Refuse Reverse Harem – Prologue

TLN: I can’t tell you how many prologues I’ve translated before finding a novel I like. It must be about 8 by now, though some of them I stopped translating part-way.

I have bought the 2 LN volumes for this novel so will supplement the story with images when I can. For the record, this is the cover art:

I have 1 more novel I’m thinking of picking up and I’ve ordered the LN. Unfortunately, there is no kindle version so I have to wait until February 2nd at the latest to get a hold of the physical version.

Kind of hard to tell if it’s 3rd or 1st person. The author started in 3rd person and uses brackets for first person, however he then switches and randomly goes into 1st person. For now, I’ll keep it as written, but the novel will likely be third person.

Lonely Otaku chapter will come out today, it’s half translated/edited right now.


Nakamura Yuu, 25 years old.

Currently Yuu was feeling the danger that comes from getting a year older.

After graduating from high school Yuu took a job in sales, and finally after 7 long years he retired from the company to pursue a new goal. He had finally earned the funds required to move into the field he had always dreamed of.

A long time friend of Yuu’s had invited him to travel around Europe using the money he had won in a lottery, saying that it was to celebrate his new start.

For the first time Yuu had left Japan, and was impressed by the history and architecture that was completely different that what he had known, he was thankful to his friend for bringing him.

But who would have thought that the main attraction of the trip, the luxury cruise liner, would sink?


This airless world easily had the power to stop the breath of humans.

His body was thrown off of the ship and was sinking in the sea, the energy and strength to struggle had already been sapped away by the coldness of the water.

(It’s no use…)

The feeling of giving up spreads through his chest. His body that had now stopped moving, sank into the deep blue sea as if being swallowed by it.

(At least Tenma, that guy)

He wished for him to have lived.

The moment he thought that, someone grabbed his arm that he had stretched out during his struggle.


It was his best friend who had grabbed his arm.

He was trying to pull him up in a desperate manner that Yuu had never seen before.

In the raging sea where he could hear no voices, he felt as if Tenma was calling his name just like he was.

He had immediately rushed in to help.

But he knew it was impossible.

(Stupid, unlike me who lives alone you have a family waiting for you to return)

He laughed in the cold sea.

For Yuu, he felt happy dying knowing that his best friend had risked his life to try and save him. That was enough for him.

That’s why with his last ounce of strength, he pushed Tenma away from him. With the hope in his heart that at least he will be saved.


Tenma’s shock was clearly transmitted.

With that push, his best friend rose closer to the surface of the sea, whilst he sank lower into the deep sea.

Yuu was no longer scared of the deep sea, he felt no fear anymore.

Ah, God-sama.

If there is a God in this world.


Please at least let Tenma return safely.

Use the extinguishing of my life as substitute. (TLN: He uses “Ore no” which is basically “My”, but this is the first time he has used 1st person pronouns like “Ore” which means it has switched from 3rd to 1st person, forgive my confusion here)

If this life alone isn’t enough, then in the next life use me as your priest.

Whether my next life is fortunate or unfortunate, I’m sure I’ll be born a beautiful person, for some reason I have a lot of confidence in that regard.

I don’t know if reincarnation exists.

Regardless I just pray.


He was the only one who had been my friend since childhood.

He was the only one who gave colour to my lonely world.

That’s why, God-sama, God-sama.

Within my broken consciousness.

The consciousness that was sinking to the bottom of the sea.

I was hoping for only one thing–


When Yuu’s consciousness returned, he was in a warm, but dark sea.

There was no fear, no sense of cold. There was just a moment of calm. He wasn’t sure where this was, but he was not worried about being in such a comfortable place and had no intention of opening his eyes to check where he was.

(Ah, I want to stay here forever…)

However his wish did not come true, as he was pushed out of the warm dark sea into the light.

He wasn’t sure what had happened, but a feeling of discomfort struck his whole body.

Until now, he didn’t even think about breathing, he just slept comfortably. However now he found that he couldn’t breathe well and was struggling to breathe.

(Uuuuuuu! What, what, what is this!? It feels horrible!!!)

His body was very heavy. He couldn’t feel gravity before he entered the light, but now that he had, he could feel a large load on his body. He tried to raise his voice in defiance of the heaviness, but he couldn’t hear his voice. Were his ears going crazy? he could only hear a baby crying.

Whilst he was upset and feeling a sense of panic and fear, he felt as if he was suddenly wrapped in something warm. It was very similar to the warm sea he was in previously. It took a little time before he realized it was a human arm.

Embraced by these warm arms, a pair of fingertips gently brushed his cheeks.

「Ah, God-sama thank you! What an adorable child」(???)

The first thing he could hear was low-pitched man’s voice expressing his gratitude. Perhaps he was crying, his voice was trembling.

「Sophie. Your name is Sophie. My dear child, please grow up healthy」(???)

This time it was the voice of a woman, who whispered gently and compassionately. Even though her voice was weak, her words were filled with strength.

(Wh…at? Who is Sophie?)

Even though he could now open his eyes, everything was blurry, so he didn’t really understand the current situation.

Adorable child?

Dear child?

What’s with this?

(….I wonder if that person thought this way when I was born)

He remembered his own mother who had abandoned him when he was young, but quickly denied it as he had no feelings of ever being loved. He was an unloved child.

(But it’s okay…)

His best friend was like his family, always by his side. Thanks to his best friend, he was able to live a sufficient life for himself. He felt happy that he had died with someone of such warmth by his side.

He thinks that whilst hearing the name「Sophie」spoken with such love and care.

(I don’t know who you are Sophie, but I hope you are a child who is well loved by her parents)

He wanted her to be a child beloved by both her parents and friends alike.

In such a world where his visibility was low he wished for the happiness of a child he didn’t even know the face of, Sophie…

Yuu began to wonder where he was now. Where had his soul that should have died gone?

The baby’s cries became louder.

This is Sophie crying?

It sounded so close, but he couldn’t perceive her existence.

(Sophie, where are you?)

The cries got stronger. Even though she was crying so much, he had no idea where she was.

「Sophie, the most precious thing in our lives」(???)

A pleasant voice reached his ears, a voice that conveyed motherly love for a child.

Only then did he realize that the voice was directed at him.

At the same time he realized that the baby’s cries belonged to him, his consciousness was cut off there.

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7 thoughts on “Refuse Reverse Harem – Prologue

  1. Thanks for bringing this story into light. I will look forward to your translations of this one. One thing I find weird is when your wording “God-sama”…. I’d prefer if you just put Kami-sama or remove the sama altogether… just a suggestion :}
    Thanks for this prologue~


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