Hagakure Sakura does not lament – Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – We have a few friends

「I have a strange feeling of a full stomach…..it’s pretty scary….」(Sakura)

「That’s not really a problem. In fact, isn’t it better this way?」(Bell)

「I wonder about that….」(Sakura)

She was in shock….that enormous mass was in her stomach…she didn’t believe that was strictly true, but she felt like she had ingested some type of energy. Are there really no adverse affects from eating a demonic being’s energy?

However since Bell had said「No problem」, she had no choice but to believe him.

「Then shall we return? You have no more use here right?」(Bell)

With that said, Bell broke the barrier.

The fallen trees began to change like a mirage, returning to their original state. The sight of all this was so miraculous, Sakura unintentionally let out a voice of admiration.

It was a magical world that she didn’t even know about until yesterday. She knew that it wasn’t all great, but she still wanted to immerse herself in this dream like world. She thought so.

◆ ◆ ◆

「—Even so, teleportation is really convenient. It’s magical to be able to appear in any place you wish!」(Tsugumi)

「I guess that’s true for you humans. Originally transportation means such as teleportation could only be used by high-ranking people who had been assigned special roles. Now that you have this skill, you should cry at your good fortune」(Bell)

After returning home and undoing the transformation, Tsugumi gave his impressions of the teleportation to Bell, who naturally returned these words.

It was okay because Tsugumi didn’t care that much, but was Bell like this with other humans too?

「I was a little worried, but if I didn’t have this teleportation skill, how would I be able to get to the demonic beasts?」(Tsugumi)

It was a simple question.

Unless you had a special skill like teleportation, it would be impossible to arrive at the demonic beast location within five minutes.

「At that time, I would have set up a teleportation gate in your room. However setting up the correct coordinates is troublesome and it has quite a burden, so can’t be heavily used」(Bell)

「What do you mean burden?」(Bell)

「Fumu. Specifically, 10 years of your lifespan would be consumed each time you teleport」(Bell)

「……I’m really glad my unique skill is teleportation, truly….」(Tsugumi)

He felt like he had been told something outrageous, what does Bell think of a person’s lifespan?

However it was true that Tsugumi was extremely fortunate. After what Bell had said, he really felt like crying due to his fortunes.

Whilst he was thinking that way, the chime of his doorbell rang.

「Has Yukitaka come? It’s still only three o’clock」(Tsugumi)

After all, it was currently time for afternoon class.

Tsugumi had a reason to be absent from school, but was it okay for Yukitaka not to attend? Well, he didn’t think that his cunning friend would drop credits though.

「Bell-sama, it looks like my friend has come. I will go meet him for a little while…..umm, will you not show your face please?」(Tsugumi)

「Idiot. Why would I appear in front of people? go quickly」(Bell)

Tsugumi felt like it would be troublesome if he showed himself, but he replied this way.

—Certainly when you think about it, he wondered why this high-ranking God didn’t want to be involved with people. Perhaps if he knew the answer, he would be stunned again. With those thoughts in mind, he walked to the front door.

He examined the other party using a monitor near the door.

The person who stood there, was just as he imagined.

「Yo, Tsugumi-chan, you’re looking well」(Yukitaka)

Yukitaka said as he waved his right hand.

「…..Maa, you’re here early. Did something happen at school again?」(Tsugumi)

「No, today I just skipped. There was no Tsugumi-chan, so I had nothing to do after school and my classmates were so noisy and annoying」(Yukitaka)

With that said, Yukitaka had a dissatisfied expression on his face.

Tsugumi was sure that his classmates had entangled him in something annoying, it was truly troublesome.

「Yes, this is the book you asked for—If you weren’t Tsugumi-chan, I wouldn’t forgive you for breaking your promise and running away. I don’t know what you were doing, but this debt is expensive, expensive」(Yukitaka)

「Ah, thank you, it really helps….I’ll pay you back」(Tsugumi)

Tsugumi had known that Yukitaka would notice it was a fake illness, so he was grateful that he didn’t ask any more questions about it.

Receiving the bag containing the book from Yukitaka, he checked the contents and confirmed it was the book he was looking for.

He took a quick look at the contents, but couldn’t see any noticeable stains or missing pages, it was a good quality. It would make a great gift.

But near the end of the book he noticed something.

「Eh? What is this envelope?」(Tsugumi)

On the last page of the book, there was a beautiful envelope with a golden border. What the hell is it?

When Tsugumi took out the envelope in confusion, Yukitaka opened his mouth happily, as if he had just succeeded in a prank.

