Lonely Otaku – Chapter 13

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Arc 1 – Changing everyday

Chapter 13 – Otakus suddenly change if their important things are hurt….

「—heh, such cute underwear」(Saijo)

Saying that, Saijo-san and her friends start taking photos of me.

I keep posing in the way I’m told to.

I couldn’t resist anymore…

「Momoi-chan? What’s this?」(Saijo)


Saijo-san showed me something.


「That’s right~! Now then, what do you think it’s used for~?」(Saijo)

She smiled as she said such a thing,

「It….it couldn’t be…」(Momoi)

I hurriedly covered my chest with my hands.

「Ooh~ Definitely an honour student, correct guess~!」(Saijo)

Saijo-san grins whilst looking at me.

Ah, demon….

This girl…is nothing but a demon….

「Well before that, I’ll tell you something good. I’m going to have a party for Momoi-chan tomorrow~」(Saijo)


「That’s right~ Tomorrow I’ll invite all the boy to have a fun party~」(Saijo)

「Waa~ we’re finally doing it, Kirara-chan!」(???)

「Finally, we get to see Momoi-chan get destroyed!」(???)

With that said, they all started laughing happily.

So cruel….so cruel….

Why….why can they say such a thing to my face…?

「But Kirara-chan, if that’s the case why not do it quickly? Why do it in such a roundabout way?」(???)

「Hmm…well to be honest, there was a mistake in my calculations. Or rather, I read Momoi-chan incorrectly….well I didn’t think too much about it in truth. Besides, it was fun driving Momoi-chan into a corner~」(Saijo)

「Ahaha, that’s right~ Momoi-chan who always has such an apathetic face now looks like this. Kirara-chan is amazing~!」(???)

「Fufu, you’ll see more amazing things tomorrow~」(Saijo)

Saying that, Saijo-san stroked my head.

「Tomorrow, I’m going to make sure Momoi-chan is broken on video, okay?」(Saijo)

「No…I hate it…I won’t do it….」(Momoi)

「Fufu, are you sure you want to say that? If you do, I’ll make sure your imouto goes through the same thing you have」(Saijo)

She lowered her voice and turned her cold eyes towards me.

「What would your imouto think if she found out that her onee-chan was doing such things? If I say『if you listen to what I say, I’ll release your sister』what do you think she will do?」(Saijo)

「No, no way…」(Momoi)

No way…if she says such a thing, that kid will definitely listen to what she says…

「Please….please don’t touch Sakura….」(Momoi)

「Then, you know what to do right?」(Saijo)


My whole body was weak as I lay on the cold ground.

…..it’s impossible…I can’t go on….


I couldn’t hold back my tears any longer…

「Ah, you finally cried~ I tried my best for so long and you didn’t cry. Is the idea so disgusting?」(Saijo)

「No..please…please…forgive me…」(Momoi)

「Ahaha, it’s okay~ you know it only hurts in the beginning, it’s seems to feel very good after that. Well I don’t really know ’cause I have no experience~」(Saijo)

「Eeh? You have no experience Kirara-chan? I thought for sure you had already done it」(???)

They ignored my plea and started excitedly talking about another topic.

「I haven’t done it, there are no worthy guys around after all」(Saijo)

「Then what about Minami-kun? He’s really handsome isn’t he?」(???)

「Ah~ no way. I’m not looking for handsome looks. I’m looking for a man who makes me feel scared. Well it’s an absolute requirement that they also look cool~ 」(Saijo)

「Kirara-chan’s ideal guy is so strange~」(???)

「That’s right~ then let’s add our finishing touches here~」(Saijo)

With that said, Saijo-san turns around and walks towards me.

With scissors in her hand–

「Stay, stay back!」(Momoi)

I felt a sudden sense of danger and shouted.

