Lonely Otaku – Chapter 17

TLN: May have found a good novel to translate, but I’ll have to see how it goes. It’s a novel that has only had it’s prologue translated about 1/2 years ago and the website that’s hosting the prologue is down so it should be fair game for me to take.

It has 3 volumes of a light novel so I can easily source images.

Arc 1 – Changing Everyday

Chapter 17 – Just as I thought, this is crazy


「Nn? What is it, Kaito?」

Saijo happily answers my call.

I didn’t feel anything bad from her expression.

To that Saijo, I—

「Now, I want to furiously cut off that side ponytail part of your hair, is that okay?」(Kaito)

–I reply with a straight face.

「No that’s no good at all!? If you do that, my hairstyle will change!」(Saijo)

Saijo who answers me, has an angered expression.

「I see….then how about using clippers and going fully bald?」(Kaito)

「What’s with that!? Or rather, aren’t your suggestions getting worse!?」(Saijo)

「…..I’m a selfish guy….」(Kaito) (TLN: Off topic, but on topic. Kaito uses “Wagamama” to mean selfish/greedy, I’m sure some of you have seen the adverts for the company Wagamama which uses the JP for greedy)

「No no no no no no! It’s strange! This person is crazy!」(Saijo)

She doesn’t like it….

Just how hard are you going to deny it?

Sure you might think someone is crazy if they suddenly said that to you–but I still wanted to cut off her hair that was annoying me.

Of course, there’s a reason for this.

That was–

「Why are you leaving school with your arms linked with mine?」(Kaito)

That’s right—when school ended, Saijo came running up to me and linked arms.

Naturally I refused her.

However, she never let go and as such we were the focus of attention.

Also, whenever I try and peel my arm away–

『Kyaaaaaa! Kanzaki-kun is molesting me!』

Is what she shouts!

It, is, strange, right?

She’s the one hugging me, so why am I the molester if I touch her arm to get her to let go!?

No, the people around me probably know the truth–even though they know that, why are they looking at me with gazes as if I’m guilty…?

I wanted to avoid those glances as if I’m an insect, so I gave up my arm to Saijo.

Because Saijo is hugging my arm, her hair tied to the side of her head keeps hitting my face, tickling me.

Originally I was trying to avoid standing out, but the stress of the attention I was getting from leaving school with Saijo hugging me, as well as the hair tickling my face was irritating.

…seriously, let’s cut off this ponytail…. 

「—hey, why don’t you hug me?」(Saijo)

Saijo looks at me with a questioning expression.


What’s with that look?

She’s looking at me as if I’m doing something wrong…?

「No, why are you looking at me like that? Isn’t it strange to hug in the first place?」(Kaito)

「Eh~? but it’s normal for friends right?」(Saijo)

Is that so…?

Is it normal for friends to walk whilst hugging each other’s arms…?

…well it’s true that I see some students walking like that.

「—no no, isn’t that only with the same sex!?」(Kaito)

I was almost convinced for a moment, before I thought again.

Even if she says friends, it’s something only girls do, there were no men and women pairs hugging arms.

To my words Saijo responds–

「Eh—Kaito want’s to hug arms with men….? Sorry…I’m a woman…」(Saijo)

She slightly drew back from me.

「What do you mean!? How did you come to that conclusion!?」(Kaito)

「That’s because you said same-sex….」(Saijo)

「I meant girls!」(Kaito)

Saijo giggles at my words.


「Sorry sorry, yeah—I knew that」(Saijo)

「You…have a bad personality…」(Kaito)

「Eh~….isn’t that a bit mean? Kaito seemed a little irritated, so I thought I’d help you relax」(Saijo)

Saijo said so and puffed her cheeks up in frustration.

….no the main cause of my irritation is you…..

「That’s why, it’s not strange for us to hug arms with each other, right?」(Saijo)

「Ha…? Why?」(Kaito)

I can’t understand Saijo’s words, so I ask her.

In response, she opened her mouth happily.

「Because we’re starting as friends, then dating, then finally getting married right? so there’s no problem doing this」(Saijo)

Saying that, she smiled.

….wait a moment….

Eh, is that what we promised at lunch today?

Isn’t that a giant leap forward?

「I don’t get what you mean…didn’t we only become friends…?」(Kaito)

「Eh~ what are you talking about? didn’t you say that we should start as friends? Kaito agreed to that, so it’s too late to back out now」(Saijo)


I thought she was twisting my words, but did I say that…?

….eh, I don’t get it….

Who is in the wrong, me or Saijo….?

I somehow understand what Saijo is getting at….

…but for now, I’ll just respond like this.

「As I thought, you’re crazy you knoooooow!?」

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    1. I don’t think RAWs will disappear, but if they do then I’ll do the LN. However I think the LN is very far behind because this chapter is in Volume 2 of the LN and there are only 2 volumes out right now.


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