The darkness was comfortable for me – Chapter 4

TLN: This chapter depicts cruelty, so be aware. Any issues let me know in the comment section.

Chapter 4 – Nanami, the end of one

The time has finally come, when God will send the 1000 selected people to the other world.

The time designated for the transfer was Midnight on January 1st, Greenwich Mean Time.

In Japan due to the time difference, the time of departure was 9am.

Unfortunately it was raining that day, despite the morning news admitting that it was rare for it to rain on new year’s day.

I left home with an umbrella in hand, to say goodbye to Nanami.

As I left the front door, I saw a TV station crew in the distance, pointing their cameras at me. I gave a light bow.

My house faces a busy road despite it’s small size, so when TV station crews block the road, traffic jams occur.

When Nanami was chosen, they were troubled by that fact, so they decided to camp on the sidewalk a little further away. Well, today will be the last time they would chase after Nanami.

God did not disclose anymore information other than necessary about the other world.

What we do know is that the world is similar to earth, except for the swords and magic. Transferees can strengthen themselves with the points assigned to each transferee, exchange points for items and choose which state to start in—that was about it.

I don’t have anymore advice for Nanami.

Even if she could strengthen her body a little beforehand, I couldn’t imagine Nanami fighting monsters. With that being the case, is there an option to live safely within a city?

In that case, it’s better to exchange points for items and money rather than attribute strengthening. However, even with items and money, if you’re too weak you might be robbed and killed….then is power necessary…? I couldn’t get an answer with such roundabout way of thinking.

My little sister said that she should choose strengthening because there’s a chance she might not get a lot of points in the future if she wasn’t strong.

So in the end, she’ll have to choose what type of power she wants. On top of that, she will have to allocate her points in a balanced way.

That’s the conclusion I came to.

「…am I late? Nanami’s house seems too quiet, right?」(Hikaru)

It was still only 8am in the morning, but perhaps everyone is still sleeping despite the fact that Nanami is transferring today.

The transferees were originally going to be moved to a venue in Tokyo whilst being watched by a large crowd, but Nanami declined. She also refused to have her transfer viewed on television, preferring to spend her last moments with her family.

Well, I had thought that the media wouldn’t read the air, but no-one has forced their way in. Surprisingly, they may be listening to the last wishes of the transferees.

Or maybe they are too afraid of God’s punishment to do anything unreasonable.

「Good morning! It’s Hikaru!」(Hikaru)

The front door was open, so I went inside without permission, but the situation was strange.

The lights were on, but everything was silent.

I’ve been to Nanami’s house ever since I was a kid, it’s hard to believe no-one would have woken up on the day their daughter would leave forever.

I took off my shoes and went upstairs.

The door leading to the dining room was closed, but the lights were on, there was only silence.

「Good morning!….this is strange」(Hikaru)

Has she already transferred?

I had a bad feeling for some reason and headed for Nanami’s room.

Her room is upstairs.

In this house filled with silence, only the sound of the pouring rain, my heartbeat and the trembling sound of my teeth echoed.

「Nanami….? Are you there?」(Hikaru)

When I knocked on the door to her bedroom, there was no reply.

I slowly opened the door to her room.

She was there.

Nanami was laid down with her eyes closed, leaning against her bed.

On her abdomen…no, there were traces of red-black blood flowing from her entire upper body. The excess blood formed a sea that dyed the carpet a dark colour.


I ran up to her and collapsed on my knees.

「Nanami! Oi! Wake up! Nanami…!」(Hikaru)

When I shook her shoulders, her head flopped to the side with no support.

A figure without any power, like a doll.

I felt the blood in my whole body drain in an instant.


–Nanani was killed…?

I don’t understand.

Going to another world is scary.

My childhood friend desperately wanted someone to take her place.

She was fine yesterday.

She wasn’t seriously injured or anything.

Yet she was now dead on the day of transfer.

I don’t know how long I was stunned for.

It may have been just a moment, it may have been over an hour.

I couldn’t even imagine what had happened to Nanami’s aunt and uncle, my whole body trembled and I couldn’t even breathe properly.

It was if my brain and heart refused to accept the reality my body was showing them.

「Fo…for the time being, I should call an ambulance–」(Hikaru)

As I regained a little calm, I took out my smartphone. Then suddenly, I felt a hot sharp pain coming from my back.

「….ga!? What is this…!?」(Hikaru)

The front of my eyes was dyed bright red. Heat spread from my back as if it was bleeding. My consciousness almost faded with every beat of my heart.

My back was burning hot.

As if a red-hot poker had been thrust into it.

「Well, don’t freak out. You’re….Kurose right? Were you guys going out with each other? Sorry I killed your girlfriend」(???)

A boy about the same age as me entered my vision.

I’ve seen him before, he’s from the same school.

However we’ve never been in the same class, so I don’t even know his name.

Even though he’s from a different class, he sometimes comes to my class and I can barely remember his face.

I remember one thing though. with a loud voice he always lamented the fact that he was not selected as a transferee.

Why did this guy…to Nanami…. 

Why does this guy know my name….

「Well, soon I’ll disappear to the other world. Kurose you should give up, don’t you think it’s nice to die with your beloved Nanami?」(???)

Hahaha, the man laughed maniacally with a pale face, but his eyes were shining brightly.


I squeezed out as much strength as I could to make those words.

Why did you kill Nanami?

「Haa? Don’t you know? If you kill one of the chosen, the rights will be transferred to the killer. I really want to go to another world you see. Well, I did something bad to Nanami-chan, but she said she was afraid to go to the other world anyway. Besides, even if she went over there, she would die soon. Everyone would be much happier if it was me chosen and not her」(???)


If you kill a chosen, the rights get transferred.

It was originally a rumor on the internet, but now it’s an urban legend at best.

There were many chosen who had been killed, however there was no evidence that the transfer rights were transferred to the person who killed them.

However, the random lottery was never held again.

This idiot believed the urban legend and murdered Nanami.

「Who is the stupid one? You don’t look in good shape right now」(???)

He kicked me whilst saying so, I collapsed on top of Nanami’s body.

I was not in a state where I could resist, my consciousness was already fading.

The heat on my back had disappeared, now all I could feel was coldness.

I could instinctively understand that death was approaching.

「Well, only 1 hour left. I should lock the door in case someone comes back again」(???)

The boy left the room as if no longer interested in me and Nanami.

「…..kuu….fu… least telep…..hone…」(Hikaru)

Despite the pain, I managed to call the police.

However I dropped the smartphone and no longer had the strength to pick it up again.


My consciousness was fading, my vision clouded with tears.

The thing Nanami was holding to her chest was reflected in my eyes.


It was a pastel colored pocket photo album.

Perhaps she chose it as it wasn’t too inconvenient to carry around, but this notebook sized item was clearly prepared as the hand baggage item for the other world transfer.

Nanami had said that she would rather bring an album to the other world, rather than body armor.

Maybe she was homesick.

What was more important to her was this world, with her loved ones, rather than the other world with no acquaintances.

I stretched my quivering fingers as I lightly touched it.

–in the end, did Nanami decide to bring an album full of memories for fear of homesickness?

However, I will go to the same place as her soon.

Well, it was already decided that we couldn’t go to the other world together.

Hopefully God.

Will let me continue being childhood friends with her in the next world–

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