「Ah, that’s my present for Tsugumi-chan, why don’t you open it?」(Yukitaka)

「Fuun? The contents are—a hot spring trip? Moreover, it’s 2 nights and 3 days, is this really okay? It seems super expensive」(Tsugumi)

「Not really. It was given to me, so I didn’t really spend any money」(Yukitaka)

The trip ticket said『Hakone bus tour, luxury hot spring sightseeing trip!』

The departure date was in the second half of december, three months later. It was around the time when school entered winter vacation.

「Heh, it’s a pair ticket so I can go with Chidori right? That is….」(Tsugumi)

「What’s wrong?」(Yukitaka)

Yukitaka was looking curious as he tilted his head. Tsugumi showed the ticket to him and pointed out the small sentence below. Seeing that, Yukitaka read it out loud.

「Etto, what is it, what?『This is a woman only pair ticket! We will be checking your ID on the day of the event, so please don’t forget it!』….Ah well, this was a gift for Chidori-chan! she can invite her friends!」(Yukitaka)

Ehe, Yukitaka tried to laugh it off, but it was painful to see.

「No, it’s not like I’m complaining. But I’m wondering how you got a hold of this….?」(Tsugumi)

Who was the person who gave this woman-only ticket to Yukitaka? Tsugumi was concerned that he was being harassed by someone.

「Well it was given by an acquaintance who said 『I’ll give it to you since I don’t need it』I only saw the part about the trip to Hakone, I’m sorry」(Yukitaka)

Perhaps he felt this was a little unfair to Tsugumi, he was bowing his head.

「I’m happy enough that you wanted to celebrate it. Thank you Yukitaka, I’ll get Chidori to thank you later」(Tsugumi)

That said, Tsugumi laughed.

Although it wasn’t as bad as Yukitaka, Tsugumi didn’t have many friends. Of these friends, Yukitaka was the only one who would come and celebrate with him. He sometimes complains about him, but to Tsugumi, Yukitaka was an important friend.

「I see. Then please say hello to Chidori-chan—I’m also here today because there’s a place nearby that I had to stop at」(Yukitaka)

「Ah, thanks for your help. Be careful on your way–see you next week at school」(Tsugumi)

「Un, see ya」(Yukitaka)

With that said, Yukitaka left.

Tsugumi exhaled as he saw Yukitaka off, a smile naturally formed.

—It was a good day today, I’m so glad I didn’t die yesterday.

『Being alive』is really wonderful, he thought that because he has experienced the edge of death before.

Tsugumi carefully held the book bag to his chest and returned to the room where Bell was.

「I’m back Bell-sama」(Tsugumi)

「Ah….what is with your face? your cheeks have loosened?」(Bell)

Bell frowned as he said that, as if he had seen something strange.

…..Was it really strange? Tsugumi didn’t intend to show such a face.

「Ano, I need to consult you on something. Can I be free tomorrow afternoon? there is something I have to do」(Tsugumi)

Bell had promised that he would consider allowing Tsugumi to live a normal life. However as much as possible, Tsugumi wanted to act in line with Bell’s wishes. That was the only repayment he could give him.

But only tomorrow afternoon was a different story. He wanted to spend the afternoon as the family of Nanase Chidori, not the servant of Bell.

「I don’t mind, we can’t hunt demonic beasts every day. However for you to say this, is it a really important matter?」(Bell)

「…..It’s mine and my sister, Chidori’s birthday. At our age a『Birthday Party』might seem ridiculous to Bell-sama, but for me my sister is my only family, so I want to do something」(Tsugumi)

「Birthday? Hmm, the ancient people used to celebrate the turn of the new year, but now they celebrate individually? Hey, is the day you were born tomorrow?」(Bell)

「That should be the case, but due to an accident my sister’s memory and my memory is very vague, so it might not be accurate. Regardless, our current family register says so」(Tsugumi)

「Did you even say anything? You don’t know how to reply to me at all do you?」(Bell)

Since the other person is a God, it would be best to properly tell the truth. That’s what Tsugumi thought, but Bell didn’t seem interested. Well, he had thought as much.

「Fumu, it’s the duty of a contractor to look after his servants–Oi」(Bell)

Bell thoughtfully put his paw on his chin and called out to Tsugumi.

「What is it?」(Tsugumi)

「You are free tomorrow afternoon, but go along with me in the morning」(Bell)

To those words, Tsugumi stroked his chest. It looks like he was safe for the time being.

….But what exactly were they doing in the morning?

「That’s okay, but tomorrow we aren’t hunting a demonic beast right? Then what are we doing?」(Tsugumi)

When Bell heard that, he began to grin.

「What—let’s call it a『Date』」(Bell)

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