Lonely Otaku – Chapter 5

TLN: Double release!

Arc 1 – Changing Everyday

Chapter 5 – The past I want to forget

I am someone with a communication disorder. A so called otaku who loves anime, light novels and games.

But my hobbies aren’t just that, I also enjoy programming.

However–I wasn’t originally like this.

It was during my second year of middle school that I became this way.

At that time, I had feelings for a girl.

I met her in middle school and we quickly became friends.

Also at that time, I was the center of attention in class, something that was unimaginable now.

Whenever I went to school in the morning, I would chat with my friends. Then after school we would go to the arcade and bowl.

It was easy for me to get along with this girl.

We became acquainted when she asked me to teach her math.

At that time, I wasn’t very good at studying.

I had never studied for a test before.

However I had one area of expertise.

That was, mathematics.

Even now this hasn’t changed, I usually do good in math tests even if I just attend the class.

That was likely why she relied on me back then.

To be honest I wasn’t confident in teaching people so I refused at first.

However she kept asking and pushing me with a friendly smile, I eventually started teaching her.

At first her scores didn’t improve–mainly because I didn’t understand what she didn’t know.

Still, over time she gradually began to improve and score high marks.

From that time onward, we began to play together alone.

Honestly, I thought we both had the same feelings.

If I confessed, maybe she would go out with me.

But the result–was a crushing defeat.

More than that, she actually cried when I confessed.

She was shaking and crying.

A week later, she transferred schools without saying anything.

Because she was crying back then, she likely transferred schools because of me.

Even now…I hold a sense of guilt towards her.

Simply put…I couldn’t bear it.

That’s why, to my classmate’s light-hearted words, I caused such an incident—

Three years ago–

「It’s too bad Kanzaki. You’re beloved girlfriend has transferred schools」(Kiriyama)

「Ha? She wasn’t my girlfriend」(Kaito)

I glare at my classmate Kiriyama, who was grinning in front of me.

There’s a part of me who wonders if he doesn’t like me.

Ever since the girl I got along with–Kotori Haruka, transferred to another school, I’ve been feeling a little depressed. (TLN: Kotori 小鳥 means “Little Bird”)

「Oi oi, are you telling me you weren’t with her? Were you just playing with each other?」(Kiriyama)

「Ah, Kotori was cute, but she liked men too much」(???)

「That’s right, she was an amorous girl」(???)

My other two friends talk bad about Haruka, in line with Kiriyama’s words.

I knew they were trying to provoke me.

But their insults of Haruka were making me angry.

Kiriyama always tries to force me into fights like this.

I usually don’t go along with him, I just ignore it–

「…say that again」(Kaito)

–but this time he said some words I couldn’t let pass.

「Haha, I’ll say it over and over again! Kotori Haruka was a man-loving bitch!」(Kiriyama)


The moment Kiriyama insulted Haruka again, I lunged forward and punched his face.

「It hurts–!」(Kiriyama)

「A, are you okay Kiri-chan!」(???)

Kiriyama’s followers rushed to him after he hit the railing in the corridor (TLN: So it actually says 桐山の金魚の糞 rather than “followers” which means “Kiriyama’s Goldfish Shit” the part 金魚の糞 or “Goldfish Shit” is a phrase used to refer to “hangers on” or “clingy people”. Read more here)

「Ka, kaito, calm down!」(???)

「Don’t do this Kaito, you’re not that type of guy!」(???)

My friends were surprised at my actions and came to stop me.

「Move out the way」(Kaito)

When I shake off my friends, I approach Kiriyama again.

Kiriyama grinned at me as I walked towards him, that smile struck my nerves.

–I don’t remember much after that.

Before I knew it, Kiriyama had fallen into the courtyard from the corridor of the second floor.

It actually seems that Kiriyama fell by himself. He had tried to tackle me, but I had dodged and he fell over the railings. Though there was a rumour among classmates that he had been pushed.

Of course, my friends and students were watching the incident protected me.

However, rumours continued to spread because of the fact that Kiriyama, who had fallen from the second floor, was hospitalized.

Perhaps Kiriyama’s followers were spreading it.

The rumours continued to spread, not just in our school, but in other schools as well, gradually the entire city knew about it.

The eyes of everyone who looked at me when I walked in the city became unpleasant.

I couldn’t stand those looks, so I stopped going out and eventually took a break from school.

I was afraid of the eyes of others, afraid of interacting with people, as a result I developed a communication disorder and escaped to the two-dimensional world.

My dad, who couldn’t bear to see me like that, quit his job at a big hospital and moved to our current house.

That’s how I became like I am now. I am really grateful to my dad who deliberately destroyed his career and now runs a hospital all by himself, working late into the night….

As I walked downstairs to make breakfast, there was a pleasant smell.


Is dad making rice today?