「Oh~ you still have the energy to say that? Fufu, you don’t have to look so scared you know? Once I’ve taken a few naked photos, I’ll end the session for today~」(Saijo)

「No way! I hate it!」(Momoi)

「Miyu, Aoi, hold her down~」(Saijo)


Following Saijo-san’s orders, the two of them hold me down by my left and right hands.

「Le, let me go!」(Momoi)

「Ahaha, if you thrash about so much, I might cut your skin with the scissors you know?」(Saijo)

「Stop! Don’t come near me!」(Momoi)

I scream as hard as I can.

However no-one is even paying attention to my cry for help.

Saijo-san slowly approached me whilst smiling.

Her method of walking was extremely slow.

She was doing it deliberately to increase my fear.

Please…help me…someone….

As I strongly wished in my mind…


With that sound, the door to the gymnasium opened.

I reflexively look towards the door.

—why…why….is he here?

—When I opened the door to the gymnasium, I saw Momoi in her underwear being held down by two girls as Saijo was approaching with a pair of scissors in her hands.

「Kanzaki…? Didn’t you take a leave from school…?」(Nishimura)

Nishimura asked me with a suspicious expression.

As Nishimura said, I haven’t been at school recently.

She’s wondering why I’m here in my uniform.

But I couldn’t be bothered to answer her.

I was so angry I could feel my intestines boiling.

Whether or not they recognize my feelings, they don’t look away from me.


「Ah, I thought about something good~」(Saijo)

Saijo suddenly said as she walked towards me.

「Hey, Kanzaki. You’re a virgin right? How would you like to “do” the most popular girl in school?」(Saijo)

Saying that, she pointed to Momoi.

I glance at Saijo and sigh.

I then look at Momoi.

The two people holding Momoi down, release her.

「Go on Kanzaki, do it quickly」(Saijo)

With that said, Saijo pushed my back.

Following her words, I walked towards Momoi and removed my shirt.


Momoi was looking at me with a frightened expression.

It’s not unreasonable of her to be frightened in this situation.

Looking at this from a distance, it would look like I was trying to have my way with Momoi.

From behind me, I could her Saijo and her group’s laughter.

—-but I didn’t pay attention to them.


As I called her name, Momoi shut her eyes tightly.

She adopted an attitude as if she was going to have to endure something.

To that Momoi—

「Wear this」(Kaito)

I put my polo shirt on Momoi’s shoulders.


Momoi looked at me with a surprised expression.

「I’m sorry….but that’s all I can give you right now. By the way, can I borrow Momoi’s hairclip?」(Kaito)

I crouched down to Momoi and asked.


Momoi obediently followed my words, removed her hair-clip from her hair and gave it to me.

I then use it to fasten my bangs out of my way.

Yes—this looks good. 

I once again look at Momoi’s face.

Momoi’s face was dyed red, likely from the embarrassment of me seeing her in her underwear.

There are tears in her eyes.

It’s easy to see the abuse she has had to endure, it’s not hard to imagine that she was terrified.

「–what are you trying to do, Kanzaki?」(Saijo)

From behind me, Saijo spoke with a low voice.

Probably because I did something she didn’t expect.

I stand up and look towards Seijo and the others.

Saijo and her friends were surprised when they saw my face.

「Hmm…did you always have this kind of face?…a little, no it’s really surprising, but no matter how you look, the contents inside are still a loner-kun right?」(Saijo)

With that said, Saijo gave me a mocking look.

They think that because I’m alone, I can’t do anything.

I look into Saijo’s eyes and talk back to her.

「Oi Saijo, don’t you know this is a crime?」(Kaito)

To my words, Saijo’s mouth distorts into a laugh.

「Crime~? What are you saying? This is something Momoi-chan agreed to. Isn’t that right Momoi-chan~?」(Saijo)

With that, Saijo looks towards Momoi.

Looking at Momoi’s face, it’s dyed with horror.

Momoi, who had been called out by Saijo, opened her mouth to speak.

「Kanzaki-kun….we were just playing…don’t worry…」(Momoi)

Momoi replied with a quivering voice.

