a fatal injury was completely healed after a while, it would be vital to acquire it, but it may just subtly heal small injuries.

「I shouldn’t get lost here」(Hikaru)

I allocate points to aging resistance level 3 (7p) and disease resistance level 2 (3p). Then I immediately open the age column and raise it to 17.

By adding 2 years, 6 points are added.

Age resistance level 3 doubles my lifespan, so it’s a good deal.

Right now I’m not ready to be immortal.

With this, I have 24 points left.

The remaining time is quite tight, so I quickly check the spirit arts section.

『Only one spirit art can be obtained, each spirit art is useful for different reasons. There are no direct attack abilities, and since only one spirit art can be obtained, it’s not very efficient』


●Spirit Arts

・Fire spirit art – 10 points

・Water spirit art – 10 points

・Wind spirit art – 10 points

・Earth spirit art – 10 points

・Light spirit art – 10 points

・Dark spirit art – 10 points


・Recovery magic – 50 points


「50 points」(Hikaru)

Only recovery magic is classed as “magic”. I don’t know how it differs, but the rarity of it might affect the price. 10 points seems fairly reasonable given the prices I’ve seen before.

For an example of what I mean, it might be easy to obtain spirit arts over there, but extremely difficult or impossible to gain recovery magic.

….in any case, 50 points is impossible.

「What about items」



・Assorted basic items – Recommended for transferees – 10 points

《Money (Medium)・Assorted recovery potions・Beginner’s “arts” scroll pack(「Fire Spear」×1「Wind Blade」×1「Earth Wall」×1「Water Healing」×1「Phantom Light」×1「Dark Fog」×1「Small Healing」×3「Medium Healing」×2「Large Healing」×1「Dispel」×1「Fear」×1「Short Teleportation」×1)・First aid kit・Map of surroundings・World Map・Compass・Adventurer’s equipment set(Shirt・Cloak・Pants・Belt・Underwear x3・Socks x3・Boots・Hat・Leather Gloves・Leather Chest Guard・Short Sword・Short Spear)・Note・Writing Set・3 days worth of food (bento/water bottle)・Long term food storage set・Tableware Set・Towel x5・Hankerchief x5 Pocket Tissue x10・Knife・Blanket・Lantern・Oil・Match・Hand Mirror・Portable Shovel・Rucksack・Belt Pouch・Nylon Rope・Wire・Cloth Tape・Sewing Kit・Hemp bag x2・Every type of spirit stone x1》

Some items can’t be obtained outside the basic pack, so please be aware.


「I see, it would suck to be transferred naked. I mean, without this basic pack, would I still be wearing this hospital outfit when I transfer?」(Hikaru)

Isn’t that hard mode? I’d be barefoot as well right?

But 10 points is too much, I only have 24 points left.

If I start in the city, I’ll only need clothes and money, rather than the other items in this pack.

Perhaps it’s better to buy the essentials individually, it would be much cheaper than 10 points.

Under the basic pack, there are a large variety of items lined up and it seems that you can pick items out individually.

I skimmed through it, but you can exchange points for weapons, armor, tools, magic scrolls, potions and maps. Even money can be purchased with points.

There aren’t many type of weapons and armor, but it seems that you can exchange for an armor than matches the size of each transferee.

There were also magic swords and armor, but all of them are in the tens of points range, so it’s unlikely anyone would buy them.

In any case, it’s better to exchange for those type of things later.

「With the remaining points, I’ll buy clothing and money. After that, I’ll put everything else into improving my strength and vitality and confirm my choice」(Hikaru)

The remaining time is only 40 seconds.

For the time being, I open the “transfer point selection” menu.


●Transfer point selection

・Transfer to a relatively safe place – 27 points

Transfer to a place that is low-risk to humans. You will be transferred to a secluded place within the vicinity.

・Transfer to safe place – 30 points

Transfer to a place where dangerous wild animals are all but eliminated. You will appear within a city.

・Random transfer – 0 points (random transfer selected by default)

No guarantee of where you will be transferred to, but you won’t be transferred somewhere where you will instantly die such as the middle of the sea, lava or huge forest. However, if you’re luck is bad it could be very dangerous.

If you are lucky, you may transfer to a secluded area.

Potential for an early comedic scene. Not recommended.



For a moment, I couldn’t understand what was written.

There are only 2 high-point options and that’s it? I thought.

I read it twice and finally understood.

The default option is a random transfer.

I can’t believe there’s such a trap–

「My remaining points!?」(Hikaru)

I had 24 points left.

Even for the most basic option『transfer to a relatively safe place』I didn’t have enough

If I don’t reroll now, I’ll be transferred to the other world as is.

By the way, people all over the world will be watching me in real time.

I should have considered this possibility as the God has a playful personality.

「Dangerous dangerous! It’s dangerous! Any safe place is fine, I need to erase my points and reroll–」(Hikaru)

By now I was completely panicked.

If I had operated the PC calmly, I would have had enough time.

However, in my rush I accidentally applied points to the wrong menu.

「Ah!? Which skill did I choose? Certainly I should have chosen physical strength and vitality–」(Hikaru)

The confusion was cleared up in a moment.

I hadn’t applied any points to physical strength yet.

It was a loss that would only take 5 seconds to fix.

—-but those 5 seconds were deadly.

I immediately close the physical ability menu and open the special ability one.

II just need to turn off night vision and open the transition point menu–

The timer is reflected in my eyes as it has reduced to single digits.

Erase one ability and increase another.

If I don’t make it in time, I’ll lose all the special abilities.

The moment that thought left my mind, I stopped moving the mouse.

The timer’s numbers had reached 0.

『You will now be transferred. If there are any points remaining, you can continue your build after transfer. However some abilities cannot be selected after transfer』

The screen dimmed and this message was ruthlessly displayed.

The PC froze after that, it did not respond at all, just the words “30 seconds to transfer” were displayed.

「….I felt like 73 points was a lot, I should have focused more on my instincts than thinking too much」(Hikaru)

The fact that the transition point was random cause the blood to drain from my body.

「I’m sure there are about 24 points left right….?」(Hikaru)

It’s good that I can exchange my points after the transition.

There was a possibility that the remaining points would disappear.

—in any case, the die has been cast.

『10 seconds remaining』

『5 seconds remaining』

『1 second』

『Now then, have a wonderful life. I wish you luck』

Then, I was surrounded by a bright light.


・Name: Kurose Hikaru

・Age: 15 years old ▽

    Increase age: 2 years +6p

・Gender: Male

・Special Abilities ▽

・Night Vision – 15p

・Loved by spirits – 30p

・Physical Ability ▼

・Resistances ▽

・Disease resistance: 2 – 3p

・Age resistance: 3 – 7p

・Magic ▼

・Items ▼

・Transition Point ▽

・Random Transition – 0p

・Disadvantages ▼

Remaining bonus points – 24p


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