Lonely Otaku – Chapter 22

TLN: Just so you know, it seems like he’s making up names for this anime. Even the anime itself isn’t actually classroom of the elite, but it’s pretty clear it’s what he’s talking about.

Arc 1 – Changing Everyday

Chapter 22 – Careless remarks are fatal

Currently I was watching my favorite anime on blu-ray『Classroom of the Elite』

This anime—because it was quite different to the original, it got a lot of fans angry….but honestly I really like it.

Certainly, the story is so different even I said『Haa!?』in the middle of it.

In particular, my favorite character『Karasawa Megumi』started out as a mob character, who seemed understandable from the eyes of the viewer, but eventually became popular with girls.

However in the original, she became the only friend of the main character.

Because she had worked with the protagonist from the start, she was torn down by a classmate looking for the protagonist’s identity, but I liked the preciousness of trying to protect the protagonist without betraying him.

The story of where she eventually got closer to the protagonist was stolen by another heroine, I was quite shocked—but it didn’t negatively affect my enjoyment of the work.

The opening of the anime was very good, and they had selected voice actors that matched their character’s image perfectly. The story has changed, but I still found it interesting.

A strategic battle that revolves around the intelligence of the students.

The protagonist who hates to stand out and tries to work behind the scenes.

The animation of the strategic battles was extremely addictive.

Therefore it was well received by the people who had only watched the anime, without knowing of the light novel.

That aside….I also liked the Chinese girl who didn’t come out much.

I also liked this character—the girl on the TV’s voice at dinner was very similar to hers.

The voice actor who plays the Chinese girl is a newcomer to the field, Akigatana Uoharu.

…..I have a lot to say about her name….but she was popular with newcomers due to her cute voice. (TLN: Her name is 秋刀魚春, 秋刀 literally means “Autumn” then “Sword” whereas 魚春 means “Fish” then the season “Spring”)

That person’s voice—was similar to Haruka’s.

…..did I think she sounded feminine?

Do I like the wavering voice of a woman….?

It can’t be helped, I like what I like.

So why am I talking about anime by myself…?

Leave me alone….sometimes I also want to escape reality….

That’s right—my heart has been exhausted these last two days.

Mainly because of the unspeakable allegations made by the blonde gal that was chasing after me so persistently….



Whilst I was meddling in my depression alone, the door to my room was knocked on.

…..is it Sakura-chan….?

Eh…..maybe she only forgave me because she was in front of Momoi, but was actually still angry…?  

That said, I can’t ignore it…

「Who is it…?」(Kaito)

After pausing the anime, I said so and opened the door.

「Good Eve—」(???)


—I immediately closed the door.

「Wait–!? Why did you close the door!? Open it, hey!!」(???)

I thought Sakura had come, but it was Momoi instead….

「No way! You complained so much earlier, but you still want to complain even now!」(Kaito)

「That’s not it! I have something I need to do!」(Momoi)

「What do you need to do!?」(Kaito)

「For the time being, open the door! Then I’ll explain everything!」(Momoi) 

With that said, Momoi pulled the door hard.

Opposite of Momoi, I kept pulling the door from the inside.


Why are there no locks inside this house!?

Until now I didn’t care because it was only me and my dad, but if Momoi and her friends come here, won’t it become a problem if I can’t lock it!?

「Wait, why won’t it open!?」(Momoi)

「For the time being, I’ll open it after listening to your requirements!」(Kaito)

「Why!? Is it a problem if I see it!?」(Momoi)

「Wh, what do you mean see it!?」(Kaito)

「For example, that’s right Eroge! ……~~~~~~~! Why did you make me say that!?」(Momoi)

「You should know! I didn’t think you would say that, I don’t even have such a thing!」(Kaito)

……wait a minute….

Why is this girl focusing on eroge?

Usually, wouldn’t you think of AV or erotic books? (TLN: AV means Adult Video AKA porn)

No that’s not the problem, I don’t have any of those two!

Or rather it would be difficult to find my eroge, I’ve used a hidden file properly.

Therefore there is no problem.


「Then, open it quickly!」(Momoi)

「If I open it, will a storm of rants fly towards me!?」(Kaito)

「Do you think I would do that!?」(Momoi)

「You, look back at your previous actions for once!」(Kaito)


Momoi fell silent and stopped pulling the door.