It seems that her heart was completely broken.

I look away from Momoi and towards Saijo.

「Do you understand? Momoi-chan can’t go against me anymore~ If you try and stop me, I’ll release her embarrassing photos to everyone, so good luck suing me~」(Saijo) (TLN: I’m guessing the idea here is that if she releases the images to everyone, then it would be hard to track down who released them)

Saijo’s mouth distorted into a smile.

On the contrary, Momoi has slumped down like a doll.

I gently pet Momoi’s head.

Momoi whose head was pat by me, looks up with tears in her eyes.

From her expression, it seems as though she has completely given up. 

So I–

「It’ll be okay—leave it to me」(Momoi)

—I smiled gently.

「—are you messing around?」(Saijo)

Saijo, who had heard my earlier words, started glaring at me.


I tilted my head to Saijo’s words.

Maybe she was angry at my words–she frowned for a moment before opening her mouth.

「Do you think you can do anything in this situation? Let me tell you something, if you try anything I’ll spread these photos everywhere」(Saijo)

With that said, Saijo waves her smartphone around.

I take my eyes off of Saijo and look at my watch.

The current time was 17:59:50.

After checking the time, I clasped my right hand and rotated it to show Saijo and the others my watch.


「Ha? What are you doing so suddenly?」(Saijo)

Saijo and her friends were confused, but I didn’t stop my countdown.


I opened my right hand as I said the word『Bon–

「Ahaha, did you go crazy due to fear?」(Saijo)

Saijo and her friends ridicule me.

In response I talk to them with a smile.

「Hey you guys, look at your image gallery on your smartphone」(Kaito)


「Do you really have those pictures of Momoi that you say you do?」(Kaito)

To my words, Saijo and her friends immediately check their smartphones.



—the screams of Saijo and her friends echo in the gymnasium.

「What did you do!?」(Saijo)

Saijo glared at me with an amazing expression.

She had lost all composure.

I shrug my shoulders to her question.

「Who knows, what are you talking about anyway? I didn’t do anything?」(Kaito)

「Don’t deny it! It’s not just Momoi’s images and videos, all my images and videos have been deleted! You definitely did something!」(Saijo)

Instead of answering Saijo’s question, I turn towards Nishimura.

「Hey Nishimura, do you like the app?」(Kaito)

Nishimura suspiciously tilts her head at my words.

「What the hell’s with that?」(Nishimura)

「It’s an app that speeds up your smartphone, didn’t you have a problem with your smartphone being slow?」(Kaito)

When I told her that, her expression changed in the blink of an eye.

She knows what I’m getting at.

–I chose Nishimura as my prey because she had previously complained about her smartphone being slow in class.

She’s the type who acts without thinking about things, she also has the character of sharing all her likes and dislikes with her friends.

So I targeted her.

「Aoi, where did you get the app!?」(Saijo)

Saijo approached Nishimura.

In response, she opened her mouth to apologize.

「Ano…I got an email a few days ago saying it was free and that I should try it out…so I tried it…」(Nishimura)

Saijo and Shimizu both opened their eyes wide to her words.

「Are you an idiot!? You’re supposed to ignore emails like that!!」(Saijo)

「That’s right Aoi! What did you do!」(Shimizu)

「That’s because! I never thought this would happen!」(Aoi)

Nishimura answers the angry Saijo whilst in tears.

「Well…it doesn’t matter….I have a backup on my home computer…」(Saijo)

Saijo muttered.

Saijo’s words make Nishimura and Shimizu feel relieved.

Probably because Saijo’s anger had abated.


「Then let me ask you girls one other thing, did you put the app on your computer as well?」(Kaito)

The blood disappears from Saijo’s face.

She must have remembered putting the app on her computer.

Of course, the other girls had it on their computers too.

