Lonely Otaku – Chapter 20

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Arc 1 – Changing Everyday

Chapter 20 – Stepsister, like a naughty kitten

「Than- Be carefu- See y–」

「「「Thank you very much!」」」

Homeroom ended with a greeting from the chairman

Immediately after that, I took my school bag that I had packed in advance and tried to quickly sneak out–aiming at the door.

「Kaito~ Let’s go home together, eh?」(Saijo)

As soon as I leave the classroom, I hear a voice.

—Yes, for some reason it was the voice of a blonde gal who had been following me since yesterday.

Saijo followed me during lunch break again today.

Thanks to that, I couldn’t eat lunch with Sakura-chan and I was exposed to the curious gazes of the other students.

Really…it’s so stressful…

That’s why I left the classroom immediately to avoid getting caught by Saijo when I left school, just like yesterday.

My aim was to reach the classroom of Sakura-chan, who was probably angry.

Why is that kid angry…?

Was It because I broke the promise to eat lunch together today…?

This was the exchange we had over SNS at that time.

『Sorry, I can’t eat lunch together with you for some reason. I’m really sorry』

—In response, she replied with this.

『Un, it’s okay (^_^) Nico』(TLN: Nico means smile)

….eh, then why is she angry?

Un, it doesn’t seem like she’s angry.

….however, Sakura-chan doesn’t usually use emoticons.

Also, next to the smiling face, there’s a『Nico』right?

This reminds me of something.

That’s right–Sakura-chan’s smile that she showed me yesterday when she was truly angry.

Why am I breaking my promise with Sakura-chan the day after promising never to break another promise with her!?

I mean, yesterday I should have known this would happen and declined to make a promise with Sakura-chan in the first place!

….I was too scared of Sakura-chan’s smile from back then and couldn’t afford to think about it.

For the time being, when I arrive at the meeting place I should immediately apologize and ask for forgiveness…

But–it seems like reality was out of my expectations.

「O—onii-chan, I made you wait!」(Sakura)

With that said, Sakura-chan tottered over to me with a smile on her face.

That smile was an ordinary cute smile, without the sound effects from yesterday.

E, eh…?

Is she not angry?

That’s right….this kid is very kind.

She must have been angry yesterday because she was made to wait a long time and thought I was playing around with other girls.

But then, what’s with that emoticon?

W, well, there’s no need to care about that anymore.

If I think about it any further, I feel like I’ll sink into a bottomless swamp…

I firmly decide that and return a smile to Sakura-chan.

「No, I just arrived」(Kaito)

「I see, shall we go home?」(Sakura)

I started walking with Sakura-chan who answered my words with a smile–

「……..e, etto….Sakura-chan….?」(Kaito)

「What is it, onii-chan?」(Sakura)

Sakura-chan looks up at me with a smile, in contrast to my voice of bewilderment.

I ask Sakura-chan whilst looking at her right arm.

「Why are you hugging my arm….?」(Kaito)

That’s right, Sakura-chan was currently hugging my right arm. I was getting deja vu from yesterday.

Though it was slightly different compared to Saijo, the appearance of the small Sakura-chan hugging me can only been seen as a child being spoiled.

Also the feeling of my arm was–amazing….

No, I had the same feeling with Saijo.

However, Sakura-chan had an incomparable softness with a large surface area.

…..this is bad, I feel guilty.

Besides, if Momoi finds us like this, it could get dangerous…..

However I can’t unravel myself from Sakura-chan’s arm.

But it was for a different reason than the unreasonable blonde gal yesterday.

…….doesn’t that mean it’s because of my ulterior motives……?

Well it certainly feels great right?

Still there is strong sense of guilt, this must be the reason.


I look towards Sakura-chan who was starting to answer my question.

Her reply was–

「Is it….not okay…..?」(Sakura)

—With a slightly shy smile, she responded in a way that was far out of my expectations.

——-Seriously so cute!!!!!!

「Not at all, keep going until your satisfied!」(Kaito)

I replied to Sakura-chan with a smile.

「Yatta~! Thank you, Onii-chan!」(Sakura)

Sakura-chan was all smiles as she rubbed her cheek on my arm.

I can’t do it, I can’t peel off my cute imouto who is clinging to me like this…

Or rather, whenever I’m around this kid she seems to destroy my reasoning.

She was too cute…

Because of that I was becoming the center of attention…..I have no choice but to give up…..

When I thought like this, my current situation almost seemed like a manga–

「Ah—Kaito! I finally found you!」(Saijo)


I look back at the person who had called out to me.

「Mou so cruel~ I was looking..for you…..」(Saijo)

When I looked back, it was Saijo in front of me.

Speaking of Saijo, when she saw Sakura-chan clinging to my arm, the light disappeared from her eyes.


「How is it cheating!?」(Kaito)

I instinctively respond to Saijo’s words.

In what way was it cheating!?

No from our interactions before it’s normal for her to think that way.

I know already–I know it’s strange!

「That’s because, you have your arms linked with Momoi’s imouto」(Saijo)

With that said, Saijo points to Sakura-chan.

「No, aren’t you getting ahead of yourself!? First of all, what you said isn’t true! I’m not in a relationship with you! and I don’t feel that way with Sakura-chan either!」(Kaito)

To my words Saijo and for some reason Sakura as well, puffed up their cheeks.

….eh, Saijo aside, why Sakura-chan!?

I don’t understand why she’s acting like that, so I look towards her.

I noticed something.

Sakura-chan was currently acting extremely vigilant.

『….eh, what are you saying?』is that what she’s thinking?

Bad, I can’t think of any other words to describe this kid’s situation anymore…

Saying that, she looks like a kitten who’s trying to look intimidating by standing all the hair on her body upright.

I mean, who is this kid?

Where did the usual, friendly Sakura-chan go?

「Sa, Sakura-chan…?」(Kaito)

When I hesitantly called out to her, Sakura-chan asked me a question whilst looking at Saijo.

「Who is this person? A friend of Onii-chan?」(Sakura)

Her voice was nervous.


Is this different than being angry…?

Really, it seems like she’s wary of Saijo…..

Well it can’t be helped right?

Because Saijo looks like a blonde gal…. (TLN: So to clarify on blonde gal, it’s actually Gyaru but the literal meaning)

She also has a bad personality…

「Ah, me?」(Saijo)

Saijo responded to Sakura-chan’s words before me as I was lost in thought.

So she said–

「I’m Kaito’s girlfriend you know?」(Saijo)

—It was a bomb shell of a remark.

「You, how can you say that!? Didn’t I deny it earlier!?」(Kaito)

「I don’t know~ Isn’t a man with who means two different things when saying one cool~? 」(Saijo)

Saijo used my words against me.

「I see…you are Onii-chan’s girlfriend?」(Sakura)


Sakura-chan who was looking at our exchange, looked on with a smile.

…..eh, Sakura-chan…?

Your Onii-chan denied that you know….?

Why do you believe the words of this blonde gal and not the words of your Onii-chan…?

Or rather, can you stop smiling like that? I can almost hear a『Gogogogogogo』in the background.

After being pressured by Sakura-chan who was smiling oddly the whole time, I went home with cold sweat flowing down my body.

—By the way speaking of Saijo, she seemed happy that Sakura-chan had believed her and went home alone with a smile on her face.

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Hagakure Sakura does not lament – Chapter 1

TLN: This chapter is insanely long and complicated. It has many references to JP mythology and some JP parables.

I’ll apologize in advance for the large amount of translator notes. I don’t mean to ruin the reading experience, but there’s so much to explain in this chapter.

Chapter 1 – The first day

–it was September when『her』 fate was twisted. Two months before the young girl was attacked by demonic beasts.

◆ ◆ ◆

The event occurred on his way home.

Against the backdrop of the sound of a distant explosion, Nanase Tsugumi held onto his side where blood was dripping down. His uniform was torn and his white shirt had been dyed red with blood.

「What is this…..」(Tsugumi)

—When he thought back on it, it all began in the morning.

With that in mind, Tsugumi hazily remembered what had happened this morning.

◆ ◆ ◆

On that day, he was met with bad luck all morning.

His alarm clock didn’t ring for some reason and since his twin sister didn’t wake him up, he was left behind. Also the train he had got on with the expectation of being late encountered mechanical issues and got stuck. In addition, at the end of the short road from the station to the school, there was a guerilla rainstorm, soaking him like a wet rat. It was as if he was being kicked whilst he was down. (TLN: Guerilla rainstorms are short, localized downpours of 100mm an hour of rain)

「It’s strange when you think about it. If it was just one thing, then that would be normal, but it’s not normal for bad luck to overlap is it? Thanks to that I arrived at school during lunch break. I feel like I’ve wasted the day…」(Tsugumi)

When Tsugumi, who was annoyed, began complaining out loud about what happened this morning, a friend listening to him looked up and replied in a surprised manner.

「—Well there are days like that. Is Tsugumi-chan’s daily routine bad?」(Friend)

「Don’t say it like that. Besides I’m not doing anything strange…and I don’t want to tell you what I do on a daily basis」(Tsugumi)

When Tsugumi made an annoyed face and said so, his friend, Amari Yukitaka replied in surprise.

「Eh, I wasn’t really thinking of anything」(Yukitaka)

Yukitaka rebukes as if he had never thought of such a thing. From his expression, you might think that he legitimately has no idea at all.

….I wonder which mouth can thing of such a thing. Tsugumi sighed as if exhausted.

「Speaking of which, you were hit on by a junior girl again on your way home yesterday. Did you do it again?」(Tsugumi)

「Eh, Tsugumi-chan? How do you know that when you went home before me yesterday?」(Yukitaka)

「There was a video sent to me with added commentary. Want to see it?」(Tsugumi)

Yukitaka couldn’t help but shout after looking at the video, the contents of which showed a fantastic angle of him getting slapped in a flashy manner.

「How cruel! Who sent the video!?」(Yukitaka)

「Mebuki-senpai and his delightful friends from our class」(Tsugumi)

Tsugumi replied with the sender’s name without hesitation. Rather, there was no point in hiding it because the people themselves were quietly spreading the information.

「That black-belly, glasses idiot…..just because I’m popular with girls, he goes and does this insidious thing」(Yukitaka) (TLN: Black belly means jealous)

「Ah, un. I know you’re popular, but this and that are different matters」(Tsugumi)

—It was not for any kind of reason like jealousy, it’s just that he was hated by those people.

Looking away from the depressed Yukitaka, Tsugumi gently pressed his stomach and began to think without saying anything.

「Then what? Is it because I exposed the scandals of their favorite magical girls online? Or is it because I stole his friend’s girlfriend because I was better?」(Yukitaka)

「….wait a minute, I’ve never heard about that」(Tsugumi)

「Eh, does it matter? If you get angry at something as small as this, I’ll hate you」(Yukitaka)

「…..I think you’re the type of guy that when interviewed after being stabbed to death, would say something like『I thought this would happen someday』」(Tsugumi)

「Ahaha, I’m not that crazy!」(Yukitaka)

When Tsugumi said so, Yukitaka lightly laughed. There was a sense of fearfulness in that carefree appearance. However, probably because of this type of appearance, he had a charm that Tsugumi didn’t particularly hate, despite his broken personality.

…..his friend was very good-looking. He was the epitome of the word bishounen.

His face wasn’t bad, and his words and actions themselves were friendly and likeable. Well, if we only speak of the contents, there was nothing praiseworthy.

『I love people’s expressions when they hate something or get angry!』this friend professes that without hesitation naturally has many enemies. To be honest, it would be more difficult to find someone he is close to.

Many girls are attracted to his appearance, but none can stand his personality and become disillusioned, leaving him after a few days. On the other hand, some girls become weirdly obsessed with him, but it’s best not to talk about them too much. There were some things Tsugumi didn’t want to know about his friend.

「Keep it in moderation. I don’t want a murder to occur in the neighborhood is possible. I’ll likely get involved and injured」(Tsugumi)

When Tsugumi told him that, Yukitaka laughed strangely.

「Ahaha, it’s just like Tsugumi-chan to not say something like『I’m worried about you』」(Yukitaka)

「Because even if I do, you never listen to my advice right? How long do you think we’ve been friends? I naturally know this much about you」(Tsugumi)

From his long relationship with Yukitaka, he knew how to handle him.

…..he doesn’t know why, but he always seems to draw the short straw. Tsugumi grabbed his aching head as he remembered the turmoil Yukitaka was involved in last year.

「Anyway Tsugumi-chan’s timing is really bad, I’m taking the day off today」(Yukitaka)

「What do you mean? I was late due to various reason, but are you skipping class? If I don’t go to afternoon class, I wonder what Chidori would say later…..?」(Tsugumi)

Saying that, Tsugumi has a bitter look on his face. Chidori was the twin sister of Tsugumi…if that honor student of a sister knew that he had skipped class, he had no idea what she would do to him.

