Lonely Otaku – Chapter 4

TLN: There was a previous comment about changing “sister-in-law” to “stepsister”. The reason I used “sister-in-law” is because 義妹 can be read as sister-in-law, but it can also mean younger step-sister according to jisho which would make more sense. https://jisho.org/search/%E7%BE%A9%E5%A6%B9. Many thanks for pointing that out! I’ll edit the previous chapters in a bit.

Tony has very kindly sorted out my issue with novel updates so there shouldn’t be anymore significant delays between postings now!

Arc 1 – Changing Everyday

Chapter 4 – Open your mouth, sibling fight

『I’m depressed every time I go home now』

Immediately after returning to my room, I messaged Hanahime-chan.

『What’s wrong? (>_<)』

Her reply came quickly.

『This stepkid I’m living with has a rotten personality』

『Uwaa~ I’m also a stepkid (;・∀・) Sorry for being the same as her~ (>_<) I also have a new younger brother, I think maybe I should take the initiative』


As usual, Hanahime-chan says such interesting things.

『That’s amazing. So, is it going well?』

『I wonder if it is…? well as long as we don’t fight whilst living together, I guess it’s okay….』

『Hanahime-chan is so kind, I’m sure you won’t fight. Ah, I wonder if he has the same personality has Hanahime-chan…?』

『He has a rotten personality (>_<) Ah sorry…my mom has just called me, I’ll talk to you later!』

Ah…I wanted to hear more of your complaints.

Well, it can’t be helped.

After all she said『talk to you later!』so we’ll be able to talk with each other again.

Just as I reply with a『roger』and was about to click send–

「Kaito-kun, let’s all eat breakfast together!」(Kanae)

Kanae-san called me like that.

「G, got it! I’m on my way!」(Kaito)

I opened my door and shouted down to Kanae-san on the ground floor, I quickly erased the characters I had typed and began to type something else–

『I’ve also been called, I’m just going off to have something to eat』

–after clicking send, I put my smartphone into my pocket.

「「Ah」」(Momoi & Kaito)

As I left my room, I ran into the person I wanted to see the least.

By the way, her room was next to mine…

After that incident–dad put our rooms next to each other and told us to get along.

I wish Sakura-chan was in the next room, rather than this girl…

Sakura-chan’s room was on the ground floor.

Our rooms were upstairs.

On this floor, other than our rooms, there was only a room filled with several closets, a storeroom and a toilet.

In other words, the only people on this floor were me and Momoi.

Haa….I really hate you for this, dad….

For the time being, I decided to ignore this girl.

I don’t think she particularly cares about me either.



「Hey I said!」(Momoi)


Momoi suddenly grabbed my shoulders.

That surprised me….

「What is it so suddenly?」(Kaito)

「There’s just one thing I want to check with you」(Momoi)


「That’s right. Don’t tell anyone at school that we’re a family. If anyone knows, it will make me look bad」(Momoi)

This bitch!

Even if that’s the case, isn’t that something you usually don’t say to the person in question?

「You’re really going to say that!? Dad has already taken care of it after all!」(Kaito)

Dad decided to let Momoi keep her surname until graduation, it would stand out too much if she suddenly changed it after all.

I was thankful for that.

Momoi stands out too much to have the same surname as me.

It could cause a strange misunderstanding.

…no actually. My classmates treat me like air, so maybe they won’t notice…

「Right, that’s okay then. Oh and don’t call me onee-chan in the future, if you call me that it would give me the chills」(Momoi)

「Who would call you that!…besides, who decided you are older? Shouldn’t you be calling me ani?」(Kaito)

Momoi laughed at my words.

「Your birthday is August the 8th right? Mine is July 7th. In other words, i was born earlier so I’m the ane」(Momoi)

(TLN: I’ll just quickly clarify why they are arguing. Momoi doesn’t want Kaito to call her “onee-chan” or “big sister” because that indicates a high level of closeness. This is why Kaito was so happy to be called “onii-chan” or “big brother” by Sakura when they met. Instead she asked to be called “ane” which means “older sister” and Kaito asks to be called “ani” which is “older brother”)

Damn…it can’t be helped.


「Eh, how do you know my birthday? Considering your actions at school, are you actually a stalker?」(Kaito)

Momoi’s face goes bright red as she reacts angrily to my words.

「Who is a stalker! Your dad told me your birthday!」(Momoi)

「Ah, is that so」(Kaito)

I thought that was naturally the case, so I let it slide.

「Hey, you heard me right!?」(Momoi)

「This is payback, baka」(Kaito)

When I said that, I started walking towards the stairs.

