The darkness was comfortable for me – Chapter 3

Translator Note: These sections are important, they are the bulletin boards from God’s website and the author designed them in such a way that they allow him/her to explain certain intricate parts of the plot you may have missed, as well as demonstrating what the people of Earth think about the protagonist’s actions.

I’ll apologize in advance because they use a lot of “net speak” here and I’m not familiar with it, so it makes 0 sense to me. I’ll try my best to improve before the next bulletin board. Though I tried my best to fill in what I could.

Chapter 3 – Different world bulletin board 【Country・JPN-C】3679th

1: Anonymous from Earth

Summary so far.

1000 people were selected, unfortunately there is no way to substitute with others.

When the transfer starts all illness will be completely cured and eyesight will recover to 2.0.

Resistant to viruses is similar to the natives (unknown viruses won’t make you sick)

43 Japanese selected.

You can allocate given skill points to strengthen yourself before you travel to the other world. It also seems possible to change your age.

Different world translation ability is given to everyone. You can also read and write their characters.

The world over there is almost like a medieval fantasy game. Magic and spiritual power can be used to strengthen the body somehow.

You can only bring in one item as long as it fits into one hand. A complex item such as a gun is also possible, but only the magazine that comes with the gun can be brought in.

2: Anonymous from Earth

Will there be a development in which God confuses a normal person with a transferee and acts like TUEEE!?

3: Anonymous from Earth

Damn it, don’t say that

4: Anonymous from Earth

Nanami-chan kawaii kawaii

5: Anonymous from Earth

I’m worried whether Nanami, a normal high school girl, can live in a different world of swords and magic.

…she’s almost always stiff on TV and rarely speaks.

6: Anonymous from Earth

If I were her parents I would be too worried and anxious to even live.

7: Anonymous from Earth

Kuu! If only I could take her place..!

8: Anonymous from Earth

Let me just go…! I will take over…!

9: Anonymous from Earth

Everyone thinks the same way

10: Anonymous from Earth

The chat is so fast compared to usual

11: Anonymous from Earth

No, it’s still late right now, it’s midnight.

12: Anonymous from Earth

Each country is well prepared, even Japan understands the ABC of survival.

13: Anonymous from Earth

Chat is insanely fast though, can’t really follow.

Can’t afford to fall asleep just yet.

14: Anonymous from Earth

There is an urban legend that killing the other party transfers the right to transfer to another world…

15: Anonymous from Earth
It’s already been disproven. By the way, it seems that the criminal who killed him was sentenced to death. It’s a famous story from overseas.

16: Anonymous from Earth

Anyway, I’m looking forward to it. Another week.

17:Anonymous from Earth

In the blink of an eye, the internet has become another world…

18:Anonymous from Earth

There are too many characters to choose from!

Is there a recommended player?

19:Anonymous from Earth

The player is the character…

Everyone let’s go at the risk of our lives!

20:Anonymous from Earth

After all it’s Jeanne from the French national team!

21:Anonymous from Earth

Maximillian Marshall is still 3rd in the popular vote.

I want him to crush me.

22:Anonymous from Earth

He’s good. Muscular.

He seems to be an active SP and I want the other world to see the power of us earthlings. (TLN: Likely SP is Security Police of Japan)

23:Anonymous from Earth

Jeanne is cute, but isn’t she the abandoned gamer everyone is talking about. (TLN: Not sure about this line, will clarify in future chapters)

Is that alright….

24:Anonymous from Earth

It seems that physical ability can be improved, so it’s okay…probably.

Also Jeanne isn’t representing France on her own.

It’s just that she’s the most popular French player.

25:Anonymous from Earth

By the way, it seems that they will even broadcast cruel scenes

26:Anonymous from Earth

Maybe she will get attacked by goblins and disgraced….?

27:Anonymous from Earth

According to God, everything will be shown as is.

28:Anonymous from Earth

Some people are looking forward to seeing beautiful girls showing such miserable expressions….

29:Anonymous from Earth

People all over the world will be watching, it’s not strange that some people would find it fun.

30:Anonymous from Earth

I just want to see them fighting monsters normally.

31:Anonymous from Earth

But, fighting monsters with your life on the line.

It would be very traumatic right?

It’s not a movie.

32:Anonymous from Earth

When the player dies, the screen becomes dim and blood characters emerge spelling GAME OVER. I bet 2000 souls!

33:Anonymous from Earth

That would be in bad taste right?

34:Anonymous from Earth

In other countries there are many transferees learning martial arts in preparation for the other world.

35:Anonymous from Earth

That may work on human opponents, but will it work against monsters?

36:Anonymous from Earth

It’s better than nothing isn’t it?

37:Anonymous from Earth

It’s better to learn parkour, at least it’s more useful for getting away right?

38:Anonymous from Earth

It’s okay to bring firearms, a group of warriors with assault rifles would be cool.

39:Anonymous from Earth

In some countries, they are letting other people carry the magazines. Isn’t the limit of rounds that you can carry with one hand about 300?

40:Anonymous from Earth

From the other world’s point of view, we are invaders.

41:Anonymous from Earth

If the gunner and the magazine holder don’t start in the same place, they’ll both have a bad time…

42:Anonymous from Earth

You can’t choose the transition location right?

43:Anonymous from Earth

You can’t choose. However, you can choose from「Safe」「Normal」「Dangerous」but everything else will be random.

44:Anonymous from Earth

If you’re unlucky you’ll be sent to another world with 100 kilos of magazines.

45:Anonymous from Earth

Even if they spawn safely, I can only see a future where the gunners shoot and kill to steal the bullets from the magazine holder.

46:Anonymous from Earth

I’m looking at the player information, but I can’t see the difference between overseas players and they think all asians have the same face…

47:Anonymous from Earth

I’m going to support the transferees in my country, though I feel the signs of a proxy war forming.

48:Anonymous from Earth

The broadcast is really 24 hours long….

I’ll be quitting my job because of this….

49:Anonymous from Earth

I understand, I’ll also quit.

50:Anonymous from Earth

Stop betting your life on the transferees lol

51:Anonymous from Earth

What’s the most popular Japanese video site?

52:Anonymous from Earth

Youtube is still strong. You can create programmes that are conscious of your viewers.

53:Anonymous from Earth


Real-time broadcasting right?

54:Anonymous from Earth

Even so, I think it’s great if you have that kind of experience.

Because it’s a live broadcast.

55:Anonymous from Earth

By the way, what happens when we view a channel stream?

56:Anonymous from Earth

The one granted to the transferees? We don’t know until it starts, but it’s like YouTube right? Points are paid depending on the number of channel subscribers and views.

57:Anonymous from Earth


58:Anonymous from Earth

It will be like youtube.

59:Anonymous from Earth

So it’s a different world reality program?

60:Anonymous from Earth

Popular players monopolize the points and become strong, and as they become stronger they get more attention right? Resources are limited and with this system, does that mean there is no support system for the weak?

61:Anonymous from Earth

Can you buy potions with points?

62:Anonymous from Earth

It seems that you can get a lot of items using points, e.g weapons, armor, magic scrolls. You can also improve your abilities using points. Detailed information has not been released yet, but if you think about it normally, you can see that your play style will define whether or not you get points.

63:Anonymous from Earth

As expected, you’re thinking about points again

64:Anonymous from Earth


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