When Tsugumi told him that, Yukitaka shrugged and stopped talking about it.

「Tsugumi-chan, you might not know because you missed the morning assembly, but afternoon classes have been changed to a whole school rally. You know there was a pretty famous magical girl in the 3rd year right? Satona something-san. it seems that she died yesterday, so we’ll be holding a farewell party for her. But I suppose Tsugumi-chan isn’t interested in that?」(Yukitaka)

「….in other words, I don’t have to worry about class?」(Tsugumi)

–Satona hmm, what was it? It was a name like Michiko or something, seemed to be a famous senior. However since Tsugumi’s friendship circle was so small, she only made a faint impression on him.

Tsugumi quickly looked around and then whispered to Yukitaka as if muttering to himself.

「Even so, was it martyrdom? –I can’t speak too loudly, but you know don’t you?」(Tsugumi)

「Well I guess. It has been 5 years since she became a magical girl, so she was better than most」(Yukitaka)

—Magical Girl is a really cute name, but the reality is much more murderous.

They are, so to speak, human weapons that have signed a contract with a so-called『God』in order to fight demonic beasts.

—It was thirty years ago when monsters called demonic beasts appeared all around Japan. They killed people and destroyed buildings, eventually Japan stopped functioning as a country.

Their lifeline was cut off by the demonic beasts and people began to lose hope–that was when a『Magical Girl』appeared.

Her name was, Sakura Akane. She became a magical girl carrying the absolute hope of the people, until her battle with a powerful demonic beast eight years later.

Appearing like a comet, she wore a shrine maiden outfit and walked across many battlefields—all to drive out the demonic beasts from her country.

The effect of her presence was dramatic.

「—there seems to be a girl defeating the demonic beasts」

At first it was nothing more than a trivial rumor. But eventually the number of witnesses increased as more and more people were saved by her. How must she have looked to those who only knew fear?

—No matter how desperate the situation was, she would surely come to help. Just thinking that way helped most people survive tomorrow. If you look at it objectively, she was treated as an idol, which at the time was far more useful than some poor religion.

Strangely, with the birth of a『Magical Girl』a new hope came to light. The surviving government officials contacted Sakura Akane and even succeeded in talking to her contractor, Yatagarasu. (TLN: Yatagarasu is a three-legged crow in JP mythology. If I remember right, it is said that those who are unworthy and try to look upon him, will have their eyes crushed)

In that encounter, Yatagarasu started talking about an existence above him—named Amaterasu. (TLN: Amaterasu is the goddess of the sun in JP mythology)

The details of the discussion were classified as a state secret and have not been disclosed to the public, but to put it simply, if we return control of the country back to the god, Amaterasu-Ōmikami, then she will protect us.

The government accepted the deal, because she had promised to do her best to protect the country.

According to Yatagarasu, who stood at the negotiation table, these『Demonic Beasts』seem to be a concept-like life form that gains energy from the bad feelings of living creatures. These conceptual beings live in a distant dimension, feeding off of the colorless energy that pours out of the dimensional crack. They had descended to feed on the despair of humans. That was the true identity of the demonic beasts.

The reason they had appeared in Japan, was due to the crack in the sky.

However, Yatagarasu did not explain why the sky broke, he just said「It’s a horrible thing」

—Just what that『Horrible Thing』is has not yet been established.

In addition to this, after a huge number of trades, Amaterasu created a barrier called『Gate of the Heavenly Rock Cave​』to counter the demonic beasts. The barrier covered the entirety of Japan, and Amaterasu used her own connections to approach existences similar to herself in order to create more soldiers to use to protect the country. (TLN: Heavenly Rock Cave -> Amano Iwato, long explanation but you can read the story here. Basically it’s a cave Amaterasu hid in because of Susano’o, who is a God of storms)

—The result was the system known as『Magical Girl』

According to Amaterasu, they are so-called spirits who have manifested themselves in the real world due to the pure energy leaking from the rift in the heavens. Among them, Amaterasu-Ōmikami was the first to emerge.

—Originally, Ancient Gods could not interact with mortals. This was the result of the decreased in belief on the mortal side, as well as the emergence of new religions.

If they try and interfere with the mortal world, it’s possible their entire existence would be shaken. If they were really unlucky, there’s a chance that they could lose their divine power and fade out of existence entirely.

It was an unwritten rule for the Gods, never to interfere with the existence known as humans.

–But the existence of the energy from the rift turned that common sense upside down.

If you can manipulate the colorless energy well, you can create a spirit with a certain amount of power at no risk.

—What do you think would happen if the Gods, who essentially have nothing to do, suddenly find a way to come to the mortal world?

—Naturally they would come over to see everything.

Amaterasu who first noticed this sent her subordinate Yatagarasu to the lower world, who then made a contract with a human, leading to her becoming the legitimate owner of the land. On top of that, she carved into the Earth a technique to deflect the God’s who had malicious intent. That was one of the effects of the 『Gate of the Heavenly Rock Cave​』barrier.

After finishing her preparations, she approached the God’s who were curious about Japan.

『—Why don’t you do something more fun?』she said.

The result was the birth of the『Magical Girl』

The Gods who had descended as spirits had the right to interfere with the world by creating contracts with emotionally sensitive girls. As compensation the girls were given the power to kill the demonic beasts.

From the human’s perspective, becoming a magical girl was the equivalent of transforming into a prestigious warrior and from the God’s it was like an easy training game. (TLN: Imagine a game where you train a character to fight monsters, that’s how the Gods thought of it)

Human beings were striving to survive, but the Gods only offered their strength for their own enjoyment.

The system known as『Magical Girl』was created by making new rules and adjusting existing ones so that everyone profits.

Well, the initial contract that the God’s formed became a little inconvenient as their freedom of movement was reduced as time went by, despite the fact that they still had their form. But in the end it didn’t matter, the merit of being able to move to this world was far too tempting for the Gods.

In addition, polytheism was originally the standard for Japan. In this country the ara-mitama and the nigi-mitama were the same, there was no inferiority or superiority there. (TLN: Really complex explanations for these, basically ara-mitama can be thought of as “rude soul” and nigi-mitama as “harmonious soul”. The theory is that both gods and humans consist of 1 spirit and 4 souls. Read more here)

With such a unique sense of religion, even Old Gods, who had been driven to remote regions by the other religions, began to co-operate. On the condition that they were worshiped again.

—As the magical girls controlled by the government began to appear on the front lines, Japan’s domestic situation gradually began to calm down.

Meanwhile, a method of converting the bio-energy released when a demonic beast is defeated into a solid substance was created. A method was then created to draw that core energy out as substitute for oil in generating electricity. Also, drugs with various effects were created one after another.

In less than a decade after the sky had cracked, commonly known as『The day of creation』Japan rebuilt it’s country in a magnificent way.

It is often said that humans are like the horses of the old man Sai, but it was rarely the case that good luck and bad luck are reversed that much. (TLN: It’s an old Asian parable, you can read it here. Basically in the story the man lost his horse (bad luck), but it returned with some strong barbarian horses (good luck), he rode one and broke his leg (bad luck), but because he was resting his leg he survived a bandit attack (good luck) )

As Japan started to improve for the better, other countries applied to re-open diplomatic channels, but the current Government rejected all applications.

Of course there were criticisms from other countries, saying that one country can’t afford to do everything, but those criticisms made little sense.

Since people left all the hard battles to the magical girls, through their sacrifice, peace was returned to Japan.

For the record, the age at which a girl can become a magical girl is 12 years old, but it is said that few survive more than 10 years. It sounds good, but being a magical girl is a dangerous profession with dozens of deaths every month. Most magical girls end up retiring alive after 5 years of service.

—However, if you survive long enough, you can enjoy status, honor, and money. The exact definition of high risk, high return.

Recently, famous magical girls are treated as idols. But they are too busy protecting Japan to deal with things like popularity votes.

Because of that, someone like Tsugumi who wasn’t there at the beginning, doesn’t have a good impression of『Magical Girls』

He knows they are heroes, but he doesn’t trust them.

….However he did feel that it was unlucky for that senior, who had been doing her best in such fierce battlefields, to have died.

「Isn’t it just a rally? It seems really troublesome…」(Tsugumi)

When Tsugumi said that with a hint of boredom in his voice, Yukitaka squinted as if seeing something interesting.

「Tsugumi-chan, you just don’t like crowds」(Yukitaka)

「It feels like I’m being pushed into a shelter, it’s suffocating. There’s nothing I can do about it」(Tsugumi)

As Yukitaka said, since there’s no class, so it would be fine to go home alone. Thinking so, Tsugumi loosened his cheeks.

「I wonder if I should go home too, Chidori knows that I’m not good with crowds , so she shouldn’t get angry…」(Tsugumi)

「What’s wrong?」(Yukitaka)

「No, I was going to contact Chidori, but I forgot that my phone was out of charge. Sorry, can you contact her instead?」(Tsugumi)

「Un, it’s fine, I’ll handle it」(Yukitaka)

When Yukitaka said that, he quickly pointed his phone at Tsugumi and snapped a photo. Then made some edits to the photo and presented it to Tsugumi. The screen showed Tsugumi with a pale face.

「Un, it’s edited nicely, I’ll sent it to Chidori-chan with the message『He went home because he looked pale』」(Yukitaka)

「…..ah, un…..thanks, you really saved me」(Tsugumi)

….should he get angry at him for sending doctored photos? or thank him for not angering his sister? With some hesitation, he finally thanked Yukitaka. He probably meant no harm. Probably.

After Tsugumi had thanked him, Yukitaka began to pack up the things on his desk without any particular concern. Once he had finished packing away his useless accessories like a girl, he turned to Tsugumi.

「Then I’ll be going. Please be careful on your way home too. Well we have alarms, so we should be ok—ah, if you meet Nagisa-chan, tell her I left early」(Yukitaka)

When Yukitaka said that he tapped Tsugumi’s shoulder, then waved his hand as he walked out of the classroom. He was a really carefree guy.

When Tsugumi looked around, more than half of his classmates had already disappeared….it was terrible, though to be fair it won’t affect their grades. However the 2nd grade F-class, of which Tsugumi belongs, is a gathering of problem children. Though to be fair, there was rarely anyone who attended school meetings. (TLN: 2nd grade senior high school puts his age at about 16-17)

Tsugumi shrugged his shoulders as he raised himself from his chair, he stared into the blue sky as the rain began to lash against the windows. It was a clear and refreshing day, completely offsetting the events of this morning. There was even a beautiful rainbow.

Feeling somewhat annoyed, Tsugumi glared bitterly at the sky for a moment, before sighing as if he had given up and picking up his school bag. No matter how much he hates this natural phenomena, he can’t do anything about it.

When Tsugumi opened the classroom door, he almost collided with someone who was trying to enter from the outside.

Tsugumi quickly supported the person who was staggering in front of him. A sweet scent filled his nostrils.

「A, ara? sorry, Sensei was a little careless」(Sensei)

「Suzune-sensei, didn’t you say that in the past after nearly falling down the stairs? Please be more careful」(Tsugumi)

When Tsugumi said that, the teacher–Suzune Nagisa’s cheeks grew red. He removed his hands from her in amazement.

—She was in charge of Tsugumi’s class, but there was a risk that she wouldn’t reach old age with the way she was going. As such, it would be dangerous to keep your eyes off her. Because of this, even though it was a class filled with problem children, she was treated as a clumsy mascot and not shunned by them.

The person herself seems dissatisfied with that treatment, but considering that she was the first one to get lost during orientation in April, it was the correct treatment.

By the way at the time, even the delinquent students in class went looking for the lost teacher. Thanks to that, class F, which is filled with problem children, had a certain sense of cohesion.

At one point, Tsugumi wondered if this was her aim, but looking at her daily appearance, he felt a little uncomfortable at thinking that wasn’t the case. After all, is it okay for a 26 year old to act like this?

Despite such worries, Tsugumi began to sweat inwardly as he thought about the current situation.

Suzune’s gaze wandered over the classroom filled with only a few people. No matter how bad you were at reading the mood, you’d be able to notice the strangeness of the atmosphere.

「…I wonder if the kids who aren’t here have already left」(Suzune)

「Ah, that is, probably right」(Tsugumi)

「Eh, no way, how cruel…」(Suzune)

Suzune said in a quiet voice as tears filled her eyes.

—Ah, this is bad he thought, but he was too late.

From Suzune’s eyes, bit glittering drops fell under the force of gravity. Classmates who were looking at this situation were grinning in a joyful manner.

