Lonely Otaku – Chapter 10

TLN: Mass release today! I’ve changed Saijo Unmo -> Saijo Kirara. Mainly because I was too lazy to actually read the furigana and just read it as is.

Arc 1 – Changing Everyday

Chapter 10 – Two people, like magnets

「Can w–, be caref–, let’s–」(???)

Everyone in class was greeting each other at the end of the day.

Home room was over, so all that was left was to go home.


「I couldn’t concentrate during lessons at all…」

I mutter on my own.

Momoi’s actions yesterday were stuck in my head.

Why did she take away the light novels so happily….?

Is she interested in eroge?

….no, there’s no way that’s true….

If that’s the case, then why did she choose that book?

Ah….I’ve been thinking about that for so long.

I don’t know why it bothers me so much…

「Oi, where are you going?」(???)

「Let’s go to the arcade!」(???)

「Hey hey, let’s go eat cake now!」(???)

「Eh~…I’ve been gaining a little bit of weight recently…」(???)

「It’s okay, you’re still thin! Then let’s go!」(???)

「Ah, wait~!」(???)

When I looked at my classmates, they were all arranging their after school schedules.

I’m the only one by myself in class…

I want to mix with my classmates, but I don’t have the courage to talk to them.

Haa…I can’t keep Sakura-chan waiting, so I’d better go…

「Hey, do you have a minute?」(???)

When I tried to get up, a girl started talking to me.

「Wh, what?」(Kaito)

I turned away from her and asked.

「Well, can you look at me and speak?」(???)

「So, sorry….」(Kaito)

「Haa….well it’s fine. The teacher told me to return the materials to the podium, so go and do it for me」(???)

With that said, the girl turned her back to me and walked away.

Haa, pashiri again… (TLN: Pashiri means “gofer”, someone sent to do menial tasks like fetching things)

Most of the work given to my classmates, was forced on me instead.

So this was not a rare occurrence.

I inform Sakura-chan that I would be a little late.

「Hey, isn’t he really gross?」(???)

「I get what you mean, he’s an otaku right? Seriously he’s an eyesore」(???)

「Hey Kirara-chan, can’t you do something about him~?」(???)

「I can do it, but I don’t want to get involved ’cause it’ll feel bad. Besides you already have something in mind right?」(Saijo)

「Ah, that’s right」(???)

—such a conversation reached my ears.

The girl who had asked me to return the materials earlier, returned to Saijo-san’s group and started talking bad about me.

This scene is not uncommon.

It was deep-rooted that I was a hated existence in class.

They’re talking in front of the door, so I’ll wait for them to leave.

Looking at the outside scenery through the window–I saw Momoi.

She was walking towards the back of the school building.

Maybe she was called out by a boy for a confession.

The position of me and her in this school are complete opposites…

At this time, I would have never thought that we would eventually be attracted to each other–like magnets.

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