Lonely Otaku – Chapter 3

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Arc 1 – Changing Everyday

Chapter 3 – Cold stepsister, gentle stepsister

The day has finally come.

「Kaito, they are going to arrive soon」(Dad)

Dad could hardly wait, as he spoke to me with a smile.

That’s right–my new mother, was finally coming to this house.

On the contrary to my Dad’s happy expression, I felt depressed.

Aah….I want to go back to my room right away….

I mean, isn’t it too early to move in anyway?

It’s only been a week since my Dad started talking to me about the remarriage.

Was the remarriage decided before he even heard my opinion?

No, well, it’s my father’s life and I have no intention of objecting to it…

Besides, I’m not really surprised…

Ping Pong!

It came–!

I manage to force a smile.

First impressions are important.

If I fail here, there would be an awkward atmosphere all the time I’m at the house, only ceasing when I leave.

Fuu….it’ll be okay, it’ll be okay.

I tell myself as much.

I managed to get my mind organized as my dad moved to open the door.

After putting his hand on the doorknob, he looked back at me–

「Ah, I forgot to mention. She has two step-children and both of them are girls」(Dad)

He said with a smile.


Eh, what’s with that? Step-children?

Besides that–girls!?

Why would you say such a thing at this timing!

Oi, are you lying when you say your forgot!?

Why are you laughing!?

I want to scream as much, but managed to hold myself back.

After all, our new family is behind the door.

They would be able to hear me screaming.

Their first impression of me would be bad, even before the face-to-face meeting.

Even if he said two girls, there’s a chance they might not be close in age to me.

They may be much younger, or older.

….although it would still be bad, I feel like I can handle it if they are not close to my age.

That was how I calmed my mind.

But this idea would soon be betrayed.

But–for the better.


Entering through the door, was a kind looking woman.

A beautiful looking woman at that.

Dad, how did you catch a person like this…

「Ah, nice to meet you. I’m my Dad’s son, Kaito」(Kaito)

Saying that, I flashed a smile.

Yosh, I did it!

With this, I should have made a good impression on the other party.

「Ara ara, what a polite child you are. My name is Kanae and I will be your new mother from now on. Nice to meet you」(Kanae)

Kanae-san said whilst smiling kindly to me (it’s too embarrassing to call her mother yet)

I’m glad…if it’s with a gentle person like this, I should be able to talk to her.

「Come on, you guys quickly introduce yourselves」(Kanae)

When Kanae-san said that, one girl walked forward with her head down.


As soon as I saw her, a shock ran through me.

「A, ano. I’m Sakura. Thanks for looking after me….」(Sakura)

「Yes, Sakura-chan. My name is Toshiya and I’ll be your new father. Let’s have a fun family life together」(Dad) 

Dad responded kindly with a smile.

However, the girl’s head was still down and she did not look up.

But even without looking at her face, I knew she was the one from that time.

After hearing her name, all I could think was that there was『no doubt』

「You, ano….are you the lost kid from that time?」(Kaito)

When I asked, the kid’s head popped up. 

Her face, which once had been filled with a tense and nervous expression, broke out into a bright smile as soon as she recognized me.

「So my new onii-chan was senpai!」(Sakura)

She said with a smile.


Could there be such a coincidence!?

I’ve resented God for so long, but now I feel very grateful to him!

God, thank you!

Because now this kind and gentle loli girl will be my imouto!

Isn’t she the type of stepsister that would be admired by men all around the world!?

There is no reason to not be happy!

Honestly, even if such a thing happened in reality. I would have thought the kid would be someone with an awful personality.

However, such a cute girl has become my stepsister!

I’ll say it one more time–thank you God!

「A, ano?」(Sakura)

Whilst I was lost in my own thoughts, Sakura looked at me with an anxious expression.

Maybe because I didn’t reply, she thought I hated the idea.

「Ah, sorry. I was wondering if there could be such a coincidence…..nice to meet you Sakura-chan, my name is Kaito, but you can call me whatever you like」(Kaito)

When I say that, Sakura-chan looked happy–

「Then…please let me call you onii-chan」(Sakura)

–I was embarrassed.

I was struck by the feeling as if a hammer had hit my head.

『Onii-chan』I was happy to have been called like that.

To have called me that right away….this kid must be an angel….

「E, eto…is that no good, onii-chan?」(Sakura)

By the time I noticed it, Sakura-chan was looking up at me.

I felt dizzy at the sight.

Dangerous….Sakura-chan is too cute…


I don’t know, I don’t know.

Apparently I have the habit of holding discussions in my brain after being a loner for so long.

「No, it’s okay! In fact it’s the best!」(Kaito)

When I replied like that, Sakura-chan giggled happily.

Haha, to think I was depressed about this a moment ago.

From now on, I’m a winner in life!

「I see~ so you are both in the same school. In which case you might know this girl too…come on, introduce yourself」(Kanae)

Kanae-san called out to someone standing outside the door.