「No way…..the computer….」(Saijo)

「Maa, if you have the app installed, all your images and videos will have disappeared by now. The original purpose of the app was to make your smartphone or computer run faster. As a means of doing so, the app automatically imports all the data on the smartphone or computer into the app and organizes it. I simply set it to delete all the image and video data captured in the app at 18:00 today. Of course, I also made it impossible to restore」(Kaito)

「Don’t be stupid! All my photos of my boyfriend have disappeared, what will you do about it!?」(Shimizu)

It was Shimizu who yelled that.

I look coldly at Shimizu.


Shimizu looked frightened and held back her words.

So I continue talking.

「I don’t give a shit about your photos of your boyfriend, I don’t care about trash like that」(Kaito)

To my words Nishimura and Shimizu show frightened expressions.

But Saijo was different.

「Ahaha, I see. I didn’t think you could do such a thing~」(Saijo)

Saijo laughed whilst applauding.

It seems that she regained her posture in the time I spent staring at Shimizu.

She must have thought of an idea.

「It’s a pity that Momoi-chan’s photos were erased…hey Aoi, did you distribute the app to anyone other than us?」(Saijo)

「Ah, no…I’ve only sent it to Kirara-chan and Miyu-chan….」(Nishimura)

Saijo grins at Nishimura’s words.

「Fufu, Kanzaki. Unfortunately it’s not just the people here who have the pictures of Momoi-chan, I sent to pictures to all members of my group. So there are still embarrassing pictures of Momoi-chan don’t you know? Hey what will you do now? Because of your “bravery” Momoi-chan will live with embarrassment for the rest of her life. Isn’t that right you two?」(Saijo)

Saying that, Saijo looks at Nishimura and Shimizu.

The two turned their eyes to Saijo and immediately nodded.

After seeing that, Saijo turned to look at me again.

「It’ll be okay to ruin her life like this, but it’s a bit boring. Besides Kanzaki, I should thank you for deleting the images….if you submit to us, I won’t spread Momoi-chan’s images you know?」(Saijo)

Saijo was smiling as she said that. 

But her eyes weren’t smiling.

It was like she was trying to exert pressure with her gaze alone.

—this must be her bargaining technique.

If other people were negotiated in such a way, they might have swallowed the terms.

But it didn’t make much sense to me.

「Sorry, but I don’t feel like accepting those conditions」(Kaito)

I answered Saijo in such a way.

In response she squints at me.

「Hmmm….so you’re going to abandon Momoi-chan~?」(Saijo)

I shake my head to Saijo’s question.

「The point is that you have nothing to bargain with」(Kaito)

「What are you saying?」(Saijo)

「That’s a lie—right?」(Kaito)

Saijo’s eyebrows twitched at my words.

However she immediately starts smiling again.

「What are you saying? I’m telling you I really did give it out to the other members, why don’t I call them here to prove it?」(Saijo)

Saijo raises her smartphone and shows me.

Her attitude was full of confidence.

I see…at first glance it looks like she’s telling the truth.


「Ah, try it then」(Kaito)


My words stumped Saijo.

「What’s wrong? Aren’t you going to call them?」(Kaito)

Perhaps she didn’t expect such a reply.

No matter how many times Saijo lies, it’ll never work. After all I know “everything”.

「Hey Saijo–you seem to have misunderstood something. My app doesn’t just erase images and videos, you know that right?」(Kaito)


Saijo looks like she has no idea of what I’m talking about.

「I’ve downloaded all the logs from the chat app you’re using. I’ve checked every person you’ve talked to these past few days, regardless of who they are, so I know for a fact you’ve never sent any images to anyone. There’s also a conversation on there about framing Momoi as a shoplifter?」(Kaito)

My words cause Saijo’s smile to dissappear.

I look towards Shimizu.

「Hey Shimizu, not matter how much your boyfriend is your partner is the word “doing it” the only thing in your head」(Kaito)

Shimizu’s face turns deep blue.

She knows what I mean when I say that.