Behind my back Momoi was making a lot of noise, but I ignored her.

Just a little, I felt like I had gotten revenge for what had happened earlier.


Come to think of it…was I finally able to have a normal conversation with Momoi? 

Well, it was less a conversation and more of a fight, but it was strange that I could talk normally to her—

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Lonely Otaku – Chapter 3

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Arc 1 – Changing Everyday

Chapter 3 – Cold stepsister, gentle stepsister

The day has finally come.

「Kaito, they are going to arrive soon」(Dad)

Dad could hardly wait, as he spoke to me with a smile.

That’s right–my new mother, was finally coming to this house.

On the contrary to my Dad’s happy expression, I felt depressed.

Aah….I want to go back to my room right away….

I mean, isn’t it too early to move in anyway?

It’s only been a week since my Dad started talking to me about the remarriage.

Was the remarriage decided before he even heard my opinion?

No, well, it’s my father’s life and I have no intention of objecting to it…

Besides, I’m not really surprised…

Ping Pong!

It came–!

I manage to force a smile.

First impressions are important.

If I fail here, there would be an awkward atmosphere all the time I’m at the house, only ceasing when I leave.

Fuu….it’ll be okay, it’ll be okay.

I tell myself as much.

I managed to get my mind organized as my dad moved to open the door.

After putting his hand on the doorknob, he looked back at me–

「Ah, I forgot to mention. She has two step-children and both of them are girls」(Dad)

He said with a smile.


Eh, what’s with that? Step-children?

Besides that–girls!?

Why would you say such a thing at this timing!

Oi, are you lying when you say your forgot!?

Why are you laughing!?

I want to scream as much, but managed to hold myself back.

After all, our new family is behind the door.

They would be able to hear me screaming.

Their first impression of me would be bad, even before the face-to-face meeting.

Even if he said two girls, there’s a chance they might not be close in age to me.

They may be much younger, or older.

….although it would still be bad, I feel like I can handle it if they are not close to my age.

That was how I calmed my mind.

But this idea would soon be betrayed.

But–for the better.


Entering through the door, was a kind looking woman.

A beautiful looking woman at that.

Dad, how did you catch a person like this…

「Ah, nice to meet you. I’m my Dad’s son, Kaito」(Kaito)

Saying that, I flashed a smile.

Yosh, I did it!

With this, I should have made a good impression on the other party.

「Ara ara, what a polite child you are. My name is Kanae and I will be your new mother from now on. Nice to meet you」(Kanae)

Kanae-san said whilst smiling kindly to me (it’s too embarrassing to call her mother yet)

I’m glad…if it’s with a gentle person like this, I should be able to talk to her.

「Come on, you guys quickly introduce yourselves」(Kanae)

When Kanae-san said that, one girl walked forward with her head down.


As soon as I saw her, a shock ran through me.

「A, ano. I’m Sakura. Thanks for looking after me….」(Sakura)

「Yes, Sakura-chan. My name is Toshiya and I’ll be your new father. Let’s have a fun family life together」(Dad) 

Dad responded kindly with a smile.

However, the girl’s head was still down and she did not look up.

But even without looking at her face, I knew she was the one from that time.

After hearing her name, all I could think was that there was『no doubt』

「You, ano….are you the lost kid from that time?」(Kaito)

When I asked, the kid’s head popped up. 

Her face, which once had been filled with a tense and nervous expression, broke out into a bright smile as soon as she recognized me.

「So my new onii-chan was senpai!」(Sakura)

She said with a smile.


Could there be such a coincidence!?

I’ve resented God for so long, but now I feel very grateful to him!

God, thank you!

Because now this kind and gentle loli girl will be my imouto!

Isn’t she the type of stepsister that would be admired by men all around the world!?

There is no reason to not be happy!

Honestly, even if such a thing happened in reality. I would have thought the kid would be someone with an awful personality.

However, such a cute girl has become my stepsister!

I’ll say it one more time–thank you God!

「A, ano?」(Sakura)

Whilst I was lost in my own thoughts, Sakura looked at me with an anxious expression.

Maybe because I didn’t reply, she thought I hated the idea.

「Ah, sorry. I was wondering if there could be such a coincidence…..nice to meet you Sakura-chan, my name is Kaito, but you can call me whatever you like」(Kaito)

When I say that, Sakura-chan looked happy–

「Then…please let me call you onii-chan」(Sakura)

–I was embarrassed.

I was struck by the feeling as if a hammer had hit my head.

『Onii-chan』I was happy to have been called like that.

To have called me that right away….this kid must be an angel….

