The darkness was comfortable for me – Chapter 1

Author Note: Kon Hoshizaki here. I previously wrote 「The Amusing Other World Trading Travelogue of Net Auction Guy」 (

It already exceeds 100 chapters!

Translator Note: Welcome to my first translation site! I hope you all enjoy it here. I’m excited to be bringing you all a new WN I found on Syosetu. The author is a published LN author and the chapters are decently long with quite a bit of detail so this should be exciting.

It doesn’t seem like the standard generic isekai, nor the standard revenge story at first glance. Also the author posts new chapters pretty much every day. I’m interested in the fact that the “players” have a camera following them all the time, it makes interactions with other players interesting because you don’t know if they are being their “true” selves, or just playing it up for the camera.

A few of the tags on syosetu are: R15, Cruel Depictions, Different World Transfer, Happy Ending

Due to certain reasons, it’s not possible to tell if it’s a harem or not, but I would give it a 70% chance of being one.


Chapter 1 – Day of descent, and the 1000 transferees

The darkness was comfortable for me.

Hiding within a labyrinth of silence and death, by stripping valuables from explorers who had turned into skeletons and selling them on the black market, I was somehow able to eat.

In the walkway leading to the burial chamber.

Cloaked in darkness, I am once again holding my breath.

I am seen by no-one.

I attract the attention of no-one.


So that everyone will forget about me–


『God』 selected 1000 people of various 「births」, 「upbringings」, 「genders」 and 「ages」 to be sent to a 『Different World』, a fantasy world of swords and magic.

The ongoing frenzy began one morning in June, just as I was getting used to my life as a high school student.

For I Kurose Hikaru, this event was a turning point in my life.

No, to be more precise it was an 「Incident」.

A figure that can only be described as a silhouette of light emerged on all unused displays around the world stating.

『I am 「God」』

At the time, I was in my classroom taking my first class of the day.

The first one to notice the changes to the big television in our classroom was one of the female students from my class. Everyone was suddenly surprised to hear a high pitched scream as the word 「God」 crackled out from the low quality TV speakers.

『You must surely be surprised at the way I have descended. I was waiting. For you, my beloved children to grow up. Now that time has come』

I felt as if the voice’s tone was permeating my heart.

It sounded like both a man and a woman, I couldn’t tell the age from the voice alone.

Even the screaming girl had a stunned look on her face.

Our class teacher suspected foul play or mechanical failure and attempted to operate the remote control, but 「God」 did not dissappear, even when the TV was unplugged.

The teacher went to the class next door to see what was going on, but apparentally 「God」 was being projected in the next class also, even on the screen of a smartphone that one of the students took out of his pocket.

『I will choose 1000 people randomly from selected countries and ethnic groups around the world. Of course, there is no distinction between men and women or social class. However I will exclude babies and the elderly』

By saying 1000 people, it was confirmed that this phenomenon was not unique to the school. The total number of students here doesn’t even reach 1000.

Even if that wasn’t the case, it said selected countries and ethnic groups around the world. This phenomonon seems to be happening everywhere. This can’t be reality, it’s so unrealistic. I even suspected I had fallen asleep during a boring class and was currently dreaming. In fact, some students even pinched their cheeks to check.

『Those 1000 people will go to 「another world」 different from this one』

The words of God resounded in the classroom.

Another world.


『The other world is simply put, another world under my jurisdiction. To be precise, it could be rephrased as 「Another world of swords and magic where your wishes are realized」』

God’s words made the buzz in the classroom louder.

But, I didn’t feel very excited.

When I thought about it calmly, I quickly realized the possibility of being chosen, even the possibility of someone being chosen from this school was the same as winning first prize in the lottery.

Even though babies and the elderly were excluded, there are 7 billion people on the Earth.

1 in 7 billion. If it was the lottery, you would win the first or second prize. Furthermore, there is even more division by country and ethnic group, it would be more disadvantageous with a high population ratio. It’s fair to say my probability of being selected is zero.

One or two Japanese high school students will likely be chosen and it’s not as if I’m interested in a world of sword and magic–

『Those who have been selected will live as they please in the other world. There are no requests nor demands, you are free to do as you like』

For example, slaying the demon lord as a hero–it doesn’t seem to be that type of setting.

I do not know the aim of this 「God」 at all, it’s fair to think of it as an existence beyond human knowledge.

『Of course, I will not just abandon you there. I will provide you with a 「Gift」 to help you live』

Before I had realized it, everyone in class was listening quietly in total fascination at the words of the God.

When I glanced at my childhood friend who sat diagonally in front of me, she was staring at the screen in astonishment just like everyone else.

『I have also prepared a little entertainment for those left behind. I have created a special site that anyone can access through a terminal so that you can watch and support their adventures in real time. Your support will surely help them. Isn’t that fun?』

For the first time, the words of God seemed to have some emotion behind them.

Is the special site a website?

God will launch a site on the internet? Isn’t that fun?

At first I thought it was really God, but now I’m starting to believe it is a bad joke.

In any case, I have no interest in going to the other world.

Though I can get around fairly well in this world, I don’t have enough energy or strength to be thrown into a world that I know nothing about.

『We are planning to give special benefits to those transferees who attract the most attention and back them up, making it easier for them to survive. For more details, please check the special site…well it’s now time for the all important 1000 person selection. If you have been selected, I will have just now marked a part of your body with a special sign. This is something you cannot replicate with your current technology, so there is no chance of counterfeiting』

The words of God caused panic to spread in the classroom.

A mark on your body.

It’s a rather roundabout way of doing it by not telling us what it looks like, but after seeing it we will probably understand.

Some of the boys had even taken off their shirts to check.

『Why have I suddenly appeared and come forth with such a project? Fufu, actually I was planning this from the beginning. Once you reached a certain civilization level, I was planning to do something interesting. Of course my appearance may upset you depending on your religious outlook–regardless, you can think of this as a reward. Please enjoy yourself to the fullest, if you have any requests you can write them on the special site. However, I will not accept requests to become a transferee. You may feel that the selection process is unfair, but I swear to God that it is random. Fufu…did you get the joke?』

Despite being a God, it seems to have a friendly personality.

Or is it just pretending to be that way?

Whilst God was speaking, my classmates were obsessed with searching for the marks that might have appeared somewhere on their bodies. I knew there was almost no chance, but riding the wave of my classmate’s enthusiasm made me roll up my sleeve to check.

I’m the type of person who doesn’t stand out in class.

The so called anti-social type.

It would be too much for me to hear of a 「different world」 and expect me to go wild in class like everyone else.

『Ah, that’s right. I forgot to mention that the place of the mark is the 「palm」』

To the added words, everyone, even the teacher, confirms their palms.

I also checked after waiting a period of time.

(….of course, that’s right)

There was no mark on my palm.

It was the same probability of winning first prize in the lottery. Rather than this school, it would be extremely rare for anyone in this town to be picked.

That’s the scale of 1000 people against the world’s population.

I felt bad for my excited classmates, it looks like no-one will be chosen in this school.

–that was, until I saw my childhood friend.

She–Soma Nanami, immediately turned straight forward and lay her hands flat on her desk, as if to hide her palms.

Though she tried to hide it–I can make an assumption based on her actions. My mind instantly goes snow white.

Then she slowly turned her head around with a gigigigi

Her face was pale, completely drained of blood.

Her eyes teary, as if she was about to cry.


In this noisy classroom, there was not a single person other than me worrying about Nanami.

So no-one noticed that on the surface of her left palm, which she gently turned to face me. There was a mandala-like geometric pattern that continued to change colour as if alive.

God had disappeared from the television before I knew it.

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