「Nishimura, you’re surprisingly an angry person. I didn’t think that more than half your conversations with the other girls were you complaining about the girls in the group who you seemed to be getting along with」(Kaito)

Nishimura and Shimizu have different expressions.

But both of them collapsed to the ground.

I look to the side and stare at Saijo.

「Hey Saijo. All your conversation logs are in my hands. The conversations about the things you forced Momoi to do are all there. You’ve lost」(Kaito)

Saijo laughed through her nose when I said that.

「What? you say that because you have the conversation logs? As you confirmed, we did not send any of the images of Momoi in the chat app. In other words, there’s nothing in the logs! Moreover, all the images we had, have been erased. So how do you prove what we’ve done to Momoi? There is no physical evidence. If it’s just a conversation log, it’s possible to avoid getting in trouble by saying we were just having a laugh, if I borrow the power of my parents. In other words, you can’t do anything to us with just that conversation log, right?」(Saijo)

Saijo glared at me as she said so.

Certainly, with the power of the Saijo house, it’s possible.

That’s why I purposely waited for this.

I walked to the place where Momoi was collapsed depressed.

Momoi was staring at me with a shocked expression, but I didn’t have time to deal with it.

I pick up the device I had hidden in the gymnasium. 

「As you say, I won’t be able to drive you into a corner without physical evidence. That’s why I waited this long to act」(Kaito)

With that, I showed her my hidden smartphone.

「It, it can’t be…」(Saijo)

Saijo’s expression was a mix of fear and regret.

「That’s right, I recorded all of today’s conversations. The joyful laughter of you all as Momoi cried. Also, since the data is recorded by connecting the call to my home computer, it’s useless even if you steal my smartphone」(Kaito)

When I said that, Saijo stared at me with tears in her eyes

「Do, don’t joke with me! I won’t let an loner otaku like you get in the way of my plans!」(Saijo) 

I slowly approached Saijo who was yelling at me with a desperate look on her face.

「Do, don’t come close–!」(Saijo)

Saijo shouts at me whilst holding the scissors in both hands.

But–I don’t stop.

I’m confident this woman won’t stab me.

Saijo steps back as I move forward.

「What the hell are you!? Are you really “that” Kanzaki!? Not a completely different person!?」(Saijo)

Saijo’s eyes betrayed that she couldn’t understand the current situation.

「What’s that? so what if I’m a loner otaku. But don’t you know? An otaku is a weak creature–well they may be weak normally, but if you hurt their important things, they’ll change suddenly. You hurt my dear family, that’s all」(Kaito)

After I had finished my explanation, Saijo’s back hit the wall.

I sandwich Saijo between myself and the wall to eliminate her means of escape, I then put my right hand next to her face.

I then stare at her with eyes like I’m looking at garbage.


Saijo tried to look down to escape my line of sight.

So with my free hand, I lifted her chin from below and forced her to face me.

「Le, let go!」(Saijo)

「You ignored Momoi’s pleas didn’t you? You think I’m going to listen?」(Kaito)


I lean in close to her ear and whisper.

「Hey Saijo—between you and Momoi, I wonder which one’s life is over?」(Kaito)


Saijo let out a frightened voice and tears began to flow from her eyes.

The scissors fell from her hands.

—for the next 10 seconds, Saijo didn’t resist and just merely shed tears.

After looking at her for a moment, I exhaled as if to let my feelings of anger swirling inside me escape.


「I won’t do anything」(Kaito) (TLN: Sorry guys, I know what you were hoping for, but this is arguably better. See my explanation below)

I smiled at Saijo with a gentle voice.


To my words, Saijo looked at me in surprise.

She probably didn’t expect to be told such a thing in this scenario.

To be honest, I have a strong desire to ruin Saijo and her friends lives.

But it will hurt Momoi as a result.

So instead of destroying Saijo here, I extended a helping hand.

「Then you’ll forgive me…?」(Saijo)

Saijo looks at me with tears in her eyes as she asks.