「E, eto…is that no good, onii-chan?」(Sakura)

By the time I noticed it, Sakura-chan was looking up at me.

I felt dizzy at the sight.

Dangerous….Sakura-chan is too cute…


I don’t know, I don’t know.

Apparently I have the habit of holding discussions in my brain after being a loner for so long.

「No, it’s okay! In fact it’s the best!」(Kaito)

When I replied like that, Sakura-chan giggled happily.

Haha, to think I was depressed about this a moment ago.

From now on, I’m a winner in life!

「I see~ so you are both in the same school. In which case you might know this girl too…come on, introduce yourself」(Kanae)

Kanae-san called out to someone standing outside the door.

Ah….that’s right, Sakura-chan’s older sister was my classmate. 


What is Sakura-chan’s surname?

Or rather, don’t Sakura-chan and Kanae-san look exactly like a certain someone?

What’s with this, why do I suddenly have a bad feeling…

There’s something stuck in my mind that I can’t get rid of.

It seems the answers to my questions will be revealed immediately.

Because as soon as she showed herself—I connected all the dots together.

Why was Sakura-chan waiting in the library, rather than her classroom?

–because if such a person appeared in the first-grade classroom, it would cause a commotion.

Why was Sakura-chan not contacted by her big sister when there were no club activities running that day and the meeting time was after school?

–because there were a group of students active on that day who weren’t doing club activities, not just the teachers.

The student council.

She was a member of the student council.

In other words—the meeting time was set after the student council meetings had finished.

Besides, I even passed her when she was her the way to the library.

I look towards the girl at the front door again.

Standing there—was the most popular girl in the school, looking at me with a sour face.

Why didn’t I realize that Sakura-chan was meeting with Momoi…?

Everything lined up perfectly.

Sakura-chan is undoubtedly Momoi’s little sister.

If Momoi was made shorter, her face younger and her hairstyle changed into short twin-tails, she would look exactly like Sakura-chan.

The height difference is likely because sisters don’t grow up in the exact same way.

Contrary to their heights, although Momoi’s chest was small, Sakura-chan’s was as big a gravure idol.

By the way, Kanae-san’s chest was just as big.

「…what is it?」(Momoi)

Momoi, who noticed my gaze, stared defiantly at me.

「Nothing much…」(Kaito)

I say whilst looking away.

After all, this girl.

Why do the boys in my school like this type of girl?

Is that the reason?

Are they an M? (TLN: M is for Masochist, someone who derives pleasure from being dominated)

Are all of them happy to be stepped on?

Even though I was looking away, Momoi stared at me.

It was the same type of stare I was used to feeling lately.

Ah that’s right–this girl probably heard my name from Kanae-san.

That’s why, she was likely observing me to see what type of person I was.

Though in terms of timing, it’s likely she wanted to know what type of person the guy who helped Sakura-chan when she got lost was. Though saying that, I didn’t tell Sakura-chan my name so even if she explained it to Momoi, she wouldn’t know it was me.

Therefore, I think my former prediction was more accurate.

「Sakihime, don’t give Kaito such a hot stare, introduce yourself properly」(Kanae)

「I’m not giving him a hot stare!」(Momoi)

Momoi shouted in defiance of Kanae-san’s words, but I couldn’t help but think–

『It was hot enough』

Maa, I don’t think it has any romantic undertones…

「Momoi Sakihime」(Momoi)

Momoi bluntly murmured.

「You don’t have to say your surname, because you’re no longer Momoi right? Say it properly」(Kanae)

Kanae gently reprimanded Momoi.

「Dad, please look after me」(Momoi)

With that said, she politely bowed to dad.

….eh? what about me

「Come on, say it to Kaito properly」(Kanae)

「Sorry, but that’s impossible. Even the boys in my class refuse to get along with such a gloomy guy. It’s even more impossible to be siblings」(Momoi)

Maa, I thought it would go like this.

Because she is “that” Momoi.

Well it’s fine, if she doesn’t want to get along, I can just ignore her.

After all I still have my cute stepsister Sakura.

No matter how popular you are at school, you’re nothing in my eyes.

「Onee-chan, Sakura has talked to onii-chan before and he’s not gloomy you know? He’s cool and mature right? He even helped Sakura when she was in trouble」(Sakura)

Sakura-chan is seriously an angel.

She actually thought of me like that.

Maa, she’s overestimating me a bit, but there’s no need to deny it.

「Sakura, don’t call such a boy onii-chan. This guy isn’t the type of person you think he is!」(Momoi)

Hmm, well I can’t say anything about that.

No matter what she says, she won’t wound my heart.

