Lonely Otaku – Chapter 4

TLN: There was a previous comment about changing “sister-in-law” to “stepsister”. The reason I used “sister-in-law” is because 義妹 can be read as sister-in-law, but it can also mean younger step-sister according to jisho which would make more sense. https://jisho.org/search/%E7%BE%A9%E5%A6%B9. Many thanks for pointing that out! I’ll edit the previous chapters in a bit.

Tony has very kindly sorted out my issue with novel updates so there shouldn’t be anymore significant delays between postings now!

Arc 1 – Changing Everyday

Chapter 4 – Open your mouth, sibling fight

『I’m depressed every time I go home now』

Immediately after returning to my room, I messaged Hanahime-chan.

『What’s wrong? (>_<)』

Her reply came quickly.

『This stepkid I’m living with has a rotten personality』

『Uwaa~ I’m also a stepkid (;・∀・) Sorry for being the same as her~ (>_<) I also have a new younger brother, I think maybe I should take the initiative』


As usual, Hanahime-chan says such interesting things.

『That’s amazing. So, is it going well?』

『I wonder if it is…? well as long as we don’t fight whilst living together, I guess it’s okay….』

『Hanahime-chan is so kind, I’m sure you won’t fight. Ah, I wonder if he has the same personality has Hanahime-chan…?』

『He has a rotten personality (>_<) Ah sorry…my mom has just called me, I’ll talk to you later!』

Ah…I wanted to hear more of your complaints.

Well, it can’t be helped.

After all she said『talk to you later!』so we’ll be able to talk with each other again.

Just as I reply with a『roger』and was about to click send–

「Kaito-kun, let’s all eat breakfast together!」(Kanae)

Kanae-san called me like that.

「G, got it! I’m on my way!」(Kaito)

I opened my door and shouted down to Kanae-san on the ground floor, I quickly erased the characters I had typed and began to type something else–

『I’ve also been called, I’m just going off to have something to eat』

–after clicking send, I put my smartphone into my pocket.

「「Ah」」(Momoi & Kaito)

As I left my room, I ran into the person I wanted to see the least.

By the way, her room was next to mine…

After that incident–dad put our rooms next to each other and told us to get along.

I wish Sakura-chan was in the next room, rather than this girl…

Sakura-chan’s room was on the ground floor.

Our rooms were upstairs.

On this floor, other than our rooms, there was only a room filled with several closets, a storeroom and a toilet.

In other words, the only people on this floor were me and Momoi.

Haa….I really hate you for this, dad….

For the time being, I decided to ignore this girl.

I don’t think she particularly cares about me either.



「Hey I said!」(Momoi)


Momoi suddenly grabbed my shoulders.

That surprised me….

「What is it so suddenly?」(Kaito)

「There’s just one thing I want to check with you」(Momoi)


「That’s right. Don’t tell anyone at school that we’re a family. If anyone knows, it will make me look bad」(Momoi)

This bitch!

Even if that’s the case, isn’t that something you usually don’t say to the person in question?

「You’re really going to say that!? Dad has already taken care of it after all!」(Kaito)

Dad decided to let Momoi keep her surname until graduation, it would stand out too much if she suddenly changed it after all.

I was thankful for that.

Momoi stands out too much to have the same surname as me.

It could cause a strange misunderstanding.

…no actually. My classmates treat me like air, so maybe they won’t notice…

「Right, that’s okay then. Oh and don’t call me onee-chan in the future, if you call me that it would give me the chills」(Momoi)

「Who would call you that!…besides, who decided you are older? Shouldn’t you be calling me ani?」(Kaito)

Momoi laughed at my words.

「Your birthday is August the 8th right? Mine is July 7th. In other words, i was born earlier so I’m the ane」(Momoi)

(TLN: I’ll just quickly clarify why they are arguing. Momoi doesn’t want Kaito to call her “onee-chan” or “big sister” because that indicates a high level of closeness. This is why Kaito was so happy to be called “onii-chan” or “big brother” by Sakura when they met. Instead she asked to be called “ane” which means “older sister” and Kaito asks to be called “ani” which is “older brother”)

Damn…it can’t be helped.


「Eh, how do you know my birthday? Considering your actions at school, are you actually a stalker?」(Kaito)

Momoi’s face goes bright red as she reacts angrily to my words.

「Who is a stalker! Your dad told me your birthday!」(Momoi)

「Ah, is that so」(Kaito)

I thought that was naturally the case, so I let it slide.

「Hey, you heard me right!?」(Momoi)

「This is payback, baka」(Kaito)

When I said that, I started walking towards the stairs.

Behind my back Momoi was making a lot of noise, but I ignored her.

Just a little, I felt like I had gotten revenge for what had happened earlier.


Come to think of it…was I finally able to have a normal conversation with Momoi? 

Well, it was less a conversation and more of a fight, but it was strange that I could talk normally to her—

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