Lonely Otaku – Chapter 2

TLN: I ended up translating up to chapter 5 already and went a bit overboard. I actually realized I had the title wrong the whole time. Rather than “Lonely” it’s more like “Loner”. Not a huge difference, but it’s annoying to find that out now.

I’m currently at work right now despite being in a tier 5 lockdown here in the UK, which is why I don’t have a set schedule, but I’ll try and get 1 chapter out a day at minimum.

Arc 1 – Changing Everyday

Chapter 2 – 「I’m being stalked by the most popular girl in school…」

There are two students I’m not good at interacting with at school.

The first, is a girl named Saijo Mica.

I’ve been in the same class as her since the first grade, but we’ve never spoken with each other.

Those who do speak to her are usually forced to do some kind of work.

She was an existence that gathered all the girls in class together. In other words she is the “leader” of the girls.

Why am I not good with her?

Please have a guess.

The person who has brought all the girls together naturally has a scary personality.

What’s more she’s blonde.

Although this school is not picky about clothing–she is the only blonde in school. It would be best for me to stay away from her.

Furthermore, she has a different way of thinking than other students. As far as I’m concerned, she is the most dangerous person in school.

There are multiple reasons why I think so, one of which is the way she looks down on the students around her. I don’t know if the other students have noticed, but those who look into her eyes would understand.

She doesn’t think of the students around her as friends, but more servants who must listen to her every command.

Why does everyone listen to her?

There are two reasons which have become clear to me.

First of all, she is the second most beautiful girl after Momoi. Also, she pays close attention to the latest fashion trends. Her appearance attracts her surroundings.

The boys who are ordered by her usually don’t refuse. Maybe they have some strange expectations.

…is the reason why I refuse to interact with her some secret reason?

I’m just scared!


For some reason, I feel even more pitiful….

Maa, that reason aside.

This girl is rich and I mean super rich. Her household is that of one of Japan’s leading conglomerates, Saijo Zaibatsu. So whenever she purchases clothes, they bear the cost of paying for it.

As such, everyone is sucking up to her in order to get a taste of that sweet honey.

I really resent the fact that not only in first grade, but I would have to be in the same class with her for second grade as well. I spent my days trying hard to avoid eye contact as much as possible.

The second one, is Momoi Sakihime.

『Ha?』 I bet you’re thinking.

Why are you not good with the school’s most popular girl?

…you may have forgotten due to her high specs, but her personality is ice cold.

Don’t you remember the boy at the front gates who was splendidly rejected and fell unconscious?

That was her.

In fact, I’ve spoken with her only once during first grade. The contents were–


—it was those two characters. (TLN: She says 邪魔, which means “Disturb” or “Nuisance”)

….it was my first time meeting her right?

Do you know how I felt as the time?

Did I feel sick?

Was I mortified?

No, it’s not like that at all.


Why was I suddenly told such a thing from a girl I’ve met for the first time!

Not just that, but the cold eyes she showed me at that time!

Even remembering it now gives me chills!

For that reason, I’m not good with her.

Seriously…why are these girls even at this school….this school has a large number of students and the campus is big isn’t it?

Saijo-san, go to a private school, your family is rich. This isn’t a school for an ojou-sama like you, is it?

….though she doesn’t look like an ojou-sama at all.

And Momoi, why go to this school with your academic ability?

You were top ranked in the national mock exams, you could have gone to a better school.

….I wonder if knowing Momoi’s national mock exam results constitutes stalking?

It was a famous story passed around school after all.

….well, nobody told me it directly, but I overheard some students talking about it….

Why are these people with such high specs at this school….

…well aside from that, are you suddenly wondering why I’m talking about this?

The cause of that, was currently in the corridor.

I glanced towards the cause.

Someone watching….obviously looking at me….yes I’m being watched since several days ago.

Who’s watching me?

You can tell from what I’ve been talking about so far right?

Saijo-san is talking to several people in the classroom right now. In other words, it’s not Saijo-san who is in the hallway.

Then who?

Earlier, other than Saijo-san, I gave you the name of another girl I’m not good with. Do you remember?

Yes–Momoi Sakihime.

Why are you watching me?

I want to know!

You might think I’m being self-conscious, but that’s not the case. Certainly, there are many students in the classroom so she could be looking at them.

But, sometimes I see her when we pass each other in the corridor.

Sometimes I see her when I’m eating lunch alone.

She stares at me continously until I leave school.

Moreover, she doesn’t even try to hide her appearance. That’s why I clearly know who she is targeting.

Someone, please take her away….

What happened to Momoi’s followers?

Why aren’t they here right now?

Isn’t there a fan club for her?

You guys, do your best.

I mean, is no-one surprised at Momoi’s actions?

She’s been acting like a stalker for the past few days after all.

Is there no justice?

Haa….why is Momoi looking at me so much…

Somebody please take her away…

Whilst praying for someone suitable, I slumped on the desk to hide from Momoi’s line of sight.

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