Lonely Otaku – Chapter 6

TLN: The words for communication disorder the author uses are コミュ障 which literally means communication disability.

I’ll be extremely busy at work for the next few days, so there’s not likely to be multi-releases for a little while. Sorry in advance.

Arc 1 – Changing Everyday

Chapter 6 – Loli stepsister is too clingy!

「Hey, isn’t that girl cute?」(???)

Lunch break–a girl in class suddenly said such a thing.

「Ah really! She’s so small and cute, and her face is cute as well!…it’s strange that her chest is bigger than mine!」(???)

「They’re pads, they must be pads!」(???)

I can hear the ridiculous voices of the girls who are jealous of the big chested kid.

「Oi, that’s a first year kid isn’t it? Why is she in the second year classroom? Could it be she came to confess to me!?」(???)

「No way, she obviously came to confess to me!」(???)

「No, it’s me!」(???)

「No no, do you really think a girl as cute as this would come all this way for lazy guys like you? In other words, she came for me!」(???)

…somehow, the boys were having an even stupider discussion than the girls.

You guys, why do you think she came to confess to you when you’ve never met her before?

Maa, it’s not like it matters to me.

For the time being the front door seems crowded, so I’ll go through the back door to the cafeteria.

Just as I was heading out the door of the classroom–

「A, ano….is Kanzaki-senpai here?」(???)

I heard a very cute voice


What my name called just now?


「Eh, Kanzaki? You mean that Kanzaki?」(???)

「Kanzaki the loner who is always hidden in the corner of class?」(???)

Oi….well it’s true, but wasn’t the last guy too mean?

No matter how true it is…you don’t have to say it out loud…

But…what business does this kid have with me?

I looked towards the front door, it seems the kid noticed me.

「Ah! Excuse me, let me through!」(???)

As I heard such a voice, a small shadow popped out of the crowd.

Ah, this kid–

「Onii….Kanzaki-senpai, good morning」(Sakura)

The true identity of the small shadow, was Sakura-chan–

「That surprised me just now」(Kaito)

This girl who was much smaller than me, was currently walking next to me.

This kid was walking beside me with a smile on her face.

Her trademark twin-tails seemed to bounce in time with her steps, it was very cute.

「Ehehe, that’s because I wanted to eat with onii-chan」(Sakura)

Whilst saying that, she looks up at me.

She’s really such a cute girl…

Perhaps because she heard that I have no friends yesterday, she decided to care for me and invite me to eat with her.

If that’s the case then maybe I should thank that cold girl.

…..I’ll make her cry someday.

「For the time being, is it okay if we go to the cafeteria? Or do you want to buy bread and eat somewhere?」(Kaito)

When I ask that–

「Jajan~! A bento!」(Sakura)

Sakura-chan brought out two lunch boxes she had hidden behind her back.

Really, I was wondering why she had her hands behind her back this whole time, so it was for this!

I am very grateful that she not only made breakfast, but also a bento.

Even I don’t usually make bentos because it’s a hassle.

Sakura-chan’s girl power is quite high–

「But when did you have time to make them? You weren’t making them when I woke up this morning?」(Kaito)

「Ehehe~ I wanted to surprise onii-chan, so I made them before breakfast and hid them」(Sakura)

Sakura-chan giggled at her successful prank.


Yet I can’t help but wonder.

Why is this kid going this far for me?

Is it because I’m her new ani?

I don’t understand it…to be honest, I don’t know much about her.

Well that being said, there was something concerning me more now.

「Hey, isn’t that kid cute!?」(???)

「Really!…oi, is that her boyfriend next to her?」(???)

「No way, of course not! do you think a girl as cute as that would choose to go out with an otaku like that guy?」(???)

「Nai nai! But, I’m so jealous that he gets to hang around with a cute girl like that!」(???)

「That’s right~ I want to massage that big chest」(???)

…they were looking at us with expressions mixed with both jealousy and envy.

As expected of the imouto of the most beautiful girl in school.

But the last guy who spoke—do you think I won’t remember your face?

As punishment for looking at my imouto with those kind of eyes, I’ll throw a virus onto your smartphone later.

「What’s wrong, onii-chan?」(Sakura)

While I was wondering how to send a virus to that guys phone, Sakura-chan looked up at my face in confusion.

「No, it’s nothing」(Kaito)

I laughed as if to dispel Sakura-chan’s doubts.

But…I wonder if this kid is sensitive to my mood, she reacted so quickly…

Is she unexpectedly observant?