Apparently she was really looking back on her previous actions.

Really, this girl is so serious…

「—it’s fine isn’t it, open it!!」(Momoi)

「Y—you, I thought you were seriously looking back just now, but you cheated!!」(Kaito)

「It’s your imagination! Ah, Sakura it’s fine!」(Momoi)


Hearing Sakura-chan’s name, I reflexively stiffen.

In that gap, Momoi managed to open the door.

I seem to have been traumatized by Sakura-chan….

「Finally….haa…it’s open….seriously….haa….haa….what…bad things from the past are you even talking about…」(Momoi)

Momoi said that whilst out of breath.

….she got me….!

「You, Sakura-chan isn’t even there!」(Kaito)

「Ara, I see, it must have been in my mind right?」(Momoi)

To my words, Momoi tilted her head to the side in confusion.

「Oi, honor student. Why use such dirty methods….?」(Kaito)

「You don’t need me to tell you right? Would you have let me in earlier?」(Momoi)

「….Why do you need to come inside? I just have to listen to the matter right?」(Kaito)

I say so with a frown and turn to Momoi.

Actually, when Momoi tried to enter, I knew she had something to do on my computer, but I wasn’t convinced so resisted.

Besides, she had brought two PET bottles….

Will one be given to me….?

Because of her personality, I feel like she would dare to drink both in front of me….

「Haa….I don’t know….can you lend me your computer? I need to prepare the necessary materials for the student council」(Momoi)


Despite expecting Momoi’s action, I still complained.

Why does this girl have this attitude when she came to borrow something?

I mean, how is the student council even managed…?

If you have to take it home to work on it, then reschedule it properly…

Well it can’t be helped as she’s already brought it back.

If I don’t lend her my computer here, she’ll be in trouble in school…

「Got it, come in….」(Kaito)


Following my words, Momoi enters my room.


Did she think I wouldn’t let her borrow my computer and get her in trouble?

…..No I’m afraid to hear the rest, so let’s stop that line of thinking….


Momoi who came inside, stopped for some reason.

What happened?

When I followed Momoi’s gaze—she was looking at the TV screen, where the anime was currently paused.

….come to think of it, was this girl happy with the light novels from last time…?

What’s more, it was a light novel with the title『Eroge』in it’s name.

Perhaps that’s why she answered with Eroge when she was fighting to get into the room.

Well, this is interesting.

「What’s wrong Momoi? Are you interested in this anime?」(Kaito)

To my question, Momoi glared at me.

I’m sure she’s interested….

So let’s provoke her and see.

This anime is interesting, what’s more it’s a battle of strategy. So the smart Momoi should enjoy it.

「Mhm, that’s right. Do you like this anime too?」(Momoi)

「I see I see, if you make that stupid……eh? You like it?」(Kaito)

「Is something wrong?」(Momoi)



Do I not know this girl?

The story is very interesting, but the only people who know of it are otakus right?

…..ah, I see.

Maybe she liked the light novel I lent her and read the light novel Sakura-chan had borrowed from a friend.

After that she probably started watching the anime.


But doesn’t that mean that Momoi liked the light novel with『Eroge』in the title…?

No, that novel is certainly interesting.

All the heroines are cute and unique, even though one of the heroines is a perfect honor student like Momoi, she tries to do things to the protagonist like from an eroge, annoying him and causing embarrassment. The guy’s sister is also an airhead, so the protagonist’s life is like a typhoon.

But that novel is a harem that only boys would like, right?

Some girls might like it, but not Momoi right….?

Momoi is actually aloof and an honor student like the heroine from the light novel, could she actually be gentle?

…..no way.

That’s not possible.

If Momoi had such a personality, I don’t know what I’d look like anymore.

…..I wonder if I can change her personality like the heroine and start our family life all over again?

Whilst I was thinking that, I saw Momoi staring at me.


Did it show on my face…?

「Hey by the way, which character do you like most in the anime?」(Momoi)

Momoi asked.

I thought『Eh?』but remembered the rant I received last time I reacted like that, so quickly swallowed my words.

Then, I casually answered the name of my favorite character.

