Being reincarnated as a net character is too much! – Chapter 1

Translator’s Notes: My bad, I couldn’t find this on novelupdates previously, but it seems to be under the romanji name. So this will be my only chapter for it.

Arc 1 – Dragon’s Visit

Chapter 1 – Prologue

The girl walked whilst dragging her thin, dead tree-like limbs.

She was not heading in any particular direction.

She swallowed the saliva down her parched throat. Her muscles were weak and thin and her throat barely functioned, even the feeling of swallowing was heavily diminished. It was not just her throat that was dry, her eyes, lips, skin and even her heart, were all dry.

It has been two days since Aisha left the village, or to be more exact, was kicked out.

The only food and drink she had access too were tree roots and the occasional unreliable rain.

Despite complaining about the abominable conditions, she still thought it was many times better than eating food smeared with the smell of a beast.

The villagers had thought that by starving her, her unbalanced diet could be cured. Unfortunately such a condition is unlikely to be cured by starving to death.

She can sense that she is reaching her limits.

She can no longer feel her feet, her body sways from side to side even though she does not want it to.

There was no vitality left in this skin-like body. (TLN: Literally “Skin-Like Body” = 皮のような体)

She looked at her hands that had cracked due working with water all her life, her palms had callouses and dirt on them from working the fields all day. Aisha floated a dry smile.

(Die….will I….)

She no longer has the strength to even speak the words.

In some respects, she even thought that she was lucky that she no longer had to worry about the future, she smiled once more in self-deprecation at the thought of that.

(I want to die….in the same place as papa…)

It was only a matter of time before she died of exhaustion, or was attacked by a beast and eaten.

Aisha was not unfamiliar with death.

Most of the pioneer villages near the free trade city were poor.

Sometimes the weather was so bad that the crops didn’t grow, in which case people would starve to death. Often at times, monsters would eat people whilst they were hunting, bandits were also known to attack these villages. It was not uncommon for the poor to sell themselves in an attempt to improve their conditions, even selling whole families was not unheard of.

The lord doesn’t even reduce taxes during this period of starvation. As long as he receives the required taxes, it doesn’t matter to him how many deaths there are. Even if a farmer dies, another will soon be born to take his place. As such farmers are not even treated as if they are the same species, no better than insects crawling along the ground. Such an insect can be easily crushed on a whim.

No matter how many poor farmers die, no-one even cares about it.

That was the only world Aisha knew.

Living in such a world was extremely tough.

Therefore there was no place in the village for someone like Aisha, with such strong likes and dislikes.

No, it’s gone.

No matter what she does, she can’t work like everyone else. After 20 years, everyone else has the appearance of an adult, but Aisha was still like a small child.

As such, Aisha was no longer needed.

Though she was not pessimistic about it.

If there was something she could be pessimistic about, there was one.

She was spoiled too much by her father,



She was just a pathetic and helpless girl.

She resents herself for not being able to help her father.

That’s why, she doesn’t hold a grudge against anyone.

Because the only person she has a grudge against, was herself.

Her dry, golden coloured hair fluttered in the wind.

As if drawn to it, Aisha peers into the depths of a nearby forest.

The dark, lacquer-like forest was illuminated by the moonlight, giving a dense, eerie feeling to it.

The sound of footsteps could be heard from within–

(Beast…..! But, I can’t run away anymore….)

Her body had already reached it’s limit.

Aisha’s prediction proved to be right, but not completely.

「What..? Is that an abandoned kid? Oi!」(???)

「Hahaha, let’s take this girl home and gangrape her!」(???)

「Nn, girl? She’s all skin and bones and looks like a kid, there’s no sex appeal right? It’s unlikely we’ll be able to sell her. So let’s kill her, if we’re late the boss will kill us」(???)

Beasts will always be beasts, there were several beasts stood around Aisha panting with desire.

Aisha’s body trembled.

In comparison the hateful looks from the villagers seemed cute.

Such clear malice, harm, hostility and killing intent, was causing her heart to hurt.

(…..there is no such thing….)

Her life was not a happy one.

Her food was poor, clothes tattered, she slept trembling in the cold wind every night and every morning she had to wake up as soon as the sun rose in the sky. Her skin cracked due to working with water for so long, even a bite of meat was considered a luxury item in the village.

Even now, hunger dominated everything from her body to her heart. When she thought about it, the only time she was not hungry was on the days she bathed, and the only days she wasn’t hurt was when she was a child.

Her father died and she was driven out of her village. The grim reaper’s sickle was always by her side as she tried desperately to live.

「No no, I’m not going back yet! There are some guys that like to do it with a little girl. If there is a hole, that’s enough to be a woman! You can’t be telling me that the boss won’t sell her!」(???)

「Hahahaha, I like that idea….you carry her」(???)

「I see, is she really alive? I haven’t seen her move since a while ago, she hasn’t been talking or crying….Hey, are you alive?」(???)

The voices of the bandits seemed somewhere far away.

Aisha’s heart was blank, her anger festering with no place to go.

She doesn’t know who to blame.

She doesn’t know who to direct her anger at.

The lord?





The world?

Or, maybe herself?

Her mouth trembled slightly as she put some power into it–

Yes, just a little bit–

Powered by her passion–

Her mouth slowly opened.

「….somebody…please answer me…!」 

However no answer could be heard.

All she could hear was the vulgar laughter of the bandits.

In the first place, Aisha never expected an answer anyway.

She just couldn’t bear it, that was all.

However, it fell.

Divine and godly, just like an angel.

The night became much deeper and darker.

To Aisha, it was the type of thing that no human being could describe.

However there was one thing that Aisha could say with certainty.

–It was, a distortion.

There was a darkness hidden inside a spinning vortex that exuded terrible power. Even when looking at it, you could not see the bottom.

Never mind a weak human, no matter if it was ancient elf or a true ancestor vampire, they would never reach this amount of power.

Everywhere was surrounded in a deep black. The owner of the vortex, which could only be described as a mass of power, was a girl.

Even Aisha, who had no fighting skills, could feel the enormous magical energy and tremendous pressure. It was hard to believe this power came from this girl who looked more beautiful than a doll.

It was likely because of this thought that she did not immediately leave.  

Her heart was charmed already.

She couldn’t look away.

Even if her own life was like a thrown away scrap of paper, it was as if she was looking at the prettiest pearl in the jewellery box.

The girl’s jet black hair was sparkling, as if it was wet. Her golden pupils, like rings flourishing in the darkness. Under her left eye was a red coloured treasure that looked like dragon scales. Her supple limbs were adorned with a pure white and black dress that was as clear as snow and although the red trim was faint, it was almost shining.



What, a beautiful person.

The girl, who looked like she was from a completely different dimension suddenly opened her mouth and spoke calmly.

「Good colour. Don’t fret girl—It’s not rare to smile at a time like this」(???)

This was the start of Aisha’s new life.

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