「Why would you say something like that?」(Sakura)

Sakura-chan puffs her cheeks as if angry and stares at Momoi.

Ooh, she’s getting angry for me…

I was impressed by Sakura-chan’s appearance.

I want to see much more of this Sakura-chan, so I support Momoi secretly in my heart.

Alright! Momoi can’t say anything now, Sakura-chan protect me more!

–maybe God decided to punish me for thinking such a thing.

Momoi’s next words struck me hard.

「Because this guy has no friends!」(Momoi)

With those words, Sakura-chan, Kanae-san and dad looked at me with eyes of pity.

This girl, seriously!

To actually tell my dad about it!

I mean, I didn’t even do anything wrong!?

Why would you make me feel so miserable!?

I glare at the culprit who couldn’t read the air.

For the first time since she arrived, she was smiling happily.

Obviously reveling in delight at what she had done to me.

Right now, I was no longer scared of Momoi.

I simply decided secretly in my mind『This girl will cry someday!』

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Lonely Otaku – Chapter 2

TLN: I ended up translating up to chapter 5 already and went a bit overboard. I actually realized I had the title wrong the whole time. Rather than “Lonely” it’s more like “Loner”. Not a huge difference, but it’s annoying to find that out now.

I’m currently at work right now despite being in a tier 5 lockdown here in the UK, which is why I don’t have a set schedule, but I’ll try and get 1 chapter out a day at minimum.

Arc 1 – Changing Everyday

Chapter 2 – 「I’m being stalked by the most popular girl in school…」

There are two students I’m not good at interacting with at school.

The first, is a girl named Saijo Mica.

I’ve been in the same class as her since the first grade, but we’ve never spoken with each other.

Those who do speak to her are usually forced to do some kind of work.

She was an existence that gathered all the girls in class together. In other words she is the “leader” of the girls.

Why am I not good with her?

Please have a guess.

The person who has brought all the girls together naturally has a scary personality.

What’s more she’s blonde.

Although this school is not picky about clothing–she is the only blonde in school. It would be best for me to stay away from her.

Furthermore, she has a different way of thinking than other students. As far as I’m concerned, she is the most dangerous person in school.

There are multiple reasons why I think so, one of which is the way she looks down on the students around her. I don’t know if the other students have noticed, but those who look into her eyes would understand.

She doesn’t think of the students around her as friends, but more servants who must listen to her every command.

Why does everyone listen to her?

There are two reasons which have become clear to me.

First of all, she is the second most beautiful girl after Momoi. Also, she pays close attention to the latest fashion trends. Her appearance attracts her surroundings.

The boys who are ordered by her usually don’t refuse. Maybe they have some strange expectations.

…is the reason why I refuse to interact with her some secret reason?

I’m just scared!


For some reason, I feel even more pitiful….

Maa, that reason aside.

This girl is rich and I mean super rich. Her household is that of one of Japan’s leading conglomerates, Saijo Zaibatsu. So whenever she purchases clothes, they bear the cost of paying for it.

As such, everyone is sucking up to her in order to get a taste of that sweet honey.

I really resent the fact that not only in first grade, but I would have to be in the same class with her for second grade as well. I spent my days trying hard to avoid eye contact as much as possible.

The second one, is Momoi Sakihime.

『Ha?』 I bet you’re thinking.

Why are you not good with the school’s most popular girl?

…you may have forgotten due to her high specs, but her personality is ice cold.

Don’t you remember the boy at the front gates who was splendidly rejected and fell unconscious?

That was her.

In fact, I’ve spoken with her only once during first grade. The contents were–


—it was those two characters. (TLN: She says 邪魔, which means “Disturb” or “Nuisance”)

….it was my first time meeting her right?

Do you know how I felt as the time?

Did I feel sick?

Was I mortified?

No, it’s not like that at all.


Why was I suddenly told such a thing from a girl I’ve met for the first time!

Not just that, but the cold eyes she showed me at that time!

Even remembering it now gives me chills!

For that reason, I’m not good with her.

Seriously…why are these girls even at this school….this school has a large number of students and the campus is big isn’t it?

Saijo-san, go to a private school, your family is rich. This isn’t a school for an ojou-sama like you, is it?

….though she doesn’t look like an ojou-sama at all.

And Momoi, why go to this school with your academic ability?

You were top ranked in the national mock exams, you could have gone to a better school.

….I wonder if knowing Momoi’s national mock exam results constitutes stalking?

It was a famous story passed around school after all.

….well, nobody told me it directly, but I overheard some students talking about it….

Why are these people with such high specs at this school….

…well aside from that, are you suddenly wondering why I’m talking about this?

