Lonely Otaku – Chapter 11

Arc 1 – Changing Everyday

Chapter 11 – Moving Shadows

「Can you stop being so rude?」(Momoi)

As we were enjoying our lunch on the rooftop, a moody girl approached us.

Momoi is famous for being the most popular girl in school.

「No no, why even bother with it? You’re so persistent」(???)

I shrug my shoulders with an attitude that makes Momoi seem like an idiot.

「It’s true, Momoi is really persistent」(???)

「That’s right, we’re just talking and eating right?」 (???)

My followers also complain about Momoi, in line with my words.

There were six of us that often came to eat lunch on the rooftop.

That’s where Momoi appeared every lunch break at the same time.

「Every time, every time you do this, aren’t you tired of saying the same thing?」(???)

Momoi looked down on us.

She’s probably looking down on us because she has talent.

Certainly, this girl is popular.

She’s very beautiful, and she always ranks high in the national mock exams due to studying all the time. She can also beat the average boy in physical education.

You could call such a girl a “perfect woman”

I’m the complete opposite, I don’t exercise and I always struggle on tests.

Because of that she is popular with everyone, even with her bad personality.

….some people even enjoy her personality….

I hate this girl. 

But it’s not because she can do everything.

Because of this girl, I—

「But the roof wasn’t locked right? If they really didn’t want us on the roof, the school would lock it right?」(???)

With that, one of the members of my group, Hisayama Miki, tilts her head cutely.

「That’s because they can’t afford it! You keep breaking the key every time!」(Momoi)

Momoi yells at us.

Un, that’s right.

Originally the roof was locked.

But we just broke the key and ate our lunch on the roof. (TLN: They likely unlocked the door, then broke the key so it couldn’t be locked again)

It was about two months ago when it started, and they originally just replaced the key.

That’s why we broke the key every time, but it only came to the attention of Momoi three weeks ago.

It’s only Momoi who has a problem with us.

Why doesn’t the student council or the teachers say anything?

There’s a simple reason.

They don’t want to make me, Saijo Kirara—no, they don’t want to turn Saijo conglomerate into their enemy.

To be honest, I admire Momoi.

The Saijo conglomerate, which is run by my family, is called one of the three major conglomerates in Japan-along with the Shinomiya conglomerate and the Byodoin conglomerate.

Turning such an organization into your enemy means that your future would be under threat.

So normal people don’t say anything about me.

Only Momoi has the courage to tell it to me face to face.

To be honest, I don’t dislike this type of person.

But irritating people are irritating, I need them to disappear for me.

「Ah, yes yes, let’s all go then」(Saijo)

I put away my bento and talk to the members of my group, who are still arguing with Momoi.

Everyone obediently listened to my words, glaring cruelly at Momoi.

No-one objected.

Because they are my servants–

「Then, are you going?」(Saijo)

After confirming that Momoi had left the student council room and was on her way home, I spoke to Nishimura Aoi who was next to me.

「Yes, yees~」(Nishimura)

She replied cheerfully to my call.

Aoi had been in the same class as me since first grade, she was always by my side.

Another girl, Shimizu Miyu also used to be by my side….but not anymore.

Miyu works part time at the moment.

「Are we doing it today?」(Aoi)

Feeling a little tired, Aoi asked me a question.

「I wonder if it’s time to do it?」(Saijo)

「I hope so….I’m tired of the same thing every day」(Aoi)

When I said so, Aoi puffed her cheeks up.

We had been following Momoi on her way home for two weeks.

That said, we’re not following her the entire way. We just wanted to see if she enters a store, so our plan will work.

That’s why we stopped following her when she got to the road leading to the store.

「I can earn money when I work a part-time job, but I don’t earn any money just following her~」(Aoi)

The part-time job was the role of the person working in the store, not the person following.

She and Miyu take turns at that role.

The reason is simple, it’s impossible for one person to work at the same store everyday.

Although it’s annoying, apparently it’s good to work part time.

Don’t you want more money?

To be honest, I don’t get that feeling.

However if money can make me happy, then I’ll accept it.

「Yes yes, if you do it properly I’ll give you lots of money later」(Saijo)

「Really!? Yay! Kirara-chan, I love you~!」(Aoi)

Saying that, Aoi suddenly gets excited.

She really loves money…

All the girls around me are like this.

But that’s fine.

Those types of people are easy to control.

「Oh, Kirara-chan. Momoi has entered the store!」(Aoi)

When I was lost in thoughts, Aoi suddenly spoke up.

「Idiot, what if Momoi heard you?」(Saijo)


By the time I had noticed it, Aoi had started shouting.

This girl listens obediently, but she’s a bit stupid.

However I’ve had a long relationship with her, and since she’s generally closed-lipped, I chose her for this role over Miyu.

「Then, on schedule」(Saijo)

I say to Aoi and then move away from her.

I keep an eye on the movements of the employees.

I could see Miyu.

Miyu who had noticed me suddenly nods, then moves towards Momoi, away from the other employees.

We knew the positions of the security cameras in advance.

When Momoi moves to a place where the cameras don’t reach, Miyu gives the signal to Aoi.

Momoi was currently absorbed looking at the sweets.

In some ways she’s surprisingly girly…

To be honest I can’t imagine Momoi eating sweets with shining eyes.

That’s why Momoi doesn’t notice Aoi approaching.

Aoi was holding a ballpoint pen, which was the easiest object to sneak in, and gently opened Momoi’s bag, placing it within.

After confirming it was in place, I sent a signal to Miyu– 

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  1. damn, really? The author is going the route of “unnecessary, contrived drama that ends up with Random Highschooler villain numero 3 committing a crime for absolutely no fucking reason but the MC saves the day and nothing happens”?


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