Lonely Otaku – Prologue

TLN: As requested by a user in the comment section, I’ll start translating this novel. I was initially worried it would be a sort of otaku revenge novel, but it seems a little different than that and it really grabbed my attention.

I’m looking to recruit translators and even if you don’t know how to translate, I will teach you how to machine translate. Contact me here if interested: contact@apprenticetranslations.com

Arc 1 – Changing Everyday


「I like you—please go out with me!」(???)

「Disgusting, no way」(???)

–on my way to school in the morning, a confession was being made in front of the school gates.

Incredibly the boy who had made the confession sank and collapsed onto his knees.

The girl who caused such a scene entered the school building as if nothing had happened, gently flicking her long, beautiful black hair with her hand.

「Including this collapsed guy, that’s a total of 150 people…」(???)

Somebody nearby muttered.

You might think 150 people is an exaggeration, but that is by no means the case.

The girl who had received the confession earlier—Momoi Sakihime was a person with both beauty and intelligence, in a word she was “talented”.

Not only does she have a beautiful face, enough that you would have to look back at if you passed her, but even in terms of academic ability, she has never fallen from the top position ever since getting there.

Of course, she is part of the student council.

Furthermore, it seems that her athletic ability is on par with the boys.

For a large school like ours which takes pride in the record number of enrolled students, such a girl seems just like a character from a manga.

There is a saying『God does not give with both hands』, but it seems like that’s a lie. (TLN: Saying can also be read as “heaven does not give 2 gifts”)

After all, she is a person that has been given three things by God, not just two.

Why does God just favour beautiful men and women?

I didn’t get much in comparison….


I can see the boy who confessed and was subsequently crushed by Momoi earlier.

He is still lying on the ground like a corpse.

Why did he confess in front of the school gates in the morning?

Speaking of confessions, isn’t it the standard template to do it in an unobstructed place such as the back of the school after school?

If you confess in front of the school and get rejected, the disgrace is many times worse.

In the end, there was even a student playing with him like a corpse.

It was probably his friend, but instead of poking him with his finger, he was poking him with a stick.

Watching him being poked by the stick, I thought it was incredible.

After all, the person he confessed to was “that” Momoi.

Even though so many people have confessed, none have been successful, so he should have known how reckless he was being.

So I’m fairly sure that this guy is crazy.

But….I also envied his courage.

Because I don’t have that type of courage anymore….

As I tried to enter the school building, my jacket pocket vibrated.

I retrieved my smartphone from my pocket.

There was a text displayed reading『Good morning, lets do our best today (*´▽`*)』.

I reply to the text immediately.

『Un, today is the day when the long-awaited latest volume is released, I plan to rush to the bookstore as soon as school is over』after replying, I returned the smartphone to my pocket.

The one who sent the message earlier was my friend.

In reality, I have no friends.

That’s because, I’m not good with interacting with people.

My hobbies are reading light novels, playing games and watching anime.

……the so called “otaku”

I like the same works as her, so we became friends online.

We’ve been constantly in touch ever since we met.

I don’t know her face.

She told me that she was the same age as me, but I don’t know if that’s true, I don’t even know if she is really a girl.

But it doesn’t matter even if she is a boy.

She is my one and only important friend.

Compared to someone like Momoi—I was the opposite.

Someone like me would never by involved with someone like Momoi.

Because the world I live in is different than hers.

That’s what I was thinking at the time.

However, I didn’t realize yet what would happen–

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