「Ah-! Nanase is making Nagisa-chan cry」(Classmate)

「Oi oi, what are you doing? Isn’t Nagisa-chan too pitiful?」(Classmate)

Whilst laughing, the remaining classmates begin to heckle Tsugumi one after another–despite being introverted, Tsugumi turned to speak to his classmates.

「It’s not my fault. Complain to those who left early」(Tsugumi)

Tsugumi who was dissatisfied, complained to his classmates as he lightly patted Suzune’s back to comfort her.

「But you’re going home too right? Then you’re the same」(Classmate)

「Guh! That’s….right」(Tsugumi)

What his classmate said was justified.

He had intended to go home secretly, but since he met his homeroom teacher along the way, he would have to tell her he was leaving early. However it was a little difficult to tell her when she was shedding tears.

Even so, more than half of his classmates had already disappeared, if the whole school rally was held in such a state, it would be inevitable that she would be blamed by the other teachers later.

…Just when he was worried that he might have to stay due to feeling sorry for her, he noticed that Suzune was staring at him with wet eyes.

「Sensei? What’s wrong?」(Tsugumi)

Maybe she was going to blame him for trying to go home, that’s what Tsugumi thought, but instead Suzune said something unexpected.

「—Nanase-kun, are you okay?」(Suzune)


It was a voice filled with concern. He couldn’t understand why she was asking him that, so he asked again.

「What is it?」(Tsugumi)

When he asked that, Suzune hesitantly opened her mouth, as if it was difficult to say.

「Well if you’re feeling sick, you don’t have to overdo it. I’ll explain your situation to the head of year…」(Suzune)

Usually when a classmate tried to relax or leave early, she’ll stop them with a sad look on her face, so what kind of play was this now? Whilst tilting his head at Suzune’s words, he replied.

「Etto, do I look sick?」(Tsugumi)

「…Nanase-kun, don’t think I’m unaware of it, your complexion isn’t very good. No matter how much I want people to stay, I can’t force a sick kid to remain here」(Suzune)

When Suzune said that, the classmates who were listening in on them suddenly called out to Tsugumi.

「Eh, what is it? Are you feeling sick Nanase?」(Classmate)

「No that’s not the case, but is his complexion bad…?」(Classmate)

「Hmm, I don’t get it」(Classmate)

Other classmates listening in started commenting on how he didn’t look like he was ill.

「Nagisa-chan is misunderstanding it. After all, idiots don’t get colds」(Classmate)

Tsugumi shouted back at them as they were joking around with each other.

No matter how sick he looks, was this the way you would treat a sick person?

「Come on you guys, show some concern. Besides I’m not an idiot okay!?」(Tsugumi)

「What, so you’re fine after all」(Classmate)

「Tsugumin isn’t angry at that heavenly bastard, but he yells at us?」(Classmate)

「Oi, don’t call me Tsugumin, it’s embarrassing」(Tsugumi)

—Ignoring his dissatisfied classmates, Tsugumi tried to leave with his bag. After all, Suzune-sensei had given permission so there was no problem with it.

As he left the classroom after saying bye to everyone, he heard the sound of footsteps approaching him from behind. When he turned around, he saw someone rushing towards him.

「W, wait, Nanase-kun」(Suzune)


「Haa, haa, I’m glad, I got here in time」(Suzune)

Perhaps she ran down the hallway, her shoulders were shaking and her breathing was ragged. But why did she do that? maybe she had forgotten to say something.

「Etto, are you okay?」(Suzune)

Tsugumi asked, looking anxiously at the out of breath Suzune-sensei who was leaning over and coughing. She suddenly produced something and handed it to him.

「Take this」(Suzune)

「This is…a talisman? I can’t accept such a precious thing」(Tsugumi)

Tsugumi shook his head and refused after looking at the talisman, it was in the form of a black bag with a flower design sewed onto it with red thread, exuding a sense of majesty. He wasn’t sure why, but he felt afraid to take it.

「It’s fine」(Suzune)

Suzune seemed adamant that he take it, and practically forced it into his hands. The unexpected desperation surprised Tsugumi and he opened his eyes wide. He had never seen Suzune act so forcefully before.

「I have a bad feeling….can you bring this talisman with you and think of it as Sensei?」(Suzune)

「….eh, what is this? it’s a little scary」(Tsugumi)

Although Tsugumi was curious, Suzune just shook her head and refused to provide more detailed information. Whilst pushing his thoughts into the back of his mind, he placed it within the chest pocket of his blazer. There was no particular problem in carrying it with him.

「Sorry. I said something strange」(Suzune)

「Well, if Sensei is happy with this then it’s fine」(Tsugumi)

「Really, be careful on your way home」(Suzune)

To Suzune who repeated the same sentence over and over, Tsugumi just nodded, half asleep. He felt that there was no need to say the same thing over and over, he wasn’t a young child anymore so there was no need to worry.

「It’ll be fine, I’m not sick or anything」(Tsugumi)

「….that’s, right」(Suzune)

Suzune still turned an anxious and worried gaze to Tsugumi, even after he reassured her.

When he thought she was going to open her mouth to say something, she instead closed her eyes and seemingly hesitated, before smiling gently as if regaining her state of mind.

「—well then, see you tomorrow. Come to school tomorrow without being late」(Suzune)

「….Ahaha. See you later, Suzune-sensei」(Tsugumi)

Then he turned his back on Suzune and walked towards the front door.

However, without even noticing it, Suzune was staring deeply at his back–

◆ ◆ ◆ 

When she finally couldn’t see Tsugumi anymore, she quietly muttered to herself in a voice that no-one could hear.

「….that kid, his whole body was bright red」(Suzune)

Although Suzune had said that, if any of her students heard this, they would say that Tsugumi looked just as he usually does.

—What on Earth could Suzune see?

「He’s probably already….no, that’s why…」(Suzune)

Suzune quietly put her hands together to pray whilst lowering her gaze.

「I can only pray, please–don’t die」(Suzune)

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Hagakure Sakura does not lament – Prologue

TLN: This is a novel I’m fairly enthusiastic about (based on synopsis and reviews only). It’s a dark, magical girl, gender bender novel. Also it’s currently in the process of being published in a light novel, so once it’s published I’ll buy it and add images to the chapters I’ve done.

Also it’s been regularly updated since 2019! It’s most recent update was 3 days ago!

The chapters are kind of long and it was hard to get the write sounding sentences, hopefully there are no glaring issues here.


『Magical Girl』

What exactly do people associate with that name?

The princess of a magical world who casts spells towards a hand mirror?

An apprentice witch training within a town of ordinary humans?

Or brave girls who fight bad guys in the name of justice?

None of those are particularly wrong, but the circumstances are a little different for the girls of this world.

National Defense Mage Contract Candidates–also known as 『Magical Girls』they are the『Guardians of the Country』that choose to fight, in order to counter the infinitely spawning demonic beasts.

Some have status.

Some have ideals.

Some have hope.

Some prayed for peace and thus chose this path.

What awaits those who have become『Magical Girls』are days upon days of death. A meritocratic society in which only one’s own talent speaks.

In such a lonely battle–retreating is not allowed.

Naturally they must win. Losing means death.

—this is the story of a girl or a boy who is entangled with such a fate.

—this is the story of Hagakure Sakura.

◆ ◆ ◆

Middle of the night, 2am. There was a young girl on the street of a residential area in the middle of the night. The girl, wearing floral pajamas, was wandering down the street with her hands against the wall. It seemed as if she was sick, her breathing was rough and ragged.

『Time remaining until demonic beasts appear, 5 minutes. Please evacuate to the northwest』

A mechanical voice flowed from the girl’s phone.

「Quickly, I have to get away from here…」(???)

The girl muttered painfully. Biting her lips as if to reprimand herself, she put strength into her trembling legs.

—how long has it been since the alarm was first issued? If you don’t set off immediately, you’ll never make it in time.

Keho~ The girl coughed. Maybe because she has a cold, her temperature is high and she’s feeling dizzy. There was a good reason why the girl was outside in such a state.

That’s right–the demonic beasts are coming.

『–the prediction of the occurrence of an E-class demonic beast has been confirmed. There are 3 minutes until it appears. If you are in the area near the marker, please evacuate to the designated place immediately』

She certainly heard such an alarm in the middle of the night within her blurred consciousness. However she was not sure as her memories were hazy, likely from her deep sleep due to her high body temperature.

–E-class demonic beast. Judging from the map on her mobile phone, the government predicted that the demonic beast would appear within a radius of 200 meters from the young girl’s home.

At this distance, she would usually have been able to evacuate with her parents. However the girl’s parents were away for a funeral of one of their relatives and won’t return until tomorrow night. Therefore the girl could only escape alone in her bad condition.

In this age, it’s not unusual for demonic beasts to kill people. A certain number of people are killed each year–just like with car accidents.

However although death by demonic beast is not uncommon–it’s the nature of human beings to not want to be caught up in it.

…and yet, even as early as a few decades ago, the girl’s grandmother was saying how demonic beasts didn’t exist.

Demonic Beasts)

It was like a bad joke that suddenly began to erode into reality.

–it started three decades ago, around 2pm on the 7th of July.

People who looked up into the sky suddenly screamed.

The sky was cracked.

The crack, or at least it can only be said to be a crack, was so large that you couldn’t see the end of it just by looking up. It spread over the entire Japanese Archipelago.

Just as people were wondering how this mysterious phenomenon had happened, the cracks that had appeared soon melted into the blue sky and disappeared. In the news for that day, it seems that they were reporting that it was an out of season aurora.

–that’s right, the people of that day had no idea that that was the beginning of everything.

The day after the sky broke, in the streets between the urban buildings during the morning commuting rush—that thing appeared without warning.

The beast, which seemed like a large bear, but even more vicious, caused a total of ten casualties before being shot dead by riot police hours later…..if that was the only incident, it would have easily faded from people’s memories as being a rogue violent beast attacking people.

–but that didn’t happen.

From that day on, beast-like creatures kept appearing, each with different shapes and each in different locations throughout the Japanese Archipelago, at a pace of around several incidents a day.

The mysterious beasts were compelled to destroy and then after a certain amount of time, they would melt into the air and disappear like mist, of course the demon beasts were naturally referred to as unknown invaders. Anxiety and fear gradually spread, most people still couldn’t admit that the world was changing.

A day after the beginning of the incident, a psychic spoke out about the government that had yet to reach a resolution『This is due to yesterday’s aurora. Bad things are entering Japan through the crack』which was then spread rapidly via SNS.

At first most people mocked the psychic’s words, but gradually those voices got smaller…there was no room to care about such a thing anymore.

The foreign media initially reported the incidents like a bad monster movie, but over time their reports gradually turned into something much more somber.

「Modern Hell」

「The end of atheism」(TLN: Jisho won’t show me anything for 無神教 so I’m taking the google translate version)

「The country abandoned by God」

「Those demonic beasts are not demons」(TLN: 魔獣 -> Majuu is used for demonic beasts, whereas 悪魔 -> Akuma is used for demons. The report is saying that Majuu aren’t Akuma)

「–if you get involved with a country infested with those things, your country will be ruined as well!」

…..despite the mystery and existence of God fading, becoming nothing but a shadow of it’s former self, religion was still deeply rooted in the world. It was natural to connect an unknown fear to a known existence.

The biggest misfortune for Japan, was that the other countries weren’t involved with the incidents. This is because the demonic beasts only appeared in Japan for yet unknown reasons.

Many countries felt that if they helped out Japan and it went poorly, the beasts would jump to their country as well.

The foreign response was fast, the US, Russian, EU and the other Asian countries all closed their embassies within 3 months of the first incidents. Some countries even placed an immigration ban on the Japanese people.

3 months, in just that small amount of time, Japan was forced into isolation.

…..it may seem ruthless, but for other countries demonic beasts had become a symbol of horror. There may have been pressure on these large countries to cut off Japan, but there were some small island countries that were far removed from foreign politics, who cut themselves off saying that is was inevitable that they would try to save themselves.

Japan was forced into a state of seclusion forcibly, as such it began to fall into destruction. Frightened by the horror of the demonic beasts attacking them day or night, the people living in Japan became exhausted.

On the other hand, the wealthy upper-class fled abroad long ago and those with foreign nationalities who were in Japan, quickly fled back to their homelands. Only those who could not escape were left behind in Japan.

…..thirty years have passed since that nightmare. Miracles after miracles have occurred since then. Although the current situation in Japan has improved significantly, there was still a danger to life.

–because the demonic beasts haven’t disappeared yet.


Suddenly the girl’s legs got tangled and she collapsed on the spot. Her view was distorted by the impact of the fall.

