Lonely Otaku – Chapter 12

TLN: Honestly this chapter made me feel genuinely sick to translate, so it’s gonna be difficult for some of you to read. There will be cruel depictions of blackmail, but if you get through this part I guarantee it will all work out, trust me on this.

I’m mass releasing these chapters which I translated and edited today (all 5 of them, please kill me now), because I think it would be too cruel to keep you in suspense for too long.

Arc 1 – Changing Everyday

Chapter 12 – The fallen stepsister

Why…why did this happen…?

「You! Answer me!」(???)

「It’s wrong! I didn’t do anything!」(Momoi)

「Then what’s this? Why did this store’s product come out of your bag? You can’t escape!」(???)

The one speaking seems to be the manager of the store, he was holding a ballpoint pen in his hand.

It came out of my bag.

This guy had dragged me to the backroom of the store.

But why—even though I never touched it, the pen ended up in my bag somehow.

Currently I’m being held on suspicion of shoplifting.

「If you’re not going to be honest, I’m going to have to call the police」(Manager)

「Pl, please wait! I really have no idea how it ended up in my bag! Please believe me!」(Momoi)

「I have evidence! Don’t think you can pass a lie like that!」(Manager)

「I’m telling the truth!」(Momoi)

No…he doesn’t believe me at all…

At this rate the police will really come….

「–yes yes, manager-san, please forgive this girl~」(???)


Suddenly I hear a cheerful voice that doesn’t match the serious atmosphere.

I look towards the voice.


Why is that girl here…?

「Who are you?」(Manager)

「U~n, me? I’m the saijo conglomerate’s princess don’t you know?」(Saijo)

Her words instantly changed the manager’s complexion.

This store must be part of the saijo family, which is why his face changed so much.

「Ah, store manager. That ball point pen, I’ll buy it. So forgive this kid–」(Saijo)

With that said, Saijo-san smiled at the manager.

And the store manager–

「Of, of course!」(Manager)

He bowed his head.

After that, I left the store with the help of Saijo-san.

However I have a bad feeling.

Why exactly she appeared with that timing—soon became clear with what she said next.

「Nene, Momoi-chan, what’s this?」(Saijo)

「Th, that is…」(Momoi)

What she showed me, was a picture taken earlier of when I was taken as a shoplifter.

The image was taken like a voyeur image…

「Fufu, isn’t Momoi-chan a shoplifter? Everyone at school would be surprised to find that out」(Saijo)

Saijo looked at me happily.

I immediately fought back.

「That’s wrong! I didn’t do it!」(Momoi)

But she just laughs and shakes her head.

「But~ there’s a picture that clearly shows that. As long as they see this, they would just see you as a shoplifter right?」(Saijo)

I felt the blood drain from my body.

It’s over…I was set up by her…

「What’s your aim?」(Momoi)

I glare at her in an attempt to show my resistance.


「You shouldn’t show a rebellious attitude anymore, or I’ll show everyone at school the image」(Saijo)

She said with a cold look, as if her laughter from earlier was a lie.


I couldn’t say anything back.

If she’s in a bad mood, she might share the image and everyone at school would think I’m a shoplifter. The reputation I’ve accumulated would crumble…

I definitely want to avoid that.

She must have been happy that I was silent, as she started smiling again.


「Then, see you tomorrow~ Mo, moi, chan~」(Saijo)

She whispered in my ear.

The days since then have been hell.

The first few days were still ok.

The day after I was caught as a shoplifter, she made me buy her drinks or rub her shoulders.

But then it escalated, until I was finally asked to perform a H pose… (TLN: H pose means Hentai pose. In this case she is being forced to basically make an ahegao face, but with her clothes on)

However as long as I’m not reported as a shoplifter, I was fine with it. I could keep my clothes on after all–

That is—something that should never be done.

I didn’t notice when I was posing….but it was actually pretty obscene when I was shown the image…

People who see it would think I’m someone with “that” profession.

If such a picture was released, my reputation at school would plummet to the ground.

On the contrary, I can imagine scary men would try to flock around me…

Because of that, today–

「Momoi-chan, wear this」(Saijo)

「Eh….? I can’t wear this!」(Momoi)

What I was given, was a cat girl cosplay costume.

I don’t want to wear such an embarassing thing.

「Fuun~ If you’re that against it, I guess I can report you as a shoplifter to the school? Maybe you’d be happier if I gave that h-pose photo to the boys?」(Saijo)


She was looking at me with glee.

In comparison, her eyes were cold, but they seemed to be saying『I will never forgive you unless you listen to me』

「Please….I beg you….no more….stop…please…」(Momoi)

I begged and bowed my head.

I couldn’t stand this humiliation for much longer.

「Ahahaha, no way~! If you don’t quickly change into the clothes, maybe you want to go bare?」(Saijo)

「S, stop….」(Momoi)

「Then, hurry up」(Saijo)


I held back my tears as I put on the cosplay costume.