「『Karasawa Megumi』is it?」(Momoi)

When I answered like that, the light disappeared from Momoi’s eyes.


Why those eyes!?

I just answered the name of my favorite character!?

「….you said the name of a character from the anime right…?」(Momoi)

「Eh….ah, that’s right…」(Kaito)

I nod with a bitter smile to Momoi’s words.

…..『Karasawa Megumi』even though she only comes out once in the first episode!?

Is that it?

Should I choose someone who appears properly after the first episode….?


「I meant『Ichinose Nami』」(Kaito)

—-I said. She was a heroine from another class, her smile is cute and she’s an excellent friend to her friends.

It should be fine as she has a firm role in the anime.


….eh, what kind of sound was that?

I look at the person who made that sound.


「Aaaaaah! What are you doing!」(Kaito)

—Momoi was squeezing the bottle she was holding in her right hand.

Eh, what’s up with this girl’s grip strength that she can squeeze a PET bottle with a closed lid!?

Thanks to that, juice has sprinkled all over my bedroom floor.

「…..What is it?」(Momoi)

「No, nothing….」(Kaito)

Momoi, who had lost the light from her eyes, glared at me.

What do you mean!?

What’s wrong with this girl!?

「I see….then what about『Horiyama Suzu』…..?」(Momoi)

Dangerous…with this pattern, will this girl act crazy if I get the answer wrong?

Why are you smiling at me with your eyes devoid of life!?

You, you never usually smile at me!?

……no, there was one time….but I don’t feel that sense of kindness now….!

My brain works at full capacity to derive an answer.

Certainly『Horiyama Suzu』is good at studying and exercising like Momoi, but she’s a character who gradually shows here compassion!?

Eh, but in the anime she hasn’t grown to that extent yet!?

……Yosh, let’s answer like this.

「She’s certainly a beautiful character, but she’s lonely because of her bad mouth and aloofness, however in reality she’s a girl who works hard to get closer to her brother, and I like girls who work hard on something like that」(Kaito)

—By saying both the good and the bad about the character, I had lost the feeling like I was smoothing it over, but I just gave my honest impressions.


「I see….you thought about that character a lot. She’s lonely, but really kind」(Momoi)  

–Momoi smiled.

I feel relief at that.

I’m glad…apparently my answer was the right one.

…the kind part of her doesn’t appear in the anime, but I’ll stop that tsukkomi.

If I said that, Momoi might fight back again…

Perhaps that girl is her favorite character.

Maybe she was watching it by herself.

….Isn’t is amazing how similar Momoi is to the character that appeared in the anime?

It’s easy to forget recently, but she’s still a high-spec character…

Will her personality get better like『Horiyama Suzu』?

The chance of that is probably 1%….

It’s been a while since this girl has shown any compassion…

….Oh, that reminds me.

「—Recently the original has been overshadowed….」(Kaito)


Did I say that out loud!?

Perhaps I was too relieved, I said something I was thinking.

I look at Momoi nervously.


「Fufu, right? I wonder why the girl who was the main character is getting a thinner presence?」(Momoi)

—Momoi looked at me and laughed. 

Of course, she lost the light from her eyes…

In Momoi’s left hand, there was only an empty PET bottle that had been crushed and it’s contents spilled everywhere.

….It’s unnecessary to explain why this is happening anymore…

—-Un, you’re in the most danger when you begin to relax…

I didn’t care that my room was dirty anymore, I just regretted my careless remarks–

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  1. Got to respect the MC for not being beta as fuck and trying to slam the door in her face. And am I on LSD or did Momoi actually try and be somewhat less of a bitch to him? This whole chapter went pretty much the exact opposite direction then I expected.


  2. Karasawa Megumi = Karuizawa Kei
    Ichinose Nami = Ichinose Honami
    Horiyama Suzu = Horikita Suzune

    I’m assuming the Chinese girl she’s talking about is Mii-chan
    also, “stolen by another heroine” ≠ NTR
    The LN is really good for those who haven’t read it yet

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  3. For those who haven’t read/watched Classroom of the Elite, “Karasawa Megumi” (Karuizawa Kei in Cote) is blonde and kinda? like Saijo.. “Ichinose Nami” (Ichinose Honami) I is also blonde and not like any character whose appeared so far (I think?).


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