Due to her high fever, she was not feeling well. If you add fear and impatience to the mix, it’s not unusual that she couldn’t walk properly. However she couldn’t avoid to stay in this position.

The girl squeezed out the last of her energy and attempted to stand up

–but as if to ridicule that determination, a loud noise rang out from her phone.

『Warning. Warning. Leave that area immediately. Repeat. Leave that area immediately. The predicted spawn location is 20 meters from your current position. Repeat. Leave–』

「Eh, it’s a lie….this should have been a safe place on the map!」

She checked the map on her phone in a hurry, but her expectations were dashed. The display showed her current location was in a red warning zone, painted with an emergency alert.

「Wh, why? Why is this map that’s displayed different than the first? I’ve never heard of such a problem before….!」

–must run, must run, must run!

When the girl tried to ignore the pain in her body and begin running, she felt a chill run down her spine, different than the chill brought about by the cold she was suffering with.

「A, ah, no way…」

Whilst leaking a strange noise, she could see the shadow of something odd approaching from an alley at the side of the road. She immediately knew what it was.

—she wants to run away but her legs won’t move, as if they’re frozen. The girl trembled as she slowly turned to the side.

It had a silhouette like a large man, however it had one decisive factor different than a normal man.

「Gururururu. Gaaaaaaa!!!」

Carrying the light of the full moon on it’s back–a demonic beast with the face of a wolf was exuding a murderous aura.

She tried to scream, but no sound came out.

A terribly intense feeling of horror dominated the girl’s thoughts. She wanted to run away from this place right now, but she couldn’t escape the beast’s eyes.

—Ah, no way, it’s a lie, it’s impossible.

She had seen many demonic beasts, but they were always portrayed unrealistically through TV or books. Even a hunter would be shocked to encounter a wild bear, so wouldn’t a young girl be shocked to encounter a demonic beast? It’s easy to understand without thinking about it.

「Uu, uuuu」

Tears spilled uncontrollably from both eyes, she could no longer endure it and started sobbing. The absolute fear of death, the girl couldn’t help but find the monster in front of her terrifying.

Looking at the girl, the demonic beast stretched it’s big mouth into a grin. It looked like it was having fun at finding a new toy to play with. It’s expression was telling of the future treatment the girl would be subjected to.

—it’s over now, her life will end here, being ripped to shreds by a werewolf.

When the girl was about to give up, she felt something touch her shoulder.

「Close your eyes」

The voice surprisingly reached the girl and she closed her eyes just as she was told, she felt like she had to do that so for some reason.

The sound of a sharp breeze, followed by the sound of a heavy object hitting the ground, then the sound of something wet impacting something else reached her ears and she involuntarily shivered, but still didn’t open her eyes.

Silently, the girl fell onto her knees. As she was shaking with her hands covering her face, she could hear the sounds of splashing, as if something was walking towards her through a large puddle. The footsteps slowly approached the girl.

A shiver ran down her spine. Just what was approaching her right now? If she raised her head and opened her eyes, she would know what it is, but the girl was terrified and couldn’t do it.

—what if there was another demonic beast in front of her?

If that was the case, then she had no confidence that she could keep her sanity, she thought she would be much happier to die if her eyes were closed.

As the girl quivered in fear, something touched her shoulder.


She was so surprised her body jumped—scary, scary ,scary, If this is a nightmare she wants to wake up. Whilst wishing so, the girl gave up. However her expectations were betrayed.

「…are you ok? are you injured anywhere?」

—it was an extremely clear voice, but it felt somewhat nostalgic and the girl even felt a sense of relief.

The girl who was hyperventilating due to agitation, had her back gently stroked until her breathing returned to normal. The owner of the mysterious voice kept hugging her until she calmed down.

—who is this person?

The girl who had now calmed down, opened her eyes and raised her head. In front of her, there was a woman with a worried expression, seemingly a few years older than the girl. (TLN: The author uses Josei for the woman and Shoujo for the ill girl)

She had a slender figure, with cool eyes. There was an impression that she was boyish, but at the same time vaguely beautiful.

Seeing her, the girl quickly knew who she was—no, she knew the generic name for her『Existence』

「Magical, girl?」(Girl)

The woman nods to her question.

–after the demonic beasts appeared in this world, another existence appeared following them,『Magical Girls』

In order to counter the demonic beasts, girls of the same age as her made a miraculous contract. The girl in front of her was one of them.

–Ah, I was saved.

The moment she realized that, the strength drained from her body which now felt as heavy as lead.

Whilst gently supporting the fallen girl, the woman checked the girl’s condition and said「looks like she’s not injured」

「But next time if you get an alert and you’re not feeling well, call the emergency department. There’s no need to overdo it by yourself」(Woman)


When she said that, the girl suddenly remembered the existence of the ambulance service. Due to her fever, her mind was occupied with the thought of running away, she didn’t think of calling for help at all.

「You have a high fever, so I’ll send you to the hospital as you are. I hope you’ll get some rest」(Woman)

She said so and gently put her right hand on the girl’s forehead. The temperature of her cool hand was comfortable for the girl. As she began to feel slightly sleepy, she muttered as if she had suddenly thought of something.

「Onee-san, what’s your name?」(Girl)

—the girl was sure she would never forget what had happened today. That’s why, she wanted to know the name of her benefactor who saved her from the depths of fear.

In response, the woman smiled gently and softly whispered her name.

「—my name is Hagakure Sakura. You don’t have to remember it, it’s a trivial name anyway」(Sakura)

「Hagakure, Sakura」(Girl)

–that was all the girl could remember.

Before she had realized it, she was in a hospital bed receiving an IV drip. Her mother rushed in and hugged her with tears in her eyes. It seems that the woman–Hagakure Sakura, had taken the girl to the hospital.

According to the doctor, she was unconscious for about a week because her cold had worsened and had developed into pneumonia, likely since she moved around outside too much. She was also told that if she had arrived at the hospital even just a little later, her illness would have become extremely dangerous.

Apparently, when the woman carrying the unconscious girl on her back handed her to the doctor, she suddenly disappeared somewhere.

The girl squinted and laughed as she looked at the doctor who was concerned that the women didn’t give her name. She vaguely thought that it was kind of like something that person would do.

The girl remembered that night whilst calming her mother who was crying after finding out she was safe. She was terrified, but more than that, she wanted someone to hear about her strange experience.

「Hey, Okaa-san—a magical girl saved me!」(Girl)

◆ ◆ ◆

–a few months after the girl was attacked by a demonic beast.

When the young girl, who was finally well enough again to leave the hospital, walked on the platform of the station whilst chatting with her friends, she suddenly tripped on the stone pavement and bumped into a high school boy who was walking in front of her. The boy quickly supported the staggering girl.

「Ah, that is, sorry!」(Girl)

「No, you don’t have to worry about it. I’m at fault too」(Boy)

It was the girl’s fault for not looking ahead, so she thought he would get angry and quickly tried to apologize, but the boy replied like it was no big deal and walked away.

As she gently stroked her chest whilst staring at his departing back, her friend pulled the sleeves of her clothes whilst grinning.

「Oh, what’s this? Did you fall in love at first sight? He was cool that person. He looked kind」(Girl’s Friend)

「N, no that’s not it! but what is it?」(Girl)

The girl mumbled, holding her chin as if thinking.

「—he felt like someone else」(Girl)

Her friend, as if bored with her reply responded with a「Fuun?」then took the girl’s hand and started walking away, saying that they’ll be late if they don’t hurry up.

So the girl did not pursue the sense of deja vu that she felt at that time, but instead returned to her calm daily life.

Looking back at the girl walking away in the distance, she did not know that the boy had muttered to himself「Above all else, it looks like you’re doing okay」

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Refuse Reverse Harem – Chapter 1

TLN: Took the advice of a kind commenter and changed Tenba to Tenma. I read 天馬 as Tenba, but it can be read as Tenma and it sounds way more natural this way.

The first part of the chapters are read as diary entries so the chapter titles could be considered the page titles for the diary. I’m still testing this novel out to see how it’s received and I have a few more novels to release teasers for.

Chapter 1 – Dear Tenma, this is hell

Tenma, how are you doing? 

It has been a few years since I remembered that I was the reincarnation of Nakamura Yuu, so I started writing a diary in the form of a letter addressed to you.

I have been worried many times since the memories of my previous life returned, such as whether you were able to survive and safely return to Japan.

However, I’m confident that Tenma, who has outstanding motor skills, has the god like luck to win multiple lottery tickets at the same time and is handsome enough to make anyone angry, is living happily.

Eh, looks don’t matter?

If you are born good-looking, it means that you have luck on your side.

By the way, I was reincarnated as Baroness Sophie Linier and spent my days as a lady.

You’ll be surprised to know that I was reborn as a girl and am currently living in a world completely different to my previous world. Even now I’m still shocked.

From the day I remembered my previous life as Nakamura Yuu, I decided to take root as Baroness Sophie Linier.

Of course, I can’t completely forget my previous life, I have a lot of precious memories.

A few years after that, I would occasionally get emotional every once in a while. Yu don’t kid with me! it’s possible you would say something like that, but it’s cute isn’t it?

Well, that aside, Tenma.

I’m in hell right now.

This is—hell.

She tried to escape from reality by thinking of the contents of today’s diary, which was written in the form of a letter to her best friend in her previous life, but reality was too strong to escape and Sophie was beginning to get dizzy.

In front of Sophie, 8 men were lined up from left to right.

In particular, the facial score values for the 2 people in the front row, both left and right, were abnormal and their family status was very high.

「Allow me to introduce myself first. My name is Lorenzo Forsell. I’ve been looking forward to meeting you Sophie-sama」(Lorenzo)

He was the 2nd son of the Marquis and was still in his early 20’s. Due to his excellence, he was made the director of the institute of medical sciences in the Orlando Kingdom.

Through his silver-rimmed glasses, Sophie felt herself suffocating under the gaze of those grey eyes. He was tall, and his indigo rust-colored hair fell down to his waist, his standing figure with a smile on his face looked more beautiful than a painting.

「My name is Gerald Forsius, I will be acting as your escort Sophie-sama」(Gerald)

In contrast to Lorenzo, Gerald as the 1st son of the Count family speaks formally.

He has a good face, but he doesn’t smile and his emotions are hard to read.

However looking only at appearance, he is a blond haired, blue-eyed prince who seems as if he would appear in a fairy tale somewhere.

At the age of 16, he was already a holy knight, a position only obtained by a select few knights. As such he was often ordered to escort the Baron’s daughter. Despite being a command from someone he can’t refuse, he seems awfully indignant about it.

Every time they introduce themselves, Sophie lifts the hem of her skirt and curtsies with a smile on her face.

Usually it was a smile that would affect the viewer’s emotions, but it didn’t seem to work on him. It can’t be helped as he was part of an all-boys school called the “King’s Sword”.

Sophie, the daughter of the baron, will be forced to live in this school until a “certain business” is completed.

Even if they are good-looking, a man is a man. Both left and right, there were all men. Men were everywhere.

(Tenma, I’ll say it again—this is hell)

In his previous life, it was a view she was used to seeing because she went to an all-boys high school and her workplace was also predominately male. However she didn’t want to see this in another world. No matter how beautiful the man is, she wasn’t interested.

(Why!? Why did this happen!? Even though I’m the daughter of the baron!?)

It seems like the guys were still introducing themselves, but she couldn’t hear them.

Rather than listening to such things, she was desperately suppressing the desire to grab her head and scream.

Until a week ago, Sophie was in heaven.

Surrounded by beautiful flowers, she was enjoying spring in this world.

That being the case, what happened within that week?

(Why am I in such a place with these bastards!? return my Eden!)

It was a terrible thought for a lady to have, but she was careful in her daily life. It was only in her head so she asks for forgiveness.

Until a week ago, Sophie studied in an academy for noble ladies.

It is not a place that any noble lady can attend however. It was a school for specially selected noble daughters. There, she made a name for herself as the talented daughter of the baron.

She didn’t expect this to happen.

It was certainly the result of a choice she made, but despite being in heaven a week ago, she was now in man hell.

Allow me to tell you the story of how Sophie fell into hell.

Yes, it goes back to the day that Sophie started to remember her previous life–

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Lonely Otaku – Chapter 19

TLN: Apologies for the delay, I felt awful on Sunday with a throbbing headache and couldn’t focus properly.

I’ve seen some reviews saying the cruel scene a few chapters ago was handled badly after the fact. I 100% agree, they kind of forced Saijo into the heroine position using a weird excuse like “sorry I almost got your stepsister gangraped, but my dad might stop giving me money and things, wanna date me?”