「Oooh~ so this is the most popular girl in school, so cute~」(???)

「Wow it’s true~! She looks like she works in “that” type of store~!」(???)

「Should I send her to one of those stores? I don’t know~」(Saijo)

Saying that, they all laughed at me whilst taking pictures with their smartphone.

How…how am I going to get through this?

「Hey, Momoi-chan, make a cat pose and say『Nyan~』」(Saijo)

Saijo-san said such an embarrassing thing.

「N, no!」(Momoi)

Naturally I refuse.

I don’t want to do these embarrassing things anymore….


「Do it」(Saijo)

She ordered me with very cold eyes.

I’m about to cry….

But crying here is just what they want.

So I held back my tears and obeyed her orders.

I bend my knees on the ground, bring my right hand to the side of my face and curl it.


「Ny, nyan~」(Momoi)

—I imitated a cat.

Ah….mou….I want to die…

Why are they doing this….

「Ah, no good! If you don’t smile more, you won’t meet todays quota」(Saijo)

「Ye, yeah….」(Momoi)

Despite the unbearable humiliation, I smile…..

But they don’t let me off.

–in the end, I was ordered to start over many times as they continued to take photos.

After eating dinner and after returning to my room, I remembered what happened today and started crying.

I was careful so that my family wouldn’t notice, but when I was alone I couldn’t bear it anymore.

It’s like I’m falling into a bottomless swamp.

From now on, if I decline any of their requests. Every single photo they’ve taken will be shared…

But the more I follow their requests, the more photo’s they’ll have.

There’s nothing I can do anymore…

I look at the message I just received. 


『Tomorrow, we’ll be shooting swimsuit pics~♡ If you run away…well you know~?♡』  

–was written.

Someone….anyone…please help me…

—but nobody answers my wish.

Because….I can’t talk to anyone about this…

Besides I don’t know who I would even talk to.

I haven’t messaged umi-kun in a while.

I stopped messaging him after I was forced to do H poses.

The last time I talked to him, I almost told him everything.

If we had kept on talking, I would have likely ended up telling him everything.

But I knew that would only worry him and not solve anything.

I don’t even know where he lives.

We haven’t talked about which city we’re both from either.

So I can’t get him to come and help…

But even when I didn’t reply, he still sent me messages.

….I don’t receive any messages from him anymore.

Maybe he was shocked that I haven’t replied in so long…

I can’t talk to dad, mom or sakura….

I’ve been abandoned by umi-kun.

I don’t have any friends anymore.

For a moment, Kanzaki’s face came to mind…but he rarely comes out of his room now….

I don’t know what he’s doing, but he eats his meals in his room.

Even though I know he’s probably reading light novels…

Really, he has a good life….

「Ahaha, erotic~ This is great Momoi-chan~ Do you want to go out into the schoolyard like this?」(Saijo)

「We, well that…please don’t…forgive me….」(Momoi)

I bow my head and plead with Saijo-san who seemed to be in a good mood.

「Wow~ It feels good when Momoi-chan is obedient, doesn’t it Mio-chan?」(Saijo)

「Hey hey, let’s do more!」(Mio)

The two people around Saijo-san try to incite her.

「Well then…Momoi-chan. How about you open your legs in an M-shape next?」(Saijo)


Saying that, I spread my legs in an M-shape, exposing my crotch.

—-I have no intention of resisting anymore.

In the first place, I was always a weak girl, wearing the mask of a cold woman. Yet even with that mask I can’t protect myself.

I couldn’t stand such a hell, so I decided to not resist anymore.

「Waa~ It’s smooth~」(???)

Saying that, the girl to the left of Saijo-san starts taking photos of me.

「Fufu, looks like it’s almost time. Momoi-chan, should we do an underwear shoot tomorrow?」(Saijo)


No…no way…

I want to decline, but the words won’t leave my throat.

Her eyes were telling me『I won’t allow you to refuse』

I can’t go against Saijo-san anymore…

「Even so…my smartphone has been so slow lately…I’ve probably been taking too many images…」(Saijo)

Saying that, Saijo-san shook her phone in annoyance.

「Ah, then I’ll tell you about a good app! I happened to get it the other day, the app takes in all your images and does something to them to speed up your phone~ I tried using it and it’s surprisingly fast! It seems that it can also be used on your computer! I’m using it, so I can send it to you!」(Mio)

The girl on the left of Saijo-san shows her smartphone, completely ignoring me.

「Oh that’s good, I’ll use it as well~ I’ve already saved Momoi-chan’s photos and videos to my home computer, so I’m grateful!」(Saijo)

「Yeah, I’ll use it too」(???)

I was staring at them exchanging words.

I couldn’t think of anything anymore.

Tomorrow….they’ll be filming me in my underwear…

When I came here, I already knew it….

What act will they make me do that is worse than underwear shots–?

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