The cause of that, was currently in the corridor.

I glanced towards the cause.

Someone watching….obviously looking at me….yes I’m being watched since several days ago.

Who’s watching me?

You can tell from what I’ve been talking about so far right?

Saijo-san is talking to several people in the classroom right now. In other words, it’s not Saijo-san who is in the hallway.

Then who?

Earlier, other than Saijo-san, I gave you the name of another girl I’m not good with. Do you remember?

Yes–Momoi Sakihime.

Why are you watching me?

I want to know!

You might think I’m being self-conscious, but that’s not the case. Certainly, there are many students in the classroom so she could be looking at them.

But, sometimes I see her when we pass each other in the corridor.

Sometimes I see her when I’m eating lunch alone.

She stares at me continously until I leave school.

Moreover, she doesn’t even try to hide her appearance. That’s why I clearly know who she is targeting.

Someone, please take her away….

What happened to Momoi’s followers?

Why aren’t they here right now?

Isn’t there a fan club for her?

You guys, do your best.

I mean, is no-one surprised at Momoi’s actions?

She’s been acting like a stalker for the past few days after all.

Is there no justice?

Haa….why is Momoi looking at me so much…

Somebody please take her away…

Whilst praying for someone suitable, I slumped on the desk to hide from Momoi’s line of sight.

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Lonely Otaku – Chapter 1

TLN: This chapter is crazy long and took about 2 hours 30 mins to translate and edit and even wordpress started lagging as I was typing. If you notice any issues with this chapter, let me know and I’ll fix it.

Arc 1 – Changing Everyday

Chapter 1 – Do loli bishoujo’s have the lost child attribute?

「Dad, is thinking of a remarriage」(Dad)

At supper, my dad starting talking with a serious expression on his face.

To those words of his, I said–

「Isn’t that alright?」(Kaito)

I replied back with a smile.

Dad looked at me with a surprised expression.

「Is that okay? You’ll have a new family you know?」(Dad)

「I’m not a kid anymore, if dad wants to get married, I think you should」(Kaito)

I say so as I take the dishes to the sink.

I felt my dad’s gaze on my back, but pretended not to notice it.

As soon as I arrived at the sink, I started washing the dishes.

I didn’t slow my movement at all.

Yes—it was my usual behavior that doesn’t express my feelings on the matter any which way.

However, despite my actions, my mind was in turmoil.

New family…..?

This is a serious problem for me.

I can’t even make friends because of my communication disorder, but a new family?

Haa, it’s impossible.

Are you asking me to die?

Thinking about strangers becoming my new family, I can only despair.

It would be impossible for me to communicate with them.

Will this house, which was once my only place to relax, be a place filled with stress from now on….?

But—I can’t say that to my dad and I can’t let him notice my feelings.

Since I lost my mother at an early age, he has raised me as a single parent all this time.

Balancing housework and work must have been difficult.

I can’t thank him enough for that.

….then should I repay him by not being an otaku anymore and studying hard?

That’s a different story.

People have their strengths and weaknesses.

Just because you can study well, doesn’t mean that you can work.

Just because you have a lot of friends, that doesn’t make you a good person.

…..aren’t there things you can and can’t do?


When I returned to my room after washing the dishes, my smartphone was lit up.

Apparently I had received a message.

『What should I do, I’ve been told I’ll have a new family from now on (> _ <) it’s impossible to become a family with strangers (ノ Д`) ・ ゜ ・』


I couldn’t help but catch my breath.

Seriously, what a coincidence….

『I see….actually, my dad seems to be getting remarried, in other words, I’ll have a new family as well』

As soon as I sent that, I immediately got a reply.

『Eeeeeeeeh! What a coincidence! To think there was something like this!』

『Seriously it’s true! Haa……my feelings are heavy right now….but I can’t tell my dad I refuse….』

『I understand! My mom looked so happy I couldn’t say I didn’t like the idea….haa…..I wish Umi was my new family…』(TLN: So it seems that Kaito’s username is 海 which is “Sea” or “Umi”)

『If my new family was Hanahime-chan, I would be at ease….』(TLN: 花姫 means flower princess or “Hanahime”)

—Umi-kun was the nickname Hanahime-chan uses for my account.

My name is Kanzaki Kaito, so she just named me “Umi” (TLN: His name is 神崎海斗 so she took the 海 character from his first name which is read as “Kai” in Onyomi out and used that as the vocab word for sea which is “Umi”)

Because her account name was Hanahime, I just called her as is.

After that, we continued talking as if what we expected was impossible—


I was desperately trying to arrange my thoughts right now.