So I won’t say anything to those who stopped at that point, because it’s completely understandable. Those who stayed have the best heroine to look forward to, Alice. Do you like kuuderes? (lacking in emotion, but show their “dere” side to people they have opened there hearts to), if so then you have a lot to look forward to. The LN only has 2 images of Alice, so I hope you enjoy them.

Arc 1 – Changing Everyday

Chapter 19 – Shocking Facts


I returned to my room after pressuring Kanzaki with Sakura and remembered the scene I saw at lunch break.

During lunch break, I went to Kanzaki’s classroom to deliver his bento, but for some reason he left the classroom together with Saijo-san.

I thought he might be trying to do something, so I decided to follow them.

Then for some reason Saijo-san handed a bento box to Kanzaki-kun and they began to eat them side by side.

Judging from his expression, they weren’t on good terms. However Saijo-san was smiling from beginning to end…..

Could it be that Saijo-san….likes Kanzaki-kun….?

Didn’t he stop her plan….?

But from the way she was looking at him, I could only think that I was right.

Or rather, she outright admitted that she wanted to be Kanzaki’s girlfriend so it was definitely the case…

But he said he wanted to start out as friends….

Is this a defensive measure he’s doing to protect me..?

Or does he really think it’s okay to go out with Saijo-san…?

Besides that, the key to Kanzaki-kun’s change was….Kotori Haruka?

Waa~ mou, there are so many things I don’t know~…

For some reason I’ve gotten moody.

I know what this is, jealousy.

I was jealous of Saijo-san for being able to talk with him freely, but most of all I was jealous of–Kotori Haruka, for occupying an important position in his heart.

I’m not sure if this is because he’s Umi-kun, or because I’ve started to like Kanzaki-kun.

No, even if you say『they’re the same』the fact is that Umi-kun has been the target of my unrequited love without even knowing his face, and now I’ve suddenly found out that he is someone close to me who I hated until a while ago.

Yet it was Kanzaki-kun who helped me out of a desperate situation.

The two seem to mix together, but at the same time they don’t.

There was also another shocking fact I discovered after finding out that Kanzaki-kun was Umi-kun.

That was—that Kanzaki-kun wasn’t a tsundere!

What does this mean!?

Wasn’t he happy to get close to me!?

He wasn’t saying those things to hide his embarrassment!?

I’m still not convinced on that part.

But it’s an undeniable truth that he hated me.

Because….that’s what he said to me as Hanahime!! (TLN: Remember he complained about his stepsister to Hanahime)

I’ve done it….

I’ve really done it this time….

Until now, I didn’t mind if he hated me and I didn’t feel the need to change my attitude because I thought he was ok with it, but if Umi-kun hates me now, then the story is different!

So am I going to change my attitude now!?

That’s impossible!

I might have been able to right after he helped me–but instead I said『disgusting』–!


Am I an idiot!?

Am I really stupid!?

I could see that he was smiling and answering that way out of shyness.

I could have chosen different words!

So, it’s impossible to change my attitude now.

Do I continue to argue with him as is!?

Wait! I still have a hand to play!

I could just admit that I’m Hanahime and that I know he’s Umi-kun and I could start treating him kindly!

…..it’s impossibleeeeee!

Because if I tell him who Hanahime is, what if he starts hating Hanahime as well!?

If that happens, then I can’t talk to Umi-kun anymore right!?

I won’t be able to recover from that!

But but, what should I do…

At this rate Saijo-san might steal Kanzaki-kun…

That’s because, when I left school today I saw Saijo-san and Kanzaki-kun walking whilst linking arms!

I couldn’t hear the conversation, but they seemed to be having fun!

Uuu….that’s not it….

But what should I do…

At that time, a book fell into my sight.

It was the books I had borrowed from him, the base of the story was essentially an eroge involving the heroines.

For the record, Umi-kun didn’t announce his age, but still wrote eroge reviews on his blog…

I thought he might not be a high school student, but if Kanzaki-kun is Umi-kun, then just what are healthy high school boys doing nowadays?….is what I want to say.

Really….eroge is….lewd….

A, ah, that’s it–!

At this time, a good idea suddenly came to mind–!

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Lonely Otaku – Chapter 18

TLN: Sorry for the late chapter! I had an exhausting day at work and fell asleep as soon as I got home. I’ve literally slept like 16 hours (I’m off work today) and I still have multiple bags under my eyes….

Arc 1 – Changing Everyday

Chapter 18 – Whatever, I’m sorry I broke my promise…

「–I’m home….」(Kaito)

「W—welcome back, onii-chan. I’ve already prepared the meal, so why don’t you eat with onee-chan?」(Sakura)

Sakura said with a smile.

Ah—I’m healed by that smile….eh?

What is it…?

The smile that Sakura-chan is showing me is as cute as always, but something feels strange.

「What’s wrong onii-chan?」(Sakura) (TLN: She stops using the kanji for older brother in this sentence and just pronounces the hiragana. There is no difference phonetically, but you can tell from the writing that she’s speaking different than usual)

As I stare at Sakura-chan, she tilts her head with a smile.

Eh….was this how she usually acts…?

I don’t know what the discomfort is and I’m too exhausted, so let’s stop thinking about it for now…

The reason why I’m tired–is of course Saijo.

When I left school today, I continued walking whilst Saijo clung to me.

Why did I keep walking…?

I felt that if I stopped as she requested, I’d likely be stuck with her for an even longer amount of time.

That said, I couldn’t go home with her clinging to my arm, so I continued walking past my house.

Unfortunately, she was unexpectedly patient and held on for such a long time, it was only when we reached Saijo’s house that she finally let go

Even so, this was surprising–

When Saijo was dropped off at home–

「—eh…? This is your house?」(Kaito)

I looked up at Saijo’s house and asked her.

「Un, that’s right. Ahaha, is it surprising?」(Saijo)

Saijo who answered my question, was scratching her cheek as if troubled.

Saijo’s house–was a single apartment where a salaryman might live.

Saijo’s family house might not be close by–but it was a strange place for an ojou-sama to live here.

After all, although the room could be locked, there was no further security.

There was no automatic door lock or any other type of security at the entrance to the building complex.

…what does this mean?

「Etto, you see, I wanted you to know this before you found out later and hate me for it….I don’t get much support from my parents」(Saijo)

Saijo started laughing as if what she was saying was funny.

「Could it be, that you’re paying for this?」(Kaito)

Saijo nods to my question.

「I’m living here and I’m paying the rent with my savings」(Saijo)

「…that’s why you’re limited to living in such a place?」(Kaito)

The hell, what are Saijo’s parents thinking?

Even if you want her to experience living alone, should you at least give her a house with proper security?

In the first place, it’s strange to say that if you don’t place 1st in the school rankings, you’ll be cut off from your family…

I know they want her to have a certain level of ability–but isn’t the world of the rich too severe?

「–ah, that’s not right you know? I have a lot of savings, I just chose this place」(Saijo)

Saijo shook her head in response to my question.

Aaah, is that it…

Even if her parents don’t send her any money, she must have accumulated quite a bit of pocket money.

I don’t know how much pocket money the daughter of one of the largest conglomerates in Japan would receive, but it must be a significant amount.

That’s why she’s able to bless the people at school.

But this raises new questions.

「Then why bother with such a place? Isn’t it better to live somewhere with more security?」(Kaito)

Saijo looked embarrassed at my question.

Her expression was different than the one she had shown when she cornered Momoi and when she was talking to her classmates, she looked like a weak girl.

「This is–the punishment I gave myself」(Saijo)


「That’s right–I once ran away in middle school. That caused my parents to be disappointed in me. But my father gave me one last chance」(Saijo)

「You have to get number 1 in the school?」(Kaito)

Saijo nodded and continued her explanation.

「Father told me to survive my high school life using the money I had saved up until now…to be honest, my pocket money is enough to live on my own for a few years, so I decided to run my life by myself」(Saijo)

「Why would you do that?」(Kaito)

「That’s because–if I live a comfortable life, I’m likely to run away again. I couldn’t forgive myself after I ran away the first time. I don’t want to be like that anymore and I’m trying my best not to be」(Saijo)

Saijo’s eyes seemed to indicate that she was well prepared.

I was wondering just what Saijo had ran away from, but I didn’t push the issue as she was deliberately guiding the conversation away from that point.

Saying that, is this the reason why she reads books on negotiation at school…?

Perhaps it’s related to what she was running from….

Maybe I’m thinking too much about it.

「I know what you’re saying, but just because you want to be number one, doesn’t mean you’ll do anything to Momoi right?」(Kaito)

Just in case—I ask Saijo about it again.

I didn’t think she would give up so easily, so I was well prepared.

But Saijo–

「I won’t do it you know? because if I do, Kaito will hate me」(Saijo)

—so she says.

Looking at her like this, it makes me feel guilty for doubting her.

However I still couldn’t understand why she contacted me like this.

「I didn’t think you would but….what will you do?」(Kaito)

「Of course I’ll have to do my best on my own? if I can’t make it to the top that way, then it can’t be helped anymore」(Saijo)

Saijo says with a smiling expression.

….I’m surprised…

「Is that really okay?」(Kaito)

I instinctively ask.

After all, if she doesn’t rank first, she’ll be cut off from her family.

In other words, her future would be over.

「Un, that’s fine, because then I won’t have to worry about the Saijo name anymore」(Kaito)

Saijo replied, looking at me with a meaningful smile.

I was thinking about the meaning of Saijo’s words.

…..I don’t get it…

What changed Saijo’s way of thinking like this?

—to make her think that it would be alright to abandon one of Japan’s leading conglomerates….

Did she reconsider after the matter that occurred the other day?

It doesn’t make sense to think this way and then corner people…

Maa, it’s fine for me as long as Saijo doesn’t target anyone else…

「Then, shall we go inside?」(Saijo)

Saijo smiled and pulled my arm whilst I was thinking.


Eh, what is she doing, this girl!?

「Wa, wait a minute! why do I need to go inside?」(Kaito)

To my question, Saijo tilts her head and looks at me strangely.

Why is she looking at me like I’m the odd one?

No matter what you think, this is weird right?

「What are you saying when you’ve come this far?」(Saijo)

….more than her facial expressions, I was more stumped by her words…

「I don’t get what you mean, I just escorted you home?」(Kaito)

Saijo was surprised and shouted an exaggerated『Eh~!』at my explanation.

「You didn’t come here to be an Okuriōkami?」(Saijo) (TLN: 送り狼 – Okuriōkami, basically means a guy who escorts a girl home, only to make a pass on her. Literally means “Feed Wolf”)


Really, what’s wrong with this girl…

Why does she think that I’m here to act as an Okuriōkami?

I can’t really understand how her thoughts are wired.

I really don’t want to get involved with this girl anymore…

However there was one thing I was more concerned about.

「Hey–despite being in this state, you’ve been looking into my past a lot right?」(Kaito)

Saijo, who had a sullen look to my question due to my refusal earlier, replied with a smile.

「Ah–that was an easy thing to do though right? I told my dad that a male classmate of mine kept approaching me and that I wanted to know about his middle school days, so he got the butlers to look it up you know?」(Saijo)

Saijo said innocently.


Eh…what did she just say?

「C, can you say that again?」(Kaito)

Whilst listening for her reply, my back was drenched in a cold sweat–

「That’s why~ I told him I wanted to investigate a male classmate of mine」(Saijo)

—Saijo replied with a benign smile.

「Ooiiiiiiiiiiiii! What are you saying!?」(Kaito)


「Don’t『Eh?』me! Don’t screw with me! That makes it seem like I’m stalking you! Did they think I was investigating the Saijo conglomerate, is that it!?」(Kaito)

Saijo laughs at my words.

Why is this girl laughing!

Stop laughing!

From her point of view, this is someone elses problem!

I’d also laugh if an anime character fell into the same predicament!

「It’s fine it’s fine, don’t worry」(Saijo) 

Saijo laughs whilst smiling.

「Why aren’t you worried about it? Ah is it because of that? The misunderstanding was resolved after you finished investigating–」(Kaito)

「—Yeah, even if Kaito was arrested by the police, I’ll free you, so it’s ok」(Saijo)

Seriously…just what kind of thinking method does this girl have? 

I’ll free you, so it’s okay to get caught….

I mean, there’s no reason I’d get arrested in the first place…?

Rather than that, I’m the one being stalked right?

「Ahaha, it was a joke a joke, I told my dad that he doesn’t have to worry, so he won’t do anything」(Saijo)

「Is that true….?」(Kaito)

「Of course! because if Kaito is arrested, I’ll be in trouble too! so feel free to thank me ok?」(Saijo)

Saijo seems proud of that, but wouldn’t it be her own fault that she’s fallen into this danger?