But I thought my dad couldn’t cook…..?

Filled with curiosity, I opened the living room door.


「Ah, good morning onii-chan」(Sakura)

Saying that, a beautiful loli girl wearing an apron smiled at me.

Ah, that’s right…

I got a new family since yesterday…

「Good morning, Sakura-chan」(Kaito)

I looked at Sakura and her cute apron whilst returning her greetings.

After waking up in the morning, not only was such a cute girl greeting me with a smile, but she even called me onii-chan.

There would be no man who wouldn’t be happy with this.

「What’s wrong, onii-chan?」(Sakura)

Perhaps because I was looking at Sakura-chan too seriously, she asked me in confusion.

「No it’s nothing….I was just surprised to see Sakura-chan making food」(Kaito)

「Un! The Momoi family is in charge of housework, so I’m helping out too!」(Sakura)

Not just in charge of cooking, but housework too?

I had my own doubts about that, but seeing my cute imouto smiling made me realize it doesn’t matter.

It would be better to offer my help than that.

「I see, can I help you?」(Kaito)

「Eh? onii-chan, you can cook?」(Sakura)

Sakura-chan tilted her head and looked up at me with a curious face.

She probably didn’t think I could cook.

Maa, there are many boys who can’t cook.

However, only my dad and I live here, so I was doing all the housework whilst my father went to work.

That’s why, I can cook too.

「Ah, I usually do the housework for the Kanzaki family, so I can do a little」(Kaito)

「So that’s the case! then, let’s do it together….oh I’m sorry…I’m almost done so there’s nothing left to do」(Sakura)

Sakura-chan’s expression, that was shining a moment ago, suddenly clouded over.

Maybe she really wanted to cook together with me.

Since the food was almost ready, we couldn’t cook together.

「That’s a shame…then why don’t we make dinner together today?」(Kaito)

「Ah, un! Sakura wants to cook with onii-chan!」(Sakura)

Saying that, she shows me a shy smile.

My cheeks unintentionally loosen.

Sakura-chan is a really cute girl….


I get to eat Sakura-chan’s home-cooking right?

Eh, that means I’m going to be eating a girl’s home cooking for the first time in my life!?

I won’t be able to eat the food quick enough!

I’ve been so lucky since yesterday!

If I’m this lucky, won’t I die!?

….no, I’m not lucky.

I was thrown into hell yesterday.

Haa…..my body feels heavy as I think about dealing with that girl again…

For the time being, I’m being healed by Sakura-chan right now.

「By the way, why did you drop the honorifics?」(Kaito)

I asked Sakura-can as I was curious.

Until yesterday, she was talking to me in honorifics.

「Ah, it feels more like a family when I say it like that….is it no good?」(Sakura)

Sakura-chan nervously looked up at me as if to see my reaction.

「No no, I’m glad about that!」(Kaito)

「Really!? Yatta!」(Sakura)

Having heard my reply, Sakura-chan happily resumed cooking.

One by one, her reactions were cute.

I can’t believe this is the imouto of that cold girl.

The dirt under my nails, why don’t I secretly put it in Momoi’s dish next time?

….I’ll be killed if I get caught though….

However, the only ones here are Sakura-chan and me.

It makes me happy, but I’m also a little nervous.

No matter how much I deny it, she is definitely the imouto of the most beautiful girl in school.

Sakura-chan is a beautiful girl with a cheerful personality.

If you are alone with such a girl, wouldn’t you be nervous?

My dad probably hasn’t woken up yet- 

Dad works late into the night, so usually only gets up when I go to school.

Kanae-san, who works in dad’s hospital, probably has the same schedule.

「–good morning, Sakura」(Momoi)

Momoi came up behind me as I was lost in thought.

As usual, her appearance is perfect.

She was already wearing her uniform.

Is she leaving home early to go to student council?

Ah, is that why Sakura-chan is cooking breakfast so early?

By the time I got up to make breakfast, Sakura-chan had almost finished cooking her meal.

It’s a little too early to be making it if it was for breakfast before school.

In other words, Sakura-chan got up early to make breakfast for Momoi.

Just as I thought, she is a good girl….

Why is a kid like Sakura-chan, the imouto of a girl like Momoi?

I wonder if Momoi absorbed all the bad personality traits, so a pure and gentle child like Sakura-chan could be born.

Un, that must be it.



「You’ve been watching me all this time, it feels gross you know?」(Momoi)

Apparently I was staring at Momoi as I was thinking.

Maa, it can’t be helped if she says it’s gross….

—no, wait a minute!

It’s not gross!

「Why is your tongue so poisonous, can’t you be gentle like Sakura-chan?」(Kaito)

It’s been building up since yesterday, so I complain to Momoi.