What I’m thinking about, is whether or not to talk to the girl in the distance who looks like she is crying…

After school, the teacher forced me to stay behind to help with something, and as I was returning back to the classroom, I met a girl who was pacing back and forth in the hallway in tears.

….you think I’m going to help her right?

It may be easy for other people, but for me it was too difficult to call out to people I don’t know.

Furthermore, even from this distance and despite being in tears, I can tell she is very cute looking.

Is she about 140cm tall?

Her childish features were small, but perfectly arranged, with sharp eyes.

In a few years time, she would definitely be a beauty.

However, there was only one part of a woman that was emphasized which completely contradicted her petite physique.

When 90% of the boys pass her, I suppose their eyes would instantly be drawn to her huge breasts?

If you are seen speaking to such a beautiful girl, other people would think you were trying to pick her up right?

More than that, wouldn’t it make you feel bad to call out to her?

Such thoughts were running through my head.

However, ignoring her would also hurt my conscience.

…..I suppose I have a conscience then?

….is that really the case?

It’s not a lie is it?

In the end I decided to be brave and call out to her.

「That….are you okay?」(Kaito)


When I called out to her, her body instantly shook.

It seems she was surprised to suddenly be spoken to.

「I’m sorry I surprised you. You’ve been pacing back and forth for quite a while, is something wrong?」(Kaito)

At my words, she looks up at me.

Even at close range, she was still a beautiful girl.

As mentioned earlier, she is a baby-faced girl with an innocent look and sharp eyes.

I’m sure she is a high school student because she is wearing our school’s uniform….but at first glance she looks like an elementary school student.

…..except for one part.

However her well proportioned face seems as if it has come directly from an anime.

It’s rare to see such a beautiful girl.

From the color of her tie, she looks like a freshman.

I mean, if she was in the same second grade as me I would have a more shocked expression….

「A, ano….I got lost…..」(???)

Aah, does she not know her way around yet because she has just been admitted to the school?

It’s been less than a week since the entrance ceremony was held and the school is much larger than a normal school.

「Where are you trying to get to?」(Kaito)

「Eto, the library….」(???)


I turned my eyes away.

I then chose my words as carefully as possible, so as not to hurt her too much.

「The library is the exact opposite from the first-grade classrooms here….」


When I cautiously looked at her face after receiving no response, I could see her face was completely red.

「Ma, maa, it can’t be helped! You’ve just enrolled after all, it’s not strange you don’t know where everything is!」(Kaito)

I quickly say in a desperate attempt to amend my statement.

Though as a first grader, she should have been given a map of the building.

「That…Sakura has always had a bad sense of direction, I can’t even read a map….」(Sakura)

She muttered such a thing in a weak voice.

Could Sakura be her name?

Rather than that….did she get lost because of the map….?

Maa, I suppose there are people without a good sense of direction….

For example, sometimes when you get on a train, the train ends up going in the opposite direction that you thought it would….

In fact, I met a child that did that once in the past.

That was—-during my second year of middle school.

At that time, I still had friends.

I met a lost girl on the train heading into the city when I was hanging out with my 5 friends.

From her short statue and appearance, she seemed to be a child three or four years younger than me,

This child was watching the scenery outside the train pass by, almost crying.

I couldn’t leave the child alone, so I called out to her and asked what was wrong.

She replied that『It’s not going to the station I wanted it to….』whilst at the brink of tears.

She also gave me the name of the station—and when I heard it, I immediately realized something.

『This train is going in the opposite direction, so you can’t get there this way…..』

Well, the usually way of fixing it would be to tell her to get on a train going back in the opposite direction.

But the child was very young….and in tears.

I was worried about sending such a girl back alone, so I told my friends to go ahead first whilst I took the girl back to the station she was looking for.

I don’t know where that child is now, but she was as cute as the girl in front of me.

…..could it be, that all lolis have a lost child attribute?

For a moment, this stupid idea came to mind.

I thought it likely wouldn’t be the case and shook my head to get rid of those thoughts.

However, I was troubled….

Even if I explained where to go, it’s possible that she would get lost again. 

Or rather, this kid would definitely get lost again.

Because that’s how it usually goes in manga…..

I thought it over a little—

「Actually I was planning to go to the library to borrow a book. I have to go to my classroom to fetch my bag first, but if you’re okay with that, shall I go with you?」(Kaito)

I asked.

….I said it properly!

With this, I’ll be able to make friends in my real school life!

She’s a junior and a girl!

「A….yes, please!」(Sakura)

She replied as she smiled.

Needless to say, that smile made me nervous.