Rather, you should apologize right?

I was thinking such a thing, but stopped thinking about it after a while. Then after Saijo was off-guard, I untied my arm from hers and walked home–

—there was such a thing….but it seems that today’s misfortune isn’t over yet….

「Wh, what is this….?」(Kaito)

I look at the dinner lined up in front of me and involuntarily look at Sakura-chan.

「What’s wrong, onii-chan?」(Sakura)

Sakura-chan was there with a lovely smile on her face.

「N, no….nothing….」(Kaito)

「Is that so? eat it quickly before it gets cold, ok?」(Sakura)

Whilst listening to Sakura-chan’s words, I look at the dishes lined up in front of me.

The dishes in front of me where a charred fish-like object and stir-fried vegetables, also charred.

On top of that there was a black object, likely rice, stuck in a bowl.

….well disregarding the other two, how do you make black rice?

Well I don’t think I’ve identified it incorrectly.

Because there are properly grilled salmon and stir-fried vegetables in front of Sakura and Momoi.

Why am I the only one….?

What’s with this….did Momoi make this to harrass me?

When I looked at Momoi with suspicion, she sighed and began to speak.

「You can see the cause if you look at your smartphone right?」(Momoi)


By the way, I haven’t looked at my smartphone in a while because of my excursion with Saijo.

Also Hanahime-chan is the only person I really contact…

I check my smartphone just as Momoi told me to.



–a lot of notifications have come through.

I quickly rush to see the contents.

『I’ve arrived first, so I’ll wait for you onii-chan』

Followed by–

『Etto, are you helping your teacher with something?』


『Are you okay? What’s happened?』

There were many messages like this.

Of course, from the contents of the text, I could tell it was from Sakura-chan.

A cold sweat flows down my body.

We had promised to go back home together and we were supposed to contact each other if we couldn’t go home together.

Yet—since I was caught by Saijo I wasn’t able to contact her.

Sakura-chan had sent me a message every 20 minutes.

Perhaps she was being careful because she thought she’d be annoying if she sent them too often.

So that means….Sakura-chan has been waiting at school this whole time right?


I look up at Sakura-chan gingerly.

She was staring back at me and smiling.

But there was something off about that smile.

However I now knew what that discomfort was.

…this is, Sakura-chan when she’s angry…..

In the background behind Sakura-chan’s smile, it was if the characters『gogogogogo』could be seen. (TLN: gogogogo is a JP SFX to represent a threatening atmosphere/anger)

I then see the last message.

This message, unlike the others, ended with only a few words.

『Cruel』it said.

I’ve gone and done it nooooooow!

「So, sorry Sakura-chan!」(Kaito)

I hurriedly apologize to Sakura-chan.

「What are you talking about onii-chan? Sakura isn’t angry at all you know?」(Sakura)

Sakura replied with a smile, but—it’s a lie!

Somehow I feel as if the intimidating atmosphere has increased!

「Haa….I’ll tell you one thing, but breaking promises is the one thing Sakura hates the most. If you break a promise with her, she’ll get angry and that anger will be proportional to the percentage of how much she was looking forward to it」(Momoi)

Momoi explained.

At Momoi’s words–

「No way onee-chan~ I’ve already said Sakura is not angry at all」(Sakura)

–Sakura smiled at Momoi.

「Th, that’s right….sorry, it was my misunderstanding」(Momoi)

Momoi apologized to Sakura-chan.

Her face was tense….

Sakura-chan’s smile was intimidating enough to put even Momoi under pressure.

「W, well, when I was about to go home from the student council, I told Sakura『Kanzaki-kun was pulled aside by a beautiful blonde girl and went home whilst sporting a sloppy face』」(Momoi)

「Wait a minute! Why are you lying about that!?」(Kaito)



The moment I voiced my defense, Momoi returned a『Haa!?』

E, eh….?

I’ve spoken to Momoi quite a bit, but I’ve never heard her make a voice like that…?

Or rather, before I noticed it Momoi’s eyes were settled on me!

Eh, why!?

Why has the light disappeared from her eyes!?

「Really, you must have had a fun date–to even leave your cute imouto behind」(Momoi)

「W, wait–aren’t you misunderstanding something here? I was taken by Saijo by force–」(Kaito)

「But, you were having fun….」(Momoi)

How did she see it like that…?

Was my face really sloppy at that time?

My facial expression shouldn’t have changed much…

Maybe I’m emotionally unstable…

「Well that is–」(Kaito)



When I tried to explain to Momoi, I was called out by Sakura-chan, who had never stopped smiling since the start of dinner…..

On this day I promised Momoi and Sakura-chan that I would play with them in the future, and asked them to forgive me.


Why did I promise to play with Momoi…?

I promised before I even knew it….

W, well anyway, I vowed on this day that I would never again break a promise with Sakura-chan–

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Refuse Reverse Harem – Prologue

TLN: I can’t tell you how many prologues I’ve translated before finding a novel I like. It must be about 8 by now, though some of them I stopped translating part-way.

I have bought the 2 LN volumes for this novel so will supplement the story with images when I can. For the record, this is the cover art:

I have 1 more novel I’m thinking of picking up and I’ve ordered the LN. Unfortunately, there is no kindle version so I have to wait until February 2nd at the latest to get a hold of the physical version.

Kind of hard to tell if it’s 3rd or 1st person. The author started in 3rd person and uses brackets for first person, however he then switches and randomly goes into 1st person. For now, I’ll keep it as written, but the novel will likely be third person.

Lonely Otaku chapter will come out today, it’s half translated/edited right now.


Nakamura Yuu, 25 years old.

Currently Yuu was feeling the danger that comes from getting a year older.

After graduating from high school Yuu took a job in sales, and finally after 7 long years he retired from the company to pursue a new goal. He had finally earned the funds required to move into the field he had always dreamed of.

A long time friend of Yuu’s had invited him to travel around Europe using the money he had won in a lottery, saying that it was to celebrate his new start.

For the first time Yuu had left Japan, and was impressed by the history and architecture that was completely different that what he had known, he was thankful to his friend for bringing him.

But who would have thought that the main attraction of the trip, the luxury cruise liner, would sink?


This airless world easily had the power to stop the breath of humans.

His body was thrown off of the ship and was sinking in the sea, the energy and strength to struggle had already been sapped away by the coldness of the water.

(It’s no use…)

The feeling of giving up spreads through his chest. His body that had now stopped moving, sank into the deep blue sea as if being swallowed by it.

(At least Tenma, that guy)

He wished for him to have lived.

The moment he thought that, someone grabbed his arm that he had stretched out during his struggle.


It was his best friend who had grabbed his arm.

He was trying to pull him up in a desperate manner that Yuu had never seen before.

In the raging sea where he could hear no voices, he felt as if Tenma was calling his name just like he was.

He had immediately rushed in to help.

But he knew it was impossible.

(Stupid, unlike me who lives alone you have a family waiting for you to return)

He laughed in the cold sea.

For Yuu, he felt happy dying knowing that his best friend had risked his life to try and save him. That was enough for him.

That’s why with his last ounce of strength, he pushed Tenma away from him. With the hope in his heart that at least he will be saved.


Tenma’s shock was clearly transmitted.

With that push, his best friend rose closer to the surface of the sea, whilst he sank lower into the deep sea.

Yuu was no longer scared of the deep sea, he felt no fear anymore.

Ah, God-sama.

If there is a God in this world.


Please at least let Tenma return safely.

Use the extinguishing of my life as substitute. (TLN: He uses “Ore no” which is basically “My”, but this is the first time he has used 1st person pronouns like “Ore” which means it has switched from 3rd to 1st person, forgive my confusion here)

If this life alone isn’t enough, then in the next life use me as your priest.

Whether my next life is fortunate or unfortunate, I’m sure I’ll be born a beautiful person, for some reason I have a lot of confidence in that regard.

I don’t know if reincarnation exists.

Regardless I just pray.


He was the only one who had been my friend since childhood.

He was the only one who gave colour to my lonely world.

That’s why, God-sama, God-sama.

Within my broken consciousness.

The consciousness that was sinking to the bottom of the sea.

I was hoping for only one thing–


When Yuu’s consciousness returned, he was in a warm, but dark sea.

There was no fear, no sense of cold. There was just a moment of calm. He wasn’t sure where this was, but he was not worried about being in such a comfortable place and had no intention of opening his eyes to check where he was.

(Ah, I want to stay here forever…)

However his wish did not come true, as he was pushed out of the warm dark sea into the light.

He wasn’t sure what had happened, but a feeling of discomfort struck his whole body.

Until now, he didn’t even think about breathing, he just slept comfortably. However now he found that he couldn’t breathe well and was struggling to breathe.

(Uuuuuuu! What, what, what is this!? It feels horrible!!!)

His body was very heavy. He couldn’t feel gravity before he entered the light, but now that he had, he could feel a large load on his body. He tried to raise his voice in defiance of the heaviness, but he couldn’t hear his voice. Were his ears going crazy? he could only hear a baby crying.

Whilst he was upset and feeling a sense of panic and fear, he felt as if he was suddenly wrapped in something warm. It was very similar to the warm sea he was in previously. It took a little time before he realized it was a human arm.

Embraced by these warm arms, a pair of fingertips gently brushed his cheeks.

「Ah, God-sama thank you! What an adorable child」(???)

The first thing he could hear was low-pitched man’s voice expressing his gratitude. Perhaps he was crying, his voice was trembling.

「Sophie. Your name is Sophie. My dear child, please grow up healthy」(???)

This time it was the voice of a woman, who whispered gently and compassionately. Even though her voice was weak, her words were filled with strength.

(Wh…at? Who is Sophie?)

Even though he could now open his eyes, everything was blurry, so he didn’t really understand the current situation.

Adorable child?

Dear child?

What’s with this?

(….I wonder if that person thought this way when I was born)

He remembered his own mother who had abandoned him when he was young, but quickly denied it as he had no feelings of ever being loved. He was an unloved child.

(But it’s okay…)

His best friend was like his family, always by his side. Thanks to his best friend, he was able to live a sufficient life for himself. He felt happy that he had died with someone of such warmth by his side.

He thinks that whilst hearing the name「Sophie」spoken with such love and care.

(I don’t know who you are Sophie, but I hope you are a child who is well loved by her parents)

He wanted her to be a child beloved by both her parents and friends alike.

In such a world where his visibility was low he wished for the happiness of a child he didn’t even know the face of, Sophie…

Yuu began to wonder where he was now. Where had his soul that should have died gone?

The baby’s cries became louder.

This is Sophie crying?

It sounded so close, but he couldn’t perceive her existence.

(Sophie, where are you?)

The cries got stronger. Even though she was crying so much, he had no idea where she was.

「Sophie, the most precious thing in our lives」(???)

A pleasant voice reached his ears, a voice that conveyed motherly love for a child.

Only then did he realize that the voice was directed at him.

At the same time he realized that the baby’s cries belonged to him, his consciousness was cut off there.

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Lonely Otaku – Chapter 17

TLN: May have found a good novel to translate, but I’ll have to see how it goes. It’s a novel that has only had it’s prologue translated about 1/2 years ago and the website that’s hosting the prologue is down so it should be fair game for me to take.

It has 3 volumes of a light novel so I can easily source images.

Arc 1 – Changing Everyday

Chapter 17 – Just as I thought, this is crazy


「Nn? What is it, Kaito?」

Saijo happily answers my call.

I didn’t feel anything bad from her expression.

To that Saijo, I—

「Now, I want to furiously cut off that side ponytail part of your hair, is that okay?」(Kaito)

–I reply with a straight face.

「No that’s no good at all!? If you do that, my hairstyle will change!」(Saijo)

Saijo who answers me, has an angered expression.

「I see….then how about using clippers and going fully bald?」(Kaito)

「What’s with that!? Or rather, aren’t your suggestions getting worse!?」(Saijo)

「…..I’m a selfish guy….」(Kaito) (TLN: Off topic, but on topic. Kaito uses “Wagamama” to mean selfish/greedy, I’m sure some of you have seen the adverts for the company Wagamama which uses the JP for greedy)

「No no no no no no! It’s strange! This person is crazy!」(Saijo)

She doesn’t like it….

Just how hard are you going to deny it?

Sure you might think someone is crazy if they suddenly said that to you–but I still wanted to cut off her hair that was annoying me.

Of course, there’s a reason for this.

That was–

「Why are you leaving school with your arms linked with mine?」(Kaito)

That’s right—when school ended, Saijo came running up to me and linked arms.

Naturally I refused her.

However, she never let go and as such we were the focus of attention.