Ah….that’s right, Sakura-chan’s older sister was my classmate. 


What is Sakura-chan’s surname?

Or rather, don’t Sakura-chan and Kanae-san look exactly like a certain someone?

What’s with this, why do I suddenly have a bad feeling…

There’s something stuck in my mind that I can’t get rid of.

It seems the answers to my questions will be revealed immediately.

Because as soon as she showed herself—I connected all the dots together.

Why was Sakura-chan waiting in the library, rather than her classroom?

–because if such a person appeared in the first-grade classroom, it would cause a commotion.

Why was Sakura-chan not contacted by her big sister when there were no club activities running that day and the meeting time was after school?

–because there were a group of students active on that day who weren’t doing club activities, not just the teachers.

The student council.

She was a member of the student council.

In other words—the meeting time was set after the student council meetings had finished.

Besides, I even passed her when she was her the way to the library.

I look towards the girl at the front door again.

Standing there—was the most popular girl in the school, looking at me with a sour face.

Why didn’t I realize that Sakura-chan was meeting with Momoi…?

Everything lined up perfectly.

Sakura-chan is undoubtedly Momoi’s little sister.

If Momoi was made shorter, her face younger and her hairstyle changed into short twin-tails, she would look exactly like Sakura-chan.

The height difference is likely because sisters don’t grow up in the exact same way.

Contrary to their heights, although Momoi’s chest was small, Sakura-chan’s was as big a gravure idol.

By the way, Kanae-san’s chest was just as big.

「…what is it?」(Momoi)

Momoi, who noticed my gaze, stared defiantly at me.

「Nothing much…」(Kaito)

I say whilst looking away.

After all, this girl.

Why do the boys in my school like this type of girl?

Is that the reason?

Are they an M? (TLN: M is for Masochist, someone who derives pleasure from being dominated)

Are all of them happy to be stepped on?

Even though I was looking away, Momoi stared at me.

It was the same type of stare I was used to feeling lately.

Ah that’s right–this girl probably heard my name from Kanae-san.

That’s why, she was likely observing me to see what type of person I was.

Though in terms of timing, it’s likely she wanted to know what type of person the guy who helped Sakura-chan when she got lost was. Though saying that, I didn’t tell Sakura-chan my name so even if she explained it to Momoi, she wouldn’t know it was me.

Therefore, I think my former prediction was more accurate.

「Sakihime, don’t give Kaito such a hot stare, introduce yourself properly」(Kanae)

「I’m not giving him a hot stare!」(Momoi)

Momoi shouted in defiance of Kanae-san’s words, but I couldn’t help but think–

『It was hot enough』

Maa, I don’t think it has any romantic undertones…

「Momoi Sakihime」(Momoi)

Momoi bluntly murmured.

「You don’t have to say your surname, because you’re no longer Momoi right? Say it properly」(Kanae)

Kanae gently reprimanded Momoi.

「Dad, please look after me」(Momoi)

With that said, she politely bowed to dad.

….eh? what about me

「Come on, say it to Kaito properly」(Kanae)

「Sorry, but that’s impossible. Even the boys in my class refuse to get along with such a gloomy guy. It’s even more impossible to be siblings」(Momoi)

Maa, I thought it would go like this.

Because she is “that” Momoi.

Well it’s fine, if she doesn’t want to get along, I can just ignore her.

After all I still have my cute stepsister Sakura.

No matter how popular you are at school, you’re nothing in my eyes.

「Onee-chan, Sakura has talked to onii-chan before and he’s not gloomy you know? He’s cool and mature right? He even helped Sakura when she was in trouble」(Sakura)

Sakura-chan is seriously an angel.

She actually thought of me like that.

Maa, she’s overestimating me a bit, but there’s no need to deny it.

「Sakura, don’t call such a boy onii-chan. This guy isn’t the type of person you think he is!」(Momoi)

Hmm, well I can’t say anything about that.

No matter what she says, she won’t wound my heart.

「Why would you say something like that?」(Sakura)

Sakura-chan puffs her cheeks as if angry and stares at Momoi.

Ooh, she’s getting angry for me…

I was impressed by Sakura-chan’s appearance.

I want to see much more of this Sakura-chan, so I support Momoi secretly in my heart.

Alright! Momoi can’t say anything now, Sakura-chan protect me more!

–maybe God decided to punish me for thinking such a thing.

Momoi’s next words struck me hard.

「Because this guy has no friends!」(Momoi)

With those words, Sakura-chan, Kanae-san and dad looked at me with eyes of pity.

This girl, seriously!

To actually tell my dad about it!

I mean, I didn’t even do anything wrong!?

Why would you make me feel so miserable!?

I glare at the culprit who couldn’t read the air.

For the first time since she arrived, she was smiling happily.

Obviously reveling in delight at what she had done to me.

Right now, I was no longer scared of Momoi.

I simply decided secretly in my mind『This girl will cry someday!』

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