「Forgive you….well this and that are different things. What I mean is that I’m not going to do anything right now. Regardless of the circumstances, I’ve erased your precious memories. No matter what you do, you can never get those back. There are individual difference between people, but memories are irreplaceable for everyone. The fact that they are gone forever must be causing unbearable pain, so in a way it’s repaid. That’s why, if you don’t go near Momoi from now on, I won’t do anything terrible to you anymore」(Kaito)

「Repaid the pain?」(Saijo)

「That’s right. Of course, I’ll destroy you if you put a hand on Momoi’s imouto as well you know? But if you don’t do that, then I won’t do anything」(Kaito)

When I say that, Saijo gets depressed.

She may have lost her mental strength along with her peace of mind.

Saijo knows I’m not lying because I’ve been smiling this whole time.

She definitely wants to drop the issue, so I believe she won’t do anything else.

I take my eyes off of Saijo and look towards Momoi.

She looked at me stunned.

I walk up to her like that.

「–Momoi, it’s okay now」(Kaito)

When I say that, Momoi hugged me.

「Mo, momoi…?」(Kaito)

Sniff….I was scared….so scared….」(Momoi)

Momoi presses her cheek against my face and cries.

I was confused by her actions.

No matter how much she was cornered, the Momoi in front of me now is a completely different person than the Momoi I know.

I was wondering what I should say–

「You did your best」(Kaito)

—I said kindly.

When I said that, Momoi hugged me even tighter–

(TLN: I’m guessing Kaito’s choice will be controversial, but I think this is a great option. Kaito is holding on to all those girl’s weaknesses and he’s basically flipped the situation from them having blackmail material on Momoi, to him having blackmail material on all of them. Now they’ll have to walk on eggshells around both Momoi and Sakura, forever in fear that their secret will get revealed and they’ll all be imprisoned, their lives ruined. It’s a constant psychological pressure, as opposed to a few months/years of imprisonment and then freedom)

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  1. LOL! Can’t say she deserved that level of torment, but I don’t empathize with her either. She was a bitch that ran into an alpha bitch.

    And just thing all it took for her to stop hating her stepbrother(she’ll probably still be a shitty tsudere rather then showing any sort of gratitude) for literally no reason other then he was an otaku(she is too) and doesn’t have any IRL friends(neither does she) is for him to save her from staring in a gang-rape mind-break doujin for the amusement of the rich girl and potentially put himself on the shitlist of someone that will become one of the most financially powerful people in the country in a few years if he didn’t do everything perfectly.

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  2. I believe having a record with the police in japan is way severe than other countries. So he didn’t push it as he already saved momoi. But if ever he was late, he might not just ruin those individual bitches but also their family.


  3. Don’t you dare make that saijo girl a heroine, author…. of all type of heroine, the blackmail type is the worst, even annoying violent tsundere is pale in comparison…. but what did i even hope for? This is a romantic comedy, they’ll most likely try to redeem that almost criminal


  4. We live in a age of rehabilitation over execution. It’s because people think that they should get worse punishments caused America to be the haven for prison labour exploitation.

    You should look at Norway’s or Finland’s prison system. They make sure that they aren’t treating criminals like dirt just because they were too hotheaded when young


  5. I get it that he made a great choice, but it is so unsatisfying. Those pieces of shit deserved worse, I wish I could just strangle them to death.


    1. I wish the MC can just destroy the entire Saijo conglomerate and make her life miserable. Then only I’ll be satisfied.


  6. Wait, so he knew what was going on? o.o I think I missed a line somewhere of him finding out. >.> Though I’m glad the app prediction was the right kind of line.

    Plus not doing anything protects him from retaliation from Seijo Conglomerate, yeah?


      1. No it did say, u remember a few chapters be4 when he said he suddenly got interested in their conversation wheb normally he didn’t give a f*ck? When that girl said her phone is slow? The author only write about her phone slow but properly they said something about Momoi that get his attention till he found a way to step in


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