Also, whenever I try and peel my arm away–

『Kyaaaaaa! Kanzaki-kun is molesting me!』

Is what she shouts!

It, is, strange, right?

She’s the one hugging me, so why am I the molester if I touch her arm to get her to let go!?

No, the people around me probably know the truth–even though they know that, why are they looking at me with gazes as if I’m guilty…?

I wanted to avoid those glances as if I’m an insect, so I gave up my arm to Saijo.

Because Saijo is hugging my arm, her hair tied to the side of her head keeps hitting my face, tickling me.

Originally I was trying to avoid standing out, but the stress of the attention I was getting from leaving school with Saijo hugging me, as well as the hair tickling my face was irritating.

…seriously, let’s cut off this ponytail…. 

「—hey, why don’t you hug me?」(Saijo)

Saijo looks at me with a questioning expression.


What’s with that look?

She’s looking at me as if I’m doing something wrong…?

「No, why are you looking at me like that? Isn’t it strange to hug in the first place?」(Kaito)

「Eh~? but it’s normal for friends right?」(Saijo)

Is that so…?

Is it normal for friends to walk whilst hugging each other’s arms…?

…well it’s true that I see some students walking like that.

「—no no, isn’t that only with the same sex!?」(Kaito)

I was almost convinced for a moment, before I thought again.

Even if she says friends, it’s something only girls do, there were no men and women pairs hugging arms.

To my words Saijo responds–

「Eh—Kaito want’s to hug arms with men….? Sorry…I’m a woman…」(Saijo)

She slightly drew back from me.

「What do you mean!? How did you come to that conclusion!?」(Kaito)

「That’s because you said same-sex….」(Saijo)

「I meant girls!」(Kaito)

Saijo giggles at my words.


「Sorry sorry, yeah—I knew that」(Saijo)

「You…have a bad personality…」(Kaito)

「Eh~….isn’t that a bit mean? Kaito seemed a little irritated, so I thought I’d help you relax」(Saijo)

Saijo said so and puffed her cheeks up in frustration.

….no the main cause of my irritation is you…..

「That’s why, it’s not strange for us to hug arms with each other, right?」(Saijo)

「Ha…? Why?」(Kaito)

I can’t understand Saijo’s words, so I ask her.

In response, she opened her mouth happily.

「Because we’re starting as friends, then dating, then finally getting married right? so there’s no problem doing this」(Saijo)

Saying that, she smiled.

….wait a moment….

Eh, is that what we promised at lunch today?

Isn’t that a giant leap forward?

「I don’t get what you mean…didn’t we only become friends…?」(Kaito)

「Eh~ what are you talking about? didn’t you say that we should start as friends? Kaito agreed to that, so it’s too late to back out now」(Saijo)


I thought she was twisting my words, but did I say that…?

….eh, I don’t get it….

Who is in the wrong, me or Saijo….?

I somehow understand what Saijo is getting at….

…but for now, I’ll just respond like this.

「As I thought, you’re crazy you knoooooow!?」

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Lonely Otaku – Chapter 16

TLN: So tired. Spent ages looking for a new series and translated a few teasers (really long chapters). This chapter is extremely long and due to time constraints, I can’t check it over before uploading. So let me know if there are any mistakes. I have 2 or 3 different series to try and gauge peoples interests. I’ve translated 1 chapter right now and have another 2 to go, then I’ll either run a vote or just go off of the comments/views.

Sorry! Forgot to add the illustration, it’s there now!

Arc 1 – Changing Everyday

Chapter 16 – Happy girl I don’t get it

What was I doing? I…..

The day after helping Momoi, I was lying on my desk at lunch break.

There was a tremendous amount of regret.

The reason was of course, what happened yesterday.

Yesterday’s scenes are reflected in my mind.

—why….did I have such an attitude?

Was I out of my mind?

Only the old me would act that way!

But–why was I stroking Momoi’s head!?

Scary….I’ve been tense all night, it’s scary…

Because of that, it was difficult to face Momoi at the moment, so I left home early and didn’t eat breakfast, I also didn’t receive a bento.

I mean Momoi had to get up early for student council anyway, so I should have stayed in late…

It’s no use, my head has been spinning since yesterday.

I look at the message I just received from Sakura-chan.

It read『Because you’re in the second grade classrooms, I asked onee-chan to deliver your bento』

It’s like I’m being chased by the flow…

Is it, from the roots of what started yesterday…?

Yesterday after I woke up from my sleep, Momoi who passed by me in the house didn’t even greet me.

She’s probably angry that I stroked her head….

Well if I was a women, I guess I would be angry if someone I consider disgusting or gross touches my hair… 

But let me make one excuse.

On the way back, Momoi started acting like Sakura-chan…

That’s why I treated her as if I was treating Sakura-chan.

…..I don’t think I’ve ever stroked Sakura-chan’s head….

「—hey, do you have a minute?」(???)

Hearing the words from above, I raise my head.

Is it pashiri again…?


Seeing the speaker’s face, I was immediately on alert.

Looking around, I could see the other students staring.

They’re shocked that this person is talking to me.

「What is it, Saijo?」(Kaito)

I suppress my voice so that the other students can’t hear me, then ask Saijo.

「I need to talk with you, come with me」(Saijo)


「That’s right…probably, you’re in trouble now, so come with me」(Saijo)

I was a little confused about what to do, but thinking about yesterday, I decided to follow Saijo.

—Saijo took me behind the gymnasium.

……I know….this decision was stupid….

People rarely approach this place unless it’s time for physical education class.

Right now it’s lunch break.

In other words, no-one will come…

I look at Saijo standing in front of me, twiddling her hair between her fingertips.

No way, settling the score….?

Isn’t she overestimating me…?

To be honest, I’m really scared right now.

In fact, I am good at exercising, I just didn’t stand out in physical education.

But if a few guys come out here, I’ll be dead in no time.

….what is this, a yankee manga…?

It’s not normal, Saijo is not acting normal.

If my reading is off, wouldn’t this be a dangerous situation…?

Yet Saijo isn’t showing a frightened expression at all.

If I appear to be “below” her here, she might try to do something again.

That’s why, I have to act like a bully with this girl.

「What are you going to do….?」(Kaito)

When I stared at Saijo, her face grew red for some reason.

「You don’t have to be so vigilant, I just want to talk」(Saijo)

Saijo said with a smile.

I didn’t expect her to show that expression to me…

I thought she would resent me…?

But it’s best to still be on high alert.

It’s possible that she’s taking this current attitude to put me off guard.

「What did you want to talk about?」(Kaito)

「Well before that, let’s eat lunch together ok? I made two bentos」(Saijo)

Saying that, Saijo really takes out 2 bento boxes.

「Eh, home cooking? You can cook even though you’re an ojou-sama?」(Kaito)

「Don’t be an idiot. In case of emergencies I’ve been cooking from an early age, or rather, I do a lot of the household chores」(Saijo)

I see…if the business ever falls into danger, your daughter still has to be of marriageable quality…


I stopped before saying that I had my own bento.

Currently Momoi has my bento box.

If Saijo sees me receiving it, it might make her realize that we’re a family.

If that happens, Momoi will kill me….

It can’t be helped, I’ll eat Sakura-chan’s bento later.

「But why give me a bento?」(Kaito)

I can’t figure out why she bothered to make me one.

「N, no particular reason!」(Saijo)

Somehow Saijo seemed restless as she replied.

No way–!

「Is it poisoned….?」(Kaito)


Saijo quickly responded to my question.

「No, I said too much when I mentioned poisoning…it contains laxatives right?」(Kaito)

「Who do you think I am!?」(Saijo)


「The person who tried to break Momoi」(Kaito)


When I said that, Saijo was lost for words.

I look at Saijo.

She shifted her gaze away from me and slowly opened her mouth to speak.

「T, there’s a reason for that….」(Saijo)


「W, well, I’ll explain it properly, so for the time being let’s eat! right?」(Saijo)

I nod to Saijo’s words and sit beside her.

There was no bench, so we sat on the staircase to the entrance to the gymnasium.

When I opened the bento Saijo had given me, it was filled with colorful side dishes. (TLN: Just quick explanation on side-dishes. In Japan, the main dish is usually rice and things like steak, burgers, fish etc.. are side dishes. Completely opposite to how we have it in the west)

「It’s amazing…did you really make this?」(Kaito)

「What’s up with you…I can at least do this much…」(Saijo)

Maybe she was dissatisfied with my words, he cheeks puffed up.

It was weird for a blonde gal to take such an attitude.

However….is this really okay?

It looks good, but I don’t know if it contains laxatives…

But I’m also anxious to not eat considering Saijo is watching closely next to me.

I try to eat the omelette.


But it tasted really good.

I’ve only ever eaten omelettes made with soy sauce, this is the first time I’ve ever had one made with sugar.

「H, how is it?」(Saijo)

Saijo was looking sideways at me, with an expression of both anticipation and anxiousness.

「Ah, it’s really delicious, honestly I’m surprised」(Kaito)

When I responded like that, Saijo said『Yosh–!』and did a small guts pose.

Since Saijo is next to me, I decide to get to the main subject.

「So what are you talking about? Something about Momoi?」(Kaito)

When I asked, Saijo nodded and looked into my eyes.

She slowly opens her mouth.

「Hey, this is your true character now right?」(Saijo)

「True character…?」(Kaito)

I don’t get what she’s trying to say, so I tilt my head in confusion.

「Don’t lie, yesterday and just now, you were completely different than the person you usually are at school. No matter how much an otaku is hurt, I don’t think they’d change that much. So you use a false persona at school and the person I’m talking to right now is different right?」(Saijo)

Saijo’s eyes told me that she was convinced.

….is this girl reading too much manga?

What does she mean false persona…?

Is she sick with chuunibyou? (TLN: 中二病 or chuunibyou is a condition where someone has delusions of grandeur, usually affecting middle schoolers)

My current personality is of someone with a communication disorder.

There’s nothing wrong with that…

「I don’t know, maybe your misunderstanding something–」(Kaito)

「Kotori Haruka」(Saijo)

My eyes widen at the name Saijo just said.

「Sorry, I investigated you. You didn’t seem to be in the center of your classmates until the middle of your second year of middle school. You caused an incident in which you pushed your classmates out a window. That time was right after the transfer of Kotori Haruka, whom you were familiar with. Shortly after that, you were absent from school. So that’s what made you look like how you are now, right? However, normal students don’t do that for no reason. Well unless they are unstable. In other words, it was due to the transfer of Kotori Haruka, right? I can tell she was important to you」(Saijo)

To Saijo’s words I lifted my bangs and looked at the sky.

Just how much did she investigate in only half a day…?

Not everything was right, but most of it was.

As expected of the ojou-san of the Saijo group.


「It’s not completely wrong, I hurt a girl, then we argued and my classmate fell from the 2nd floor of the school building, that’s all. I’m not making excuses about whether or not I pushed him. But if you pry into my past anymore…I’ll crush you, got it?」(Kaito)

I glare at Saijo with a sideways glance.


She replied to my words with a quiet voice.

But—for some reason, Saijo had a red face.

E, eh…?

Is this the face you usually make when scared…?

Why does she look so happy…?

Dangerous…after all this guy is dangerous in many ways…

「Ma, maa, the real me is the one in class, please don’t get any strange ideas」(Kaito)

「Maa, let’s say that then. By the way, why don’t you cut your hair?」(Saijo)

「A, ah…I don’t think I’ll cut it for the time being…」(Kaito)

…haven’t I been asked that recently?

「–because the other kids can’t handle it」(Saijo)

「Eh…? your voice was too quiet, I couldn’t hear it」(Kaito)

Saijo was saying something, but I missed it because I was thinking about something.

「N, nothing!」(Saijo)

Having said that, Saijo turned away.

I wonder what it was…?

「Hey, can I hear something from you?」(Kaito)


「As you said earlier, explain why you hurt Momoi」(Kaito)

To my words, Saijo closes her eyes.

Then slowly opens her mouth.

「Why….do you think I’m in this school?」(Saijo)


No, it’s not that I’m not curious, but why was my question ignored…?

「I don’t know」(Kaito)

When I answered like that, Saijo seemed a little sad.

Maybe she wanted me to think about it properly.

With a sigh, Saijo begins to speak.

「At the time of graduation, I have to be ranked first in the rankings for the number one school in the prefecture-that’s the quota I got out from my house…that’s the only reason I came to this school」(Saijo)

The second half of the sentence I could barely hear as Saijo’s voice got quieter.

But I don’t really want to tell her that.

Then for the time being, let’s just ask her about it.


「If I don’t meet the quota, I’ll be kicked out of the house」(Saijo)

Saijo lowered her gaze as she said that.