Although I’m thinking like this, it’s not like I don’t care at all.

Doesn’t it make you think you’re being watched?

I feel like this kid is the big one…

「Hey onii-chan, where do you want to eat?」(Sakura)

「Ah, I was thinking of going to the courtyard. There are lots of benches there, so we can sit and eat」(Kaito)

「Un!….so, where is the courtyard?」(Sakura)

That’s right….this kid has no sense of direction.

To get to the courtyard, you have to follow another path. Usually it’s a small detour if you leave by the front door.

I don’t think she’s be able to get there by herself–


Speaking of which, this kid found my classroom by herself.

「Hey Sakura-chan, did you come straight to my classroom without getting lost?」(Kaito)

When I asked that, she puffed up her cheeks.

Apparently she seems to be sulking.

「Mou….even if it’s Sakura, you only have to go down one staircase, it’s hard to make a mistake!…though I did enter the wrong classroom twice…」(Sakura)

Isn’t that even worse than just being bad with directions?

I think it’s best if we paid a visit to the hospital.

「I, I see..I’m glad」(Kaito)

I couldn’t tell her my real thoughts.

Why did this happen…?

I look at my cute imouto next to me, eating with a big smile on her face.

What am I thinking about?–

「Sakura-chan…why are you sticking so close to me?」(Kaito)

That’s right, I don’t know why but as soon as I sat down, Sakura-chan started sticking close to me whilst eating.

「Un? Is it no good…?」(Sakura)

「Not at all, it’s fine!」(Kaito)

If you ask with such a face, how am I going to refuse?

I mean, it’s not like I dislike it.

The problem is–I’m too nervous to eat my lunch properly.

I can’t stay calm when someone like me with a communication disorder is stuck to such a cute girl!

I mean what is with this kid!?

Why are you like this!?

Don’t you know I’m scared that there’s a hidden reason!?

…is that it?

Is Momoi pulling the threads behind the scenes?

Is she trying to trap me with the pure Sakura-chan?

「What’s wrong?….was the bento not delicious….?」(Sakura)

Sakura-chan looked up at me sadly.

「So, sorry….I was just lost in thought, Sakura-chan’s bento is really delicious」


When I replied as such, she giggled happily.

There’s no way such a pure and innocent kid would do that. 

What’s wrong with me, thinking such stupid things…

「Hey, onii-chan are you on bad terms with onee-chan?」(Sakura)

Sakura-chan suddenly asked me such a thing.


To be honest it seems like the real answer would make Sakura-chan sad…

「Well you see…we’re not on bad terms, we’re just not used to each other yet」(Kaito)

In the end, I decided to deceive her.

「I see…but onii-chan and onee-chan will get along with each other soon….right?」(Sakura)

Those eyes are unfair.

If you ask me like that, how can I refuse?

「Un, got it. I’ll do my best」(Kaito)

I smile and make a guts pose.(TLN: For history of the pose, see here)

Sakura-chan was looking up at me and smiling.

We were having such a pleasant time–we hardly noticed that it would come to an end so unexpectedly.

「…what are you doing?」(???)

It was a deep voice, as if coming from the depths of hell.

I look behind myself.

Standing there was the most popular girl in school, with eyes like a yuki-onna. (TLN: Yuki-Onna, literally “Snow Woman” a famous yokai from Japanese myth)

「Mo, momoi…?」(Kaito)

「You’ve got a lot of courage to put your hands on my imouto..」(Momoi)

Sakura-chan…I don’t think it’s possible…

Because this girl’s eyes tell me that she’s going to kill me…

I’ll leave it to your imagination what happened to me after this…

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8 thoughts on “Lonely Otaku – Chapter 6

  1. uh, they probably meant “girl” when they say あの子 or その子 because, you know, calling a kid cute when they don’t mean it in a very innocent way is kinda weird. I mean, at least according to other WNs I’ve skimmed through in Japanese (because I’m still pretty noob at it) it seems common for high-schoolers, especially males, to refer to other schoolgirls of similar age as that. It’s 子 in the sense of a young girl rather than an actual child. Like in the same way as 女の子. I mention it not to be pedantic but because the author seems to really like using that word every two sentences, so I’m sure I’m not the only one confused by it.


  2. Momoi is a completely unlikeable cunt, meaning she’s probably the most realistic “most poplar girl in school” ever in anime/manga/LNs/WNs. But I figure there will be some reveal at some point about why she acts that way like it’s suppose to make her treating someone she’s never even talked to like that okay.


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