「Ha? If you want me to be kind, then be a worthy person first」(Momoi)

「What kind of person is that?」(Kaito)

「Let’s see….he would have the appearance of a bishounen and if his academic ability was higher than mine, that would be a plus. Oh, he doesn’t have to be rich or athletic or anything like that」(Momoi) (TLN: Bishounen = Beautiful Boy)

She’s crazy as expected–that’s impossible.

Firstly, it’s impossible for me to be a bishounen.

In terms of studying–I can beat her in mathematics, but I lose in all other subjects.

I seriously think she’s borderline crazy because everything she’s said has been insane….

I suddenly remember the faces of everyone from school.

—there is no-one like that.

Students of high specs have certainly gathered there, but none of them could be considered bishounen.

Maa, it’s such a large school, maybe there might be one there….

But, why is she so cold-hearted at school?

No normal person would decide who to be kind to based on certain criteria.

In other words, this girl has a rotten personality.

「For instance, what if you cut your bangs?」(Momoi)

Momoi squints as she looks at my face.

「…why would you say that?」(Kaito)

「Your bangs are too long you see. Isn’t it a waste when your dad is an ikeman?」(Momoi) (TLN: Ikeman = Good looking guy)

Is that why you said hello to dad so politely yesterday?

Eh, does she really mean that?

You were polite to dad because he’s handsome?

It wasn’t because he would become the main pillar supporting this family?

Well, maybe she also took into account his academic ability and brain power. 

Dad is a doctor.

So in her view, there is no problem.

It’s common sense to say that doctors are smart.

No, maybe there are exceptions…

By the way–Kanae-san seems to be a nurse at dad’s hospital.

That’s where they met.

「Haa, just because my dad is handsome doesn’t mean his kid would be handsome too, right?」(Kaito)

「Eh, that’s right. You especially can’t be called handsome can you, loner-kun?」(Momoi)

…..this girl really said that!

「Onee-chan, if you don’t eat soon won’t you be late for student council?」(Sakura)

Whilst we were arguing, Sakura-chan was looking over here with a troubled expression.

「What a waste of time. Sakura, I’m starting now」(Momoi)

Momoi stared at me as she sat on the kitchen chair.

….why even complain about that?

—really, this girl is crazy!

But, I won’t shout here.

If I do that, Sakura-chan would be scared.

I don’t care about Momoi, but I want to avoid being hated by Sakura-chan.

「Onii-chan, should we eat together?」(Sakura)

Sakura-chan walked towards me with a smile on her face.

My heart that was hurt by Momoi, was healed by Sakura-chan–

「Onii-chan, wait~!」(Sakura)

As I was putting on my shoes at the front door, Sakura-chan, who had changed into her uniform, rushed over.

「Eh? What’s wrong?」(Kaito)

「Ah….since we’re living in the same house…I want to go with you…」(Sakura)

「I…I want to go with you too, but strange rumours might spread at school if you go with me, right?」(Kaito)

Honestly, I wanted to go to school with Sakura.

It would make me extremely happy to go to school with my stepsister.

But, if Sakura goes to school with me, strange rumours might spread about her.

So I decided to go alone.

「Eh? Why?」(Sakura)

Sakura-chan tilts her head, she doesn’t seem to understand what I was saying.

How do I explain this.

Isn’t it something you can usually guess from context?

「Well…that is….」(Kaito)

「Eh, what?」(Sakura)

What should I say?

If a boy and a girl are seen walking together, it wouldn’t be strange if rumours went around that they were dating…

Anyway, wouldn’t it be unpleasant to walk around with an otaku like me?

『Ew? They think you are going out with Sakura?』I’d collapse with shock if she said that.

Well, I don’t think Sakura would say that.

「Hey~ go with me」(Sakura)

Sakura-chan looked up at me with innocent eyes.


Haa—that’s right.

I should definitely refuse here so that there are no strange rumours about Sakura-chan.

Uuu…..is what I want to say, but….

「You see, if a boy and girl are seen walking together, people at school might think they are dating right?」(Kaito)

I can’t let her down.

「They would think you were Sakura’s sibling I think?」(Sakura)

「Stop that, if others find out, they would know that Momoi is my sibling and she would kill me」(Kaito)

Well that’s an overstatement, she would half-kill me at best….

「Uun, I see…but I don’t really mind about that. I’d rather go to school with onii-chan than worry about that」(Sakura)

Sakura-chan looked happy as she said that.

Hey, I’ve been wondering this since yesterday, why do you like me so much?

Is it because…I helped you get to the library that one time?

Isn’t this kid too easy?

No, should I say that she’s pure….

Maa, if I get a chance I’ll ask her.

If Sakura thinks it’s okay, then let’s go to school together.

「T-then, shall we g-go together….?」(Kaito)

I say whilst stuttering–


Sakura-chan nodded happily–

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