「I understand….so you aimed to crush Momoi because she’s the current number one?」(Kaito)

She nodded to my question.

Is that so…

I don’t need to ask anything else.

It must be her parent’s aim to make her compete amongst the peasants to remind them of who they obey, rather than send her to a school for the rich.

In that sense, this school, which contains a large amount of students of high specs, must be perfect for her.

But, it’s awful to think about…

「Isn’t it funny? Isn’t it something to laugh at?」(Saijo)

Saijo forced a laugh and urged me to do the same.

Ah…I can tell by looking at her expression.

Her heart is exhausted already.

I start to wonder about myself, if I’ve ever tried to work to improve my status in school….

「I won’t laugh」(Kaito)


Saijo was surprised at my reply.

「It’s your parent’s desire to give you some power to survive in the harsh competitive society. I can’t laugh at someone who’s trying to do that」(Kaito)

「…hee…..Kanzaki has changed after all…」(Saijo)

「Haa? why did you call me by my name?」(Kaito)

「It’s fine isn’t it!」(Saijo)

Saijo’s face was smiling.

But I complain to Saijo.

「But still, that’s just an aspiration….I won’t support anyone who uses a reason like that to hurt someone」(Kaito)

When I said that, Saijo looked into my eyes.

「I know that. I’m not going to do that type of think anymore, I won’t touch Momoi」(Saijo)

Her eyes told me that she wasn’t lying.

About Momoi–

Doesn’t that mean that she won’t look down on Momoi anymore…?

「Do you believe me?」(Saijo)

「Of course」(Kaito)

「I see, then….I don’t care anymore」(Saijo)

It’s true that judging someone that had cornered Momoi so much would feel sweet.

But I thought it would be strange to reject someone who genuinely wants to change because of that.

If their motivation to change is destroyed, they may not change anymore.

Changing themselves will bring about a great influence on the people around them.

I felt that Saijo was on of those people now.


Saijo smiled happily to my words.

That smile was different that her previous scary image, it suited her more.



Whilst I was thinking, Saijo was fiddling with her hair in front of me.

Her face was a little red.

She suddenly started speaking–

「Is Kaito dating Momoi?」(Saijo)




I was so surprised I inadvertently screamed.

But really, do we look like we’re dating!?

「No I’m not dating her, why do you think that?」(Kaito)

「That’s because…you said『my precious girlfriend』so is that not the case?」(Saijo) 

Ah, that’s what she meant…

Did she understand my precious “family” to mean something else.

Well, I suppose it would be weird if I treated a normal classmate as my family…

But even after investigating my past, she doesn’t know that Momoi is part of my family?

—-ah…maybe she focused on my middle school years, she only had half a day after all and my change occurred at middle school.

By the time I entered high school, I was the person I am now.

Maa, it’s better to resolve the situation that let it go.

「It just means that she’s a good friend. I’m on good terms with her imouto, so I often have contact with Momoi and consider her a friend」(Kaito)

I explained the truth to Saijo.

It’s easier to make a lie believable if you mix in some truth.

Besides, I often have lunch with Sakura-chan, so I felt that it was better to clear it up here than let the misunderstanding continue.

….Momoi is my friend, no matter who hears that, they would think that it’s a lie…

Did I fail to convince her…..

「F~un….then are you going out with Momoi’s imouto?」(Saijo)

However Saijo seemed to be concerned about something else.

Sakura-chan as my girlfriend….what are you thinking?

Do you think a guy like me would match up with an angel like her?

I think about how I always walk side by side with Sakura-chan.

…yeah, no matter how much you look at it, it would be unbalanced…

I mean Sakura-chan is a cute and lovable imouto, if I make her my girlfriend, it would feel like a crime.

….but thinking about the changes after one year…

Oops–I had forgotten about Saijo.

She was looking at me strangely since I didn’t reply. 

「No, she’s kind of like an imouto to me」(Kaito)

「Hm, hmm–」(Saijo)

To my response, Saijo made an uninterested sound.

However, she didn’t stop twirling her hair with her fingers. 

Why is this girl asking me this?

Is she looking for my weakness….?

I’m still wary of Saijo.

Then Saijo–

「Then, I’ll ask you straightforwardly, is there someone else? Is there someone you like?」(Saijo)

She asked me.

This girl…is still looking for my weakness?

「Do I need to answer you?」(Kaito)

「Eh—you have one!?」(Saijo)

Saijo leaned forward to listen to my words.

「N, no, I don’t」(Kaito)

I was struck by Saijo’s eagerness and answered honestly.

「What’s with that! Don’t surprise me like that! Mou~!」(Saijo)

Saijo said that and smiled in relief.


For this girl, should I have said that I have one?

Why is she so relieved?

Well it can’t be helped, I’ve answered honestly already.

「There’s no way someone like me would have one right? I don’t interact with many girls anyway」(Kaito) 

「Fumu fumu, then there is some good news for a poor person like you! 」(Saijo)

For some reason Saijo was speaking as if part of a play.

I imagine this kid has chuunibyou, she’s unexpectedly funny.

「What’s the good news…?」(Kaito)


Waa…I’m actually excited to hear it…

I never thought Saijo was such a person…

「I, Saijo Kirara, will be your girlfriend!」(Saijo)

With that said, Saijo put her hand on her chest.


What did this girl just say?

….isn’t this crazy?

「What are you talking about…?」(Kaito)

—of course my reaction was like this.

Saijo had a shocked look at my words.

「Wh, why!? isn’t this something that would usually make you happy!? a beautiful and rich woman like me is saying that she will be the girlfriend of a loner otaku like you!?」(Saijo)

This girl…not just calling herself rich, but beautiful too?

….well, she’s definitely a beautiful woman…

「I don’t understand, I can’t keep up. Why do you want to be my girlfriend?」(Kaito)

「Th, that is…」(Saijo)

Saijo turned her red face away from me in embarrassment.

Even though there was only a little bit of lunch break left, I couldn’t get a clear answer.

So I’ll just state the conclusion.

「I don’t know you very well, so I can’t」(Kaito)

I’m a healthy high school boy.

I’m interested in her too.

However no matter how beautiful they are, I won’t go out with someone I don’t like.

Besides I can’t go out with her considering what happened in the past.

At my response, Saijo collapsed to the ground.

But she stands up immediately.

「Then, let’s start by being friends!」(Saijo)


I was struck by those words, but….Saijo…..?

Could I be friends with someone who cornered Momoi like that…?

Well I don’t care anymore…

「Got it, then it’s fine」(Kaito)

My words make Saijo’s eyes shine.

「Really!? You won’t take that back right!?」(Saijo)

「A, ah….」(Kaito)

Under pressure from Saijo, I nodded which caused her to burst into a smile of joy.

What the hell is she thinking about, this girl…?

I can’t understand her at all.

Or rather, I don’t want to understand…

But one thing I do understand…is that I’ve been spotted by an annoying person…

After that, Saijo didn’t release me until lunch was over–

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Lonely Otaku – Chapter 15

TLN: I’m probably going to be dropping my other novels for now (except this one) and find another novel to cover. Simply put, this novel is my most popular one and the difference between my other novels is insane to the point where there’s little point in continuing with those considering the time investment.

Someone has posted a novel link in the comments previously which has an LN, so I’ll be looking at that because I like to add images to my chapters, but I’ll still accept suggestions.

Arc 1 – Changing Everyday

Chapter 15 – Wavering Emotions

–when I returned to my room, my body was light.

A mysterious feeling, as if I was floating above the ground.

It’s like being in a dream…

There was a reason for that.

Because Kanzaki had helped me, who had given up thinking there was no way out anymore.

Ano–I never thought that Kanzaki-kun, who couldn’t talk to anyone except Sakura, would help me.

He also had such a dignified appearance–

I remember what had happened in the gymnasium.

One after another, he unraveled the plans of Saijo-san and the other girls.

Then, when he tidied his bangs using my hair clip, I saw his face.

「—I mean, why is he so cool!?」(Momoi)

I flutter onto my bed.

Because he was really handsome!

He was staring at me from such a close distance!?

What’s more, when I was threatened by Saijo-san, he pet my head and smiled at me!

That’s so cool!


「I can’t do it anymore…」(Momoi)

Just remembering what happened in the gymnasium makes my body hot.

I’m no longer afraid now.

More than that, about him– 

Ah….but…he did kabedon and agokui to Saijo-san….

Does he not know that those acts are something all girls dream of….?

I’m sure it wasn’t his intention…

But when I saw that scene, my chest tightened……

I mean, what is he….?

I thought he was a loner otaku, but now I’m not sure. He’s familiar with programming and can understand how other people think.

My head is spinning.

Looking at him, I realized I couldn’t measure intelligence with academic ability.

I don’t know his specific scores, but I’ve never seen him in the top 100 results overall.

So I knew he was bad at studying.

However he clearly has a lot of knowledge and his thinking speed is fast.

–even so, is he used to being around women…?

He’s supposed to be a loner otaku, how can he do that to a girl….?

Kanzaki-kun….I wonder if she’s been with him before…

—-why am I thinking such a thing!?

I have umi-kun!

….we’re not dating….

On the contrary, we’ve never met, I don’t even know his face. 

Besides, he’s probably angry that I haven’t replied in such a long time.

…haa….I guess I’ll go get a drink…

When I went to the living room, he was sitting down.

What should I do….voice…should I call out to him?

I approach him whilst thinking that.


「Are you asleep….?」(Momoi)

When I walk next to him, I find him asleep.

If you sleep in a chair like this, you’ll hurt your back…

When I try and wake him up–

「Ah, onee-chan」(Sakura)

–Sakura called out from behind me.

Sakura was holding her favourite blanket.

Maybe she took it out of her room for him.

「Sakura, isn’t it better to wake him up and let him sleep in his room?」(Momoi) 

When I say that, Sakura smiles bitterly.

「Sakura also thought so, but when I tried to wake him up several times, he didn’t wake up….it can’t be helped, he’s been working all night these past few days….」(Sakura)

「All night…?」(Momoi)

No way…he didn’t say anything about that…

Sakura didn’t reply to my words.

Instead she was looking up at me.

「Hey onee-chan, if you have problems don’t hide them anymore okay…? consult Sakura or onii-chan」(Sakura)

With that said, she was looking at me with a determined look.

—ah….I see.

This kid can see the essence of people. (TLN: I had comments saying “this kid” sounds weird, but it’s literally what is written この子. However I’m open to suggestions)

Such a kid would be aware that I was hiding something.

「Sorry, I’ll do that next time」(Momoi)

Sakura smiled happily at my words.

….but…I see…

I look towards Kanzaki.

I figured out why he came to help me.

He was asked by Sakura, so he came to help…

Even I know that…I’m not an idiot…

I thought he was finally becoming dere…. (TLN: Dere means they are honest with their feelings. For instance, Tsundere is 2 parts, tsun and dere. Tsun is the part where they aren’t honest with their feelings and dere is where they are honest with their feelings)

I’m sure he was just kind to me today out of sympathy…


When I was feeling down, Sakura looked at me anxiously.

This kid is really sharp…

「It’s nothing」(Momoi) 

I say so and smile at Sakura.

「I see」(Sakura)

After replying to me, Sakura placed her blanket over Kanzaki.

….Sakura is extremely cute.

She’s cute, short, and has a very girly personality.

Above all her chest is very big.

In comparison, my chest is small…

God is so unfair…

Sakura is very fond of Kanzaki.

Maybe she likes him as a member of the opposite sex…?

Anyway he also likes Sakura….


It’s fine….I have umi-kun…

….umi-kun, will he forgive me…?

I take out my smartphone and start typing.

『Sorry for the late reply (>_<) I was busy with various errands ( ;∀;) but it’s okay (´▽`) I’m really sorry :;(∩´﹏`∩);:』(Momoi)

I force a smile when I look at the letters I wrote.

It was pathetic of me to try to escape with such a lie.

But I can’t speak honestly…

I send the message whilst thinking that.


Immediately after I sent the message, a notification sounded nearby.

When I reflexively looked at the direction it sounded from, it seems to be from a smartphone that had fallen at Kanzaki’s feet.

Perhaps it had fallen from his hands when he fell asleep.

If he steps on it without noticing, his smartphone might break.

I picked up his smartphone.



When I picked up the phone, I was able to see the screen.

Usually I wouldn’t worry about what I saw.

No matter who he contacts, it doesn’t concern me.

But when i saw the characters on the screen, I froze.

What was projected on the screen was a notification from the SNS site that I use to talk to umi-kun.

The contents of the notification were『You have received a notification from Hanahime』

Then I remembered.

His name was “umi” too–

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