On our way to the library, I thought I’d at least try to have a good conversation with her.

I wanted to take this opportunity to improve my social skills.

But—-I can’t think of what to say!

Now that I think about it, the only topics I can talk about are light novels, games and anime.

I thought of possibly talking about anime…..

I glanced sideways at the loli girl walking next to me whilst smiling.

……there’s no way this innocent looking girl likes my favorite anime…..

After all, the only anime I watch are the ones that otakus like….

That’s right, I can only talk about otaku hobbies.

Do you think this beautiful girl knows about otakus?

—that’s a firm no!

Imagine if I talked about otaku things here.

She would probably show a forced smile and not really listen.

She might think I’m a weirdo and tell her classmates.

…..no, judging from the actions of this kid, that’s unlikely to happen…..

After all, she has a gentle atmosphere that is harmless.

In other words, she is a “friendly” girl.

It was so great to be able to have a normal conversation with her before.

But, what type of topic should I talk about….

「A, ano….」(Sakura)

As I was trying to come up with a solution in my mind, she ran up next to me and looked up, opening her mouth to speak.

「What’s wrong?」(Kaito)

「Etto, you are my senpai in second grade right?」(Sakura)

「Un, that’s right….you understood that? You can tell by the color of our ties, but I would have thought that since you are a freshly enrolled first grader, you wouldn’t know the differences between grades」(Kaito)

For the second grade, we have blue ties, third grade have yellow.

The color of the first grade ties for the students who entered this year are red.

It usually rotates, so next year’s freshman will wear the current third grade color, yellow.

Therefore, looking at the tie allows you to immediately know the students grade.

However, first grade students should not be able to understand the difference between tie colors yet, did a senior tell her?

「Sakura’s older sister is in the second grade, so I understand what it means. Maybe she is an acquaintance of senpai? I’m curious」(Sakura)

Her innocent words struck my heart.

I know she didn’t say it maliciously.

It just hurts.

….the reason why it hurt, is “that”.

Because I don’t have any friends!

『Do you know them?』is always associated with the words『I don’t have any friends so I don’t know』in my mind.

Even if I think that….I can’t say it out loud…..

「No…I’m not sure. I don’t have any friends that are girls」(Kaito)

I’m sorry, I’m being vain.

Let alone girls, I don’t even have any friends who are boys.

「Ah, is that so….please don’t worry about it….I think she’s hard to get along with as a sister….」(Sakura)

She said as she followed me.

You’re so kind….

I really want to get along with her.

Yosh, I’ll talk with her about it—

「Ah, we’ve arrived!」(Sakura)

—it was a miss….

Why did we have to arrive with this timing!

Read the air a little more, library!

I thought such a stupid thing.

Ah….but that’s right.

Just because we’ve arrived at the library, doesn’t mean we have to part ways here.

We can look around and choose books together.

「Hey, what book did you come here for?」(Kaito)

To my words, she tilted her head.

Then opened her mouth as if she suddenly remembered.

「Ah, that’s right, I didn’t explain it properly. Sakura didn’t come to the library to borrow a book, Sakura was meeting someone here」(Sakura)

「Eh, meeting?」(Kaito)

「Yes, as I mentioned earlier, Sakura has no sense of direction so she gets lost when she goes home alone. That’s why I’m going to meet my sister in the library and go home together with her」(Sakura)

What is that….

If you’re meeting someone, why not meet at your classroom?

Especially when this child gets lost so easily.

Isn’t it normal to think about picking her up from the first-grade classrooms?

It’s also strange to think that this kid hasn’t been contacted at all yet.

Is this kid’s sister doing club activities….?

So are you planning to wait here until she’s done and kill time?

…..but clubs aren’t running today…?

「Ah, senpai, will you wait here with me until my sister comes? Sakura wants to talk with senpai more and you can be friends with my sister too!」(Sakura)


My thoughts stop at that unexpected proposal.

No it’s not like the suggestion stopped me thinking.

『Sakura wants to talk with senpai more』I stopped thinking at those words.

Did she make a mistake?

Does this kid have an unexpected good impression of me?

Was I able to have a proper conversation in the end?

However her proposal was good.

Of course, I couldn’t help but accept it.

「Ah, in which case–」(Kaito)

『Let’s talk』I stopped myself before finishing that sentence.

It would be okay to talk here.

But wait a minute.

Wait with her until her sister comes?

That means I’ll be meeting her sister right?

This kid even said she wanted me to be friends with her sister….

But, her sister is in second grade like me right?

Also, didn’t she say that she was hard to get along with?

….that’s impossible.

「Sorry, I remembered some unfinished business, so I’ll be going home first」(Kaito)

Saying that I turned around quickly.

「Eh? Senpai, didn’t you come here to borrow a book?」(Sakura)

Of course, the excuse I used to guide her….

「I’m in a rush! I can borrow the book another time!」(Kaito)

Well although I read a lot of light novels, I don’t read any real novels so I don’t feel like visiting the library again…

Anyway, it’s better to leave here as soon as possible.

She was still saying something behind me, but I went home without turning around again.

–I messed up.

I didn’t even ask her for her name, let alone class number.

The number of people in this school was so large that if you didn’t know the class, it would be impossible to see her again next time.


Having forgotten to ask her name earlier, I look down in regret.

–whilst I was walking and looking down at my feet, another student passed by me and my nose was immediately filled with the scent of sunflowers.

I looked back reflexively.


Isn’t she Momoi?

Heh…so she uses the library too.

No, because she’s so smart I guess she reads a lot of novels.

Maa, I don’t want her to notice that I’m looking at her or she may slap me with some false charges, so I’d best return home quickly.

At that time, I didn’t really think about why she was heading to the library—a fact I would later regret.

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Lonely Otaku – Prologue

TLN: As requested by a user in the comment section, I’ll start translating this novel. I was initially worried it would be a sort of otaku revenge novel, but it seems a little different than that and it really grabbed my attention.

I’m looking to recruit translators and even if you don’t know how to translate, I will teach you how to machine translate. Contact me here if interested: contact@apprenticetranslations.com

Arc 1 – Changing Everyday


「I like you—please go out with me!」(???)

「Disgusting, no way」(???)

–on my way to school in the morning, a confession was being made in front of the school gates.

Incredibly the boy who had made the confession sank and collapsed onto his knees.

The girl who caused such a scene entered the school building as if nothing had happened, gently flicking her long, beautiful black hair with her hand.

「Including this collapsed guy, that’s a total of 150 people…」(???)

Somebody nearby muttered.

You might think 150 people is an exaggeration, but that is by no means the case.

The girl who had received the confession earlier—Momoi Sakihime was a person with both beauty and intelligence, in a word she was “talented”.

Not only does she have a beautiful face, enough that you would have to look back at if you passed her, but even in terms of academic ability, she has never fallen from the top position ever since getting there.

Of course, she is part of the student council.

Furthermore, it seems that her athletic ability is on par with the boys.

For a large school like ours which takes pride in the record number of enrolled students, such a girl seems just like a character from a manga.

There is a saying『God does not give with both hands』, but it seems like that’s a lie. (TLN: Saying can also be read as “heaven does not give 2 gifts”)

After all, she is a person that has been given three things by God, not just two.

Why does God just favour beautiful men and women?

I didn’t get much in comparison….


I can see the boy who confessed and was subsequently crushed by Momoi earlier.

He is still lying on the ground like a corpse.

Why did he confess in front of the school gates in the morning?

Speaking of confessions, isn’t it the standard template to do it in an unobstructed place such as the back of the school after school?

If you confess in front of the school and get rejected, the disgrace is many times worse.

In the end, there was even a student playing with him like a corpse.

It was probably his friend, but instead of poking him with his finger, he was poking him with a stick.

Watching him being poked by the stick, I thought it was incredible.

After all, the person he confessed to was “that” Momoi.

Even though so many people have confessed, none have been successful, so he should have known how reckless he was being.

So I’m fairly sure that this guy is crazy.

But….I also envied his courage.

Because I don’t have that type of courage anymore….

As I tried to enter the school building, my jacket pocket vibrated.

I retrieved my smartphone from my pocket.

There was a text displayed reading『Good morning, lets do our best today (*´▽`*)』.

I reply to the text immediately.

『Un, today is the day when the long-awaited latest volume is released, I plan to rush to the bookstore as soon as school is over』after replying, I returned the smartphone to my pocket.

The one who sent the message earlier was my friend.

In reality, I have no friends.

That’s because, I’m not good with interacting with people.

My hobbies are reading light novels, playing games and watching anime.

……the so called “otaku”

I like the same works as her, so we became friends online.

We’ve been constantly in touch ever since we met.

I don’t know her face.

She told me that she was the same age as me, but I don’t know if that’s true, I don’t even know if she is really a girl.

But it doesn’t matter even if she is a boy.

She is my one and only important friend.

Compared to someone like Momoi—I was the opposite.

Someone like me would never by involved with someone like Momoi.

Because the world I live in is different than hers.

That’s what I was thinking at the time.

However, I didn’